Question of the day.

Do you follow your country’s politics? What do you think about the current political climate?

My answer:

I do have an interest in it and it matters to me, although it’s not like one of my main interests or something that I’d give a lot of thought to every single day or be regularly very worried about the state of things like some people are. I like to be up to date and oriented in the most important things or those that matter to me particularly strongly, and I like to be able to have concrete views on them, but I don’t get FOMO if I sometimes am not up to date and I don’t like to overwhelm my brain with too much news or political speculations every single day because I generally tend to overthink things, and politics is not something I’d have a direct impact on so it’s pointless to ruminate on that overly. My Mum and grandma tend to care about politics so very much which is great in a way, because it’s important to care about your country I think, but on the other hand it’s awful to stress so much over things you cannot really change and catastrophise like my grandma does. I don’t like though when people go for the other extreme – are not involved at all in what’s going on saying that they no have any influence over it, don’t vote and have no real views of their own, but still complain about all that’s going wrong in their country according to them, and selfishly take for granted all that is positive.

As for the political climate, I am really happy that, since the 2015, the party I’ve been supporting ever since I’ve gotten some clearer idea about politics (PiS, or Law and Justice in English), has been in majority government, and that our current President (Andrzej Duda) is of the same political option, as, to put it shortly and simply, since the fall of communism until the above mentioned 2015 Poland has been ruled by “former” communists (from parties like Civic Platform or Polish People’s Party or Democratic Left ALliance), or their children or close relatives. Actually, the first Polish president after the communist period – Lech Wałęsa – who was given Nobel Peace Prize and whom people glorified and authentically perceived as a true statesman and someone who was going to make a real change, was a pawn in hands of the communist government and spied for them, but of course that came up officially only recently. Our current government is far from flawless, as is the situation in Poland, but I don’t think there are flawless politicians anywhere in the world, just as there are no flawless people in general, and, at least for now, I don’t think there is a better option, and they do a whole lot of good, and actually visible, change, even though it’s going slowly, because it takes time to rebuild the country after so many years of inefficient reigns, and some people are complaining about that, including those who actually have voted on them, like my Dad for example, because they seem to think it’s such an effortless process.

How about you? 🙂

The National Day of the Sweden Finns

Wow! :O I didn’t know they have their special day too. 🙂 How great! Happy National Day to all Sweden Finns out there in the world! I love both Sweden and Finland, so both these nations and both these languages are dear to me, and I find the Finnish Swedish accent very endearing and cute, one of my favourite Swedish accents or dialects actually.

Watching the Swedes

In Sweden, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting somebody Finnish or of Finnish heritage. Almost everybody knows somebody with a Finnish connection. In fact, there are so many Finns living in Sweden that they have their own commemorative day. And today is that day.

Today, 24th February is ‘Sverigefinnarnas’ Day, (Sweden Finns Day) – the day that celebrates the roughly half million people who live in Sweden and have Finnish as their mother tongue.

So why are there so many Finns in Sweden?

There has been a long history of emigration between the two countries, especially in the border regions of the north. However, a larger emigration happened when 70,000 young Finnish children were evacuated to Sweden during WW2. 15,000 are believed to have stayed and an unknown number to have returned as adults.

Then, in the 1950s and 1960s the migration from Finland to Sweden was considerable, chiefly…

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Dubska – Bajki (Fables).

Hi. 🙂

Have you ever heard any Polish reggae? If not, now you can. Reggae is really a thing here, particularly if you listen to alternative music scene, you just can’t not be familiar with it, but its influences are also visible in our modern mainstream music from time to time. When I was a kid, I loved to listen to a radiostation which very sadly no longer exists now, called Polish Radio Bis. It was directed at young people and they played a lot of alternative music – rock, rap, chillout, club music, folk, house, and reggae, dub and ska and all the related stuff. This in a way drew me to reggae music, particularly Polish reggae, and I had a short but stormy time in my life when I really really liked reggae, particularly a band called Vavamuffin. And I still like them, although I’m no longer even half as crazy about reggae as I was back then.

Dubska is one of the younger Polish reggae/dub bands, and, in my opinion, one of more accessible for not reggae geeks. Usually, reggae is filled with some kind of slang, plus all the rastafari culture related words, plus Jamaican phrases, and English with very hard, Polish-(pseudo)Jamaican English accent mixed with Polish, so that outsiders can’t get much out of it sometimes. But as far as I know, Dubska have most of their texts in Polish, and even if they’re in English, I guess they’re also pretty understandable for those who haven’t ever been into reggae. Their texts are about life and its various aspects, often a bit phylosophical, like this one.

“Bajki” is their new song. The word bajki means tales or fables, but it also may colloquially mean something like boosh, nonsense. The song is very universal imo, and I think will be always actual. It’s about people telling lies and taking advantage of it, and spreading the evil and war, etc.

Question of the day.

Pick one:

a) I often read/watch the news and keep up with politics.

b) I sometimes bother with that stuff.

c) I very rarely bother with that stuff.

d) Ugh! Get it away from me.

e) Other – pls expand.

My answer:

I’d say something between A and B, because although I am not crazy about the news and watching them or reading them isn’t a part of my daily routine or anything, but still we talk a lot of politics at my home and I try to keep up with politics and don’t think about it as “bothering myself” with it, because I think that it’s something that regards all of us and we are responsible for how our countries/the world is ruled and who does it on our behalf and should be at least minimally involved in it.

I may not be up to date with everything or have a formed opinion on every political affair, but I don’t avoid this topic like hell as some people do, and I sometimes like having conversations with people on that, as long as they can express their views politely and as long as I can do it not being driven crazy by them only repeating what others say or being actually ignorant. 😛

I usually read the news online as I think that the Internet is very often most objective as it’s not owned by anyone with speciffic views who would impose them to those who write there. There might be of course news that are not authentic or not verified, therefore, especially if something interests me more, I usually try to verify the information on other websites.

I also listen to the news in our public radio, which is pretty objective too in most cases, and I like to compare them sometimes with what they say in Sveriges Radio or BBC, or anywhere else I can understand, my Mum, who is much more interested in politics, is always jealous that I can do it, as she is a monoglot. 😀

Sometimes I also watch or read the news somewhere that I know they have completely different opinions than me, just to know what they’re thinking, to make laugh of it and sometimes to simply feel pissed off. 😀 I usually do it with my Mum. 😀

How about your habits in this field? 🙂

Question of the day.

If you HAD to vote for any celebrity to be president right now, who would you vote for, and why?

My answer:

A very very tricky question for me to answer, simply because I don’t trace any celebrities with a particular interest and I don’t know anything about their political views. Being a rightist with a liberal mind, I think I wouldn’t mind to vote for a celeb to be a president unless our views would be similar and they’d seem trustworthy, and I wouldn’t care if our president would be a celeb, unless they’d be serious about the role they have in the country and wouldn’t be more focused on their celebrity career instead of duties they have towards the society. We have one celebrity who is a well-known politician in the Polish parliament and he has his own party. I can’t say I liked him as a celeb, he was a pop musician and his music was as colourless as so much other pop music, nothing particular. His party is in alliance with our currently ruling party which I voted for and agree with their views overall, so his party shares some things with them, but sometimes I have an impression they’re incredibly labile with their views and I think their popularity is mostly because of popularity of their celebrity, or ex-celebrity leader.

I think, if I really had to choose, I’d choose him, because as I said most of his party’s views are reasonable and matching with mine, and he is the only one celebrity I can really see ruling here without making a full-blown nation wide drama. 😀 However I’d be concerned about unstability of his views as I said and it definitely wouldn’t be a great material for the president imho, just the best among the celebrities I can think of.

What would be your choice for your country? 🙂