Blog playlists.

If you have Spotify and like the song of the day series on my blog, or some specific songs that I shared in it, I’ve compiled playlists of all the songs featured in the previous years, which you can find below. I don’t know if it’ll be of any use for people but I thought it woould be fun to have such a thing, even just for myself.

If you use another streaming service and are interested, unfortunately I do not have accounts in any other streaming services as I find Spotify the most usable so far, and so the playlists aren’t available in other services either. I will share a new playlist at the end of every year, or the beginning of a new year.

My inner Mishmash 2018:

My Inner Mishmash 2019:


My Inner Mishmash 2020:

And, for a bit of a bonus, here is my personal, larger and more raw playlist which is frequently undergoing some canges, called Bibiel’s Playlist for Sleep, although it’s not necessarily for sleep or at least not solely for this purpose – just a draft title which stuck. –