Y Bandana – “Cyn i’r Ale ‘ma Gau” (Before This Place Closes).

   Hiya people! 🙂 

  For today, I thought I’d share with y’all a song by Y Bandana – the very popular but no longer existing Welsh-language pop rock group consisting of Gwilym Bowen Rhys (one of my faza peeps), his cousins Siôn and Tomos Owens and his friend Robin Llwyd Jones – from their last album called Fel Tôn Gron (which I believe would translate into English as something like Like a Complete Tune? Not perfectly sure). I suppose this song could be considered a sort of mild and heartening drinking/pub song. I like the very distinctly Welsh/Celtic vibe of it despite it isn’t folk. 

   Encouraged by my recent personal mini yet noticeable successes with Welsh learning and the recent, fairly successful I guess (though they were just nursery rhymes so you can’t really fail spectacularly there when you know a bit of the language and it’s nothing outstanding obviously to translate a nursery rhyme 😀 ), translation of Tŷ Bach Twt and Milgi Milgi by Mari Mathias, I decided to take the plunge and try to translate this song, despite I’d never translated Welsh-language songs on here before as this is the language in which I still feel most insecure out of all my languages. It was definitely more difficult and time-consuming than the nursery rhymes and I had to look up some words, but generally I also already understood a fair bit of it before attempting to do this, so in the end I managed. Though I’m sure there are some mistakes in it or bits that could have been translated better. Perhaps now that I’ve done it I’ll be able to translate Welsh songs that I share on here more regularly myself, just like it’s been the case with Swedish – at first I thought I could never be able to properly translate something between two languages of which none is my native tongue, but now I find doing most Swedish song translations to English pretty easy even if some little bits are confusing and even if I don’t do it fully well. 

   Come inside the house, sit down, come in from the wind and rain
This is a haven, to the word, to the song and the full cup
There is music [or poetry] in the ir and melody in the walls
And fire in our blood like our forefathers’
We’ll sing a song, before this place closes
Come into the house, where the truth flows like the wine
A feeling that is so old, and the smile, and the rare stones and the soil
It flows with ease through your veins
Let’s all come to the crossroad of souls
We’ll sing a song, before this place closes
If you are lost in the world, without a friend or faith
Peace of mind and all its magic is available at the top of the street
It flows with ease through your veins
Let’s all come to the crossroad of souls
We’ll sing a song, before this place closes
Come inside the house to us, come closer to the warmth of the bar
And we’ll raise our glasses up, to the sky. And say cheers together
There’s music in the air and melody in the walls
And fire in our blood like our forefathers’
We’ll sing a song, before this place closes
We’ll sing a song, before this place closes

Y Bandana – “Cyn i’r Lle ‘ma Gau” 

Loreena Mckennitt – “The Bonny Swans”.

   Hi dear people. 🙂 

   Today I want to share with you a song by Loreena McKennitt, one of so very many folk songs with the motive of two sisters of which the older drowns the younger because of a man that they both love but he’s only interested in the younger. I have shared several songs with this theme before on here as well, the one that is probably the closest to this one is Emily Portman’s Two Sisters.  

I can’t believe.

   I am writing this post in memory of Ashley Leia whose family shared the above post on her blog and which I have just found out. I don’t even know what to say, because I feel utterly shocked and can’t think, but I really wanted to mention this on here because not only was she a great and very competent blogger in her niche of mental health, but also was a regular on My Inner MishMash and a two  times (that is every single time, so far) MIMRA winner.

   Ashley had been MIA for several weeks, which I had a very bad feeling about, so finally wrote to her a few days ago. Turns out I was way too late… 

   I can’t imagine what her family must be going through. 

   I hope you are at peace, Ashley… I miss you and will be praying for you a lot. 

Question of the day.

   What do you think your pet thinks about you? 

   My answer: 

   I like to think that Misha likes me, if not for anything else than at least for being a fairly consistent part of the room that he most likes to sleep in, so like a part of his comforting daily routine or something. I think that, if he associates my Mum with food, which seems to be the case because she is his main food provider and he wants food every time he sees her, as if he thought that she’s some sort of food-producing machine who can make meat fall out of her hands randomly at will, then he must associate me with sleep. Very often when Misha and I are downstairs and then I go up to my room, he runs after me and wants to be there with me and sleep. I always tell him that it’s his room as well, because he doesn’t have his own separate room. He has a lot of places to sleep in in my room, but usually sleeps on his favourite blanket on my bed, and when it’s colder I also put his grey-coloured lamb skin over it. But before he actually falls asleep, there’s a whole ceremony to go through. He has to have his sleepy treat, and then I have to lay down on the bed and he goes on top of me and lays on my chest, sniffs my face and wants a deep head and face massage. This is actually very unlike Misha because he’s generally very afraid of touch, closeness and things like that, but this lying on Bibiel has become a part of his daily routine and he seems to like it very much. Mum once saw us like that and she said she’d never seen Misha more relaxed and blissfully glassy-eyed. 😀 Sometimes he ends up falling asleep on me, or we both do. And then when he’ll always wake up with a start and get off me, go on his blanket and move as far away from me as possible, ashamed of his extreme weakness and desperately trying to pretend that nothing happened and pick up the leftover pieces of his usual dignity. He’ll rarely sleep there when I’m not around or can’t lay down with him at least for a while or assist with his sleeping routine. Then he usually climbs up on the wardrobe or sleeps in my armchair and Sofi laughs that he looks like some mini businessman who fell asleep in the middle of his work day in the office or has nowhere to go at night so sleeps at work, because this armchair is huge in comparison with him. 

   I think Misha also associates me or at least my room with calm, because he’ll also always come here whenever he’s stressed or overwhelmed, like when something scary for him is going on or there are a lot of people downstairs or he’s had a difficult day or isn’t feeling well. I’ll always try my best to comfort him then and, if he feels like it and is in his clingy mood, which sometimes is the case when he’s sad despite he is usually not clingy at all, I’ll try my best to give him my full attention and cuddle him and make him feel safe and happy as much as possible ‘cause I hate to see him sad or stressed out or ill or something. 

   I’m also sure that Misha knows I like him most of all the people here. Whether he actually cares about it/appreciates it/it makes any difference for him, I don’t know, and I don’t think it matters really, but I’m sure he knows how much I like him and how important he is to me and sometimes he likes to take an advantage of it. Like, sometimes when he goes somewhere high up or gets stuck somewhere and can’t easily get out/is afraid to jump off it, he’ll cry very pitifully when he knows that I’m near him, ‘cause he knows I’m going to be worried about him and that he won’t be able to make it on his own out of wherever he is, and I’ll want to help him right away. But when it’s anyone else other than me and he’s stuck in the same place, he will jump off or extricate himself totally independently, with no crying or anything, even if it takes him a long time to figure out how to do it or how to jump off safely. Or he makes a lot more fuss of his sleep than when he sleeps with Sofi, who has no time for dwelling whether the reason for Misha’s not wanting to sleep is the fact that he doesn’t like her new blanket, or perhaps he wants to eat, or maybe he’s cold or whatever. If he doesn’t want to sleep in her room and cries, she’ll just kick him out, not wondering what might be the reason for him crying. So he’s learned that if he wants to be at Sofi’s he has to be happy with what he’s got and not complain. Meanwhile with Bibiel he can usually be the one who sets conditions and refuses to fall asleep if the bed isn’t made the way he likes, or Bibiel tosses and turns too much or he didn’t get his sleepy treat or not enough and Bibiel is a huge Misha-pleaser. Bibiel can go as far as to randomly come over to Misha while he’s sleeping and check if his extremities are not cold, no one else bothers. I also think that, while it’s Mum who has best eye contact with Misha and understands his different expressions and stuff, it’s Bibiel who is better at interpreting his sounds. Other people here don’t seem to have much of an idea what is the difference between a happy “hhrrru?” Or a sad “hhrrru?” Or that there is a special sound that says “Uh oh, I’m going to vomit soon”, or a special moaning sound for when he wants to the loo but the door is closed or something, or even a very rude, impatient sound that says something like: “Will you finally move your flippin’ ass and give me my food? I’m dying of starvation, you stupid peep! I want to eat, now!!! Can’t you see?”. My Dad doesn’t even think he does that deliberately, he says Misha’s sounds are just random depending how they happen to come out of him. But I’m absolutely sure that he knows what he wants to say and I think he knows that I know, because as much as he knows that he can get a lot out of me, he never meows rudely like that at me anymore, ‘cause when he used to do, I’d yell back at him and wouldn’t give him his food til he said something nicer. Meanwhile he talks like that to Mum regularly, and she just gets mad at him, because that’s how this sound makes you instantly feel, except she doesn’t seem to understand that it’s because of how he said it and thinks she’s mad just because he keeps asking for food, so she doesn’t address that properly. 

    I think he must also think that I’m weird, ‘cause I talk to him a lot more than anybody else here does and often about totally random things that have nothing to do with him. Or I sing to him.  Or I talk to myself when he’s around. 

   He also seems mind-boggled by some things that we peeps do. Like, just the other day I was praying, and Misha wanted a snack, but, well, I was praying, so I wasn’t up to giving him his snack just then. He was very patient and just stood next to me and waited, and I could feel him staring at me. I assume he must have wondered what the freak I was doing while being practically still for so long. Perhaps he thought I was sleeping in a kneeling position if he didn’t even ask for his food, only when I finished. Or several of us have noticed that Misha’ seems  very much interested in human toilet habits, like my Dad says that Misha regularly stares at him when they happen to be using their respective loos at the same time. He must also think that our food – like veggies, or chips, or eggs, which are some of the things he showed some interest in – must be disgusting. And I guess he’s also a bit afraid of all of us, because like I said he’s afraid of closeness and we want to stroke him all the time and Sofi and I want to pick him up and cuddle and kiss him all day because he’s almost like he exists solely to be cuddled and stroked and kissed and hugged and squeezed and carried around everywhere. So unlucky for him that he looks the way he does with the sort of personality he has. 

   When Misha first came to us, he had to learn quickly that being sprawled across the floor or getting  in the way of people might not be the best idea, as I managed to step on him on his second night with us while going to the loo, and then trapped his tail in the loo door on my way out of it, which low-key traumatised both of us, I think. Now Misha never gets anyone in the way but Mum says he seems to be particularly careful with Bibiel. I’m not sure though if he actually gets the fact that I can’t see him. People tell me that he often looks at me very persistently, in particular when he wants food or attention, or alternates his gaze in a very telling, reproachful way between me and his bowl, seeming equally baffled every single time that there is no reaction and that the food doesn’t magically appear in the bowl. 😀 But on the other hand he’s a lot more patient and forgiving with me than the other peeps. When he was very little and just arrived at our house, initially I would often unintentionally put my fingers in his eyes, and even though he’s normally so anxious and can’t stand when Mum gives him his eye drops which he needs regularly, he’d never run away or be angry or anything. Or when he wants to say hi, in the morning or when I’ve come back from somewhere, he’ll come close to me for a very short while and rub his head against me, whereas with other peeps he just looks at them in an acknowledging way, unless he’s really missed us or something then he’ll say “Hhrrru?” And will “faint” on the floor at someone’s feet out of happiness. 

   He also seems to think that we peeps have some weird superpower that allows us to locate him whenever he says something, because when someone accidentally shuts him somewhere like Mum often does in the wardrobe ‘cause he keeps going in there while she picks out her clothes, he’ll then “Hhrrru?” That he wants out, but as soon as someone realises that he’s closed somewhere and tries to locate him more precisely, he won’t respond anymore because he thinks if people know that he’s closed they must know where he is closed and will rescue him soon. You can call out for him till you die, and he won’t make a sound. He only will when you’ll stop actively looking for him. That can be a problem sometimes, like once we looked for him for two hours when he got stuck inside a sofa or other place that you wouldn’t necessarily think about. Once he got stuck somewhere in the bathroom soon after we got a new bathtub installed, but we couldn’t figure out where in the bathroom he was so Mum freaked out that the bathtub guys must have walled him up in the bathtub not realising that he was there and everything would have to be taken down and redone to set him free, if he wouldn’t starve in the meantime. But he only turned out to be in a cupboard. 

   Oh, and people are very good vehicles in his opinion. Just today in the morning my Dad came into my room with Misha on his back. It was totally absurd because my Dad claims he doesn’t really like Misha, because he doesn’t like cats in general and because, yeah, we have to say that, apart from his angelic looks, objectively speaking, Misha isn’t a very likeable creature, because apparently his gaze is rather unpleasant and his personality isn’t the most outgoing in the world. Yet, he’s managed to wrap even my Dad around his cute little toe bean. He kept sitting on my Dad and riding around the whole house for like fifteen minutes, and my Dad (even though he’s having a cold, which always makes him grumpy) was all smiles and kept cooing at him, and then when Misha jumped off him, he laid down on the floor, and my Dad was down on his knees next to him immediately, stroking his spine. That was so hilarious, but I didn’t dare laugh until afterwards, as I didn’t want to risk putting an abrupt end to this serene scene and snapping my Dad back into the reality. I’m inclined to believe that conspiracy theory that  cats have some sort of substance that brainwashes people and tricks them into loving the cat even if it’s against the personal interest of the affected human victim, and then the peep in question goes crazy or even demented over time, hence so many cat owners are crazy. I myself am a very severe case, as not only am I happy to serve as a vehicle for Misha as well, but I often do it voluntarily, so that he doesn’t have to walk too much, and walk around with him on my shoulder. With so much food, sleep and so many vehicles, lifts and other such available, it’s kind of a miracle that he still looks as scrawny as he does and isn’t a more literal fur ball yet. 

   So yeah, that’s what I can say about what I think Misha thinks about me and us. 

   I’m not sure how about Jocky but I suppose he must really love me because he’s always so happy when I show him any attention as if I was some sort of Bibiel deity, it’s weird because it’s Sofi who’s his mummy but he doesn’t get so crazy when Sofi plays with him, but with me he goes nuts and humiliates himself licking my feet all the time. Not to mention what happens when I give him food. And my Dad’s fishies are probably in awe whenever they see any of us, if fish have as short memory span as I’ve heard. They probably only care about Dad anyway because he feeds them. And perhaps sometimes Misha who likes to play fisherman when he’s bored and probably terrifies them, if they have enough kilobytes of memory to actually remember something for long enough to feel terrified. 

   How about your pets? 🙂 

Floraleda Sacchi – “Gymnopedie, pt. 2”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today, let’s listen to one of Eric Satie’s Gymnopedies – namely the second, sad one. – It’s played on the harp by the Italian harpist Floraleda Sacchi who is already well-known on this mishmash blog for her musical versatility. I have shared the other two Gymnopedies in the past as well, the first one also by Sacchi, and the third by Delyth Evans/Jenkins   on the Celtic harp, so you can have a listen to those as well if you haven’t yet and read more about my feelings around Gymnopedies there. 

Question of the day.

   How curious are you? 

   My answer: 

   Well, I am not aware of any way to measure curiosity (though now that I think of it I’m really curious if one exists and if so would like to try it out), but, for what it’s worth, I’d say I’m VERY curious. As much as I have mixed feelings about astrology, and, being an Aquarius, don’t really find much in common between myself and Aquarian personality traits, curiosity is definitely one thing that I do have and that is often mentioned as an Aquarius thing. I like to overthink things, look at them from different angles, and when you that, in whatever topic or field of life really, you’re going to end up with a lot of questions and wanting to know more. Also, while I’m a fairly extreme introvert, I am also curiously curious about my fellow human beings at the same time. I love to observe people, how they behave in different situations, what they’re like, to learn what they think, how people differ from each other and why and what it depends on etc. etc. I like to listen to people, and, in my immediate surroundings, a lot of people come to me to tell me about what’s going on for them or what’s going on in their minds, and it’s very interesting for me to compare how two people involved in the same situation see it totally differently. 

   I really like to learn new things, in particular in those fields I’m especially interested in, but I also often wonder about lots of totally random little things and want to know why something is the way it is and then I’ll keep digging til I quench my curiosity. I keep falling down rabbit holes of various depth, usually more or less related to my topics of interest, like some niche topic within one of those larger topics, and I’ll keep digging, prodding and poking til it feels like there either isn’t much more to find out, or what there still is to learn exceeds my lay person understanding, or I just get fed up with thinking about the same thing all the time. I can spend really long times in such rabbit holes, and occasionally there are just some that I never get out of but instead develop a full-time interest in a given rabbit hole. Or there are rabbit holes that I may not be into full-time but still end up revisiting more or less regularly with the aim of deeper exploration. They can be very sophisticated and nerdy rabbit holes, or very mundane rabbit holes. 

   Oh and of course let’s not forget fazas. In that particular area, my curiosity can feel absolutely unquenchable and unrestrainable. Which is, hm, just a little bit of a problem because, I mean, these are people, and being curious about basically everything to do with someone like that, I guess would usually seen as kind of weird. I am interested in everything possible about my faza peeps. Most of my faza peeps happen to be musicians, and often pretty niche ones so it’s not easy for me to learn very much about them, I have to just infer a lot based on what knowledge I’ve got. And, as people who know me will know, it’s far from me being interested solely in their music/musical activity. I want to know everything, down to how they like their flipping coffee, or if they do at all, or what they like if they don’t like coffee. I want to know what sort of relationship they have with their mum. I want to know what their happiest/saddest/funniest memory is. I’m also curious about the same things regarding my literary fazas, even though they’re technically creations of someone’s brains. I usually (with one exception being Valancy Stirling) get literary fazas on secondary characters, and it always bugs me so much that, even though they’re all pretty well-written characters with a strong identity, I know so little about what sort of people they really are, so when I was younger I wrote mini fanfic stories with them. Only  Ravi Reinssön, my most recent literary faza that I got in 2018, didn’t get his fanfics, because I haven’t really been writing much fiction by then already, but still I’ve created a lot about him just in my brain. But whatever is reasonably possible for me to learn about my faza peeps (the real ones in particular) I’ll always try to learn and investigate properly if that’s actually true if only I am able to do that and will do as extensive research as only possible. 😀 Which sometimes may be difficult if I’m only starting to learn their mother tongue, but I try nonetheless. 

   I’m relatively less curious when it comes to experiences though, my curiosity is much higher regarding intellectual or other abstract things. That may be partly because of me being rather anxious and so my motivation to do potentially scary things just to see what they’re like is much lower as a result. I don’t really see it as much of a problem though, or only rarely do. Usually I’m happy just exploring things on a cognitive/intellectual level and sometimes I actually feel it helps me see them from a different angle. Like, I much prefer just observing a group of people as an outsider rather than being an active part of it and I feel I take things in a lot more deeply this way and can analyse everything more thoroughly. I don’t usually miss being in the centre of things and I don’t think I necessarily always need it to quench my curiosity. 

   Curiosity is thus one of many traits that I share with my little Misha (a fellow Aquarius, by the way, our birthdays are only two days apart, but I think it’s more his famously curious Russian blue ancestry rather than the zodiac sign making him this way). His can be quite extreme and even make it difficult for him to fall asleep sometimes. He’ll hear the door creaking and he’ll sit upright immediately and have to investigate. And he’s nosy like an old lady, spending a lot of time looking out the window. The source of every single sound or movement, no matter how faint, has to be found out and explored. Any sort of change in the way things look sparks his attention. Sure, a lot of his curiosity is driven by very bad anxiety, but sometimes it’s actually so that when his anxiety and curiosity tell him to do two opposite things, the curiosity  wins, even though his anxiety is quite strong most of the time, so I think that says something about his level of curiosity. So I think that’s largely why we, two very curious and very anxious beings, get along so well together. 

   How about your curiosity level? 🙂 I’m obviously very curious, 😉 

Georgia Ruth – “Bones”.

   Hi people! 🙂 

   For today, I decided to share with you something else from the Welsh singer and harpist Georgia Ruth. This particular song comes from her EP called In Luna. Like most of her music, be it in Welsh or English, the whole EP is very interesting lyrically. 

The Foxglove Trio – “Betsy Bell & Mary Grey”.

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   The song I have for you has Scottish origins, and comes from an Anglo-Welsh trio. Even though I’ve been listening to British/Celtic folk for years, I’ve only came across The Foxglove Trio some two years ago, all thanks to Blas Folk Radio Cymru – a radio station that helped me make a lot of interesting Welsh folk music discoveries. – The members of the trio are Cathy Mason/Thomson (I’m not sure what her surname actually is because she’s referred to by both of these on their website) who is I believe from Berkshire and who plays cello and guitar in the group as well as sings; Patrick Dean, who plays melodeon, concertina and cello and sings; as well as Ffion Mair Thomas, who is the lead singer but also plays whistle and bodhran. Ffion Mair is also a solo singer and what’s worth mentioning on here is that she has a blog where she writes about Welsh-language folk music, and from which I myself have learned a lot about it and have already referred to her blog on here several times before. For anyone who speaks Welsh, or is into the etymology of names, or into both of these things like myself, knowing that the lead vocalist is called Ffion will make it clear why it’s called The Foxglove Trio – for those who don’t know, Ffion means foxglove in Welsh. – 

   This song is originally about two girls from Perth who, trying to avoid the plague that was raging around there at the time, built a hut for themselves that they isolated in for fear of getting infected. In the end though, they caught it from Mary’s boyfriend who brought them food. The Foxglove Trio’s version is a bit different in that it doesn’t really focuses so much on the plague as such, and is from the perspective of the boy, who can’t quite make up his mind which of the two girls he loves or which one he loves more, until they both finally die because of the plague. The song is finished with an Irish tune called Morrison’s jig composed by Maurice Carmody. 

Mari Mathias – “Tŷ Bach Twt/Milgi Milgi” (Little Tidy House/Greyhound Greyhound).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Continuing the Celtic music week on here, today I decided to share with you a song (or two songs, actually) from Mari Mathias’ debut album Annwn (underworld) which I really like and which is all kinds of interesting. This is a medley of two very popular nursery rhymes, although before coming across this album I didn’t even know that the latter was a traditional nursery rhyme, I mean it’s obviously a children’s song but the only version of it I knew was by Plu and I didn’t know if it was their creation or something traditional or someone else’s or whatever. The first one has very easy lyrics so I was able to translate it for you without even having to look up any words or anything, but the other is more difficult and for a long time I only knew that it has to do with a greyhound and a hare but not much more really, and only suspected that it’s about the former chasing the latter or something like that. But over time, as I listened to it many more times, I was able to figure out more and with a little help from my dictionary plus seeing the lyrics written down I was able to translate it this time as well. The Mari Mathias version has fewer verses than Plu’s so the Plu post will be updated to include the translation as well. 

  I have a little tidy house, tidy house, tidy house,

I have a little tidy house,

With the wind blowing in its door every morning.

With the wind blowing in its door every morning.

   I have a little tidy house, tidy house, tidy house,


I have a little tidy house,


With the wind blowing in its door every morning.


With the wind blowing in its door every morning.


 Open the door a little bit, a little bit, a little bit,

Open the door a little bit

So that I can see the sea and the waves. 

With the wind blowing in its door every morning.

And here I will be happy,
Happy, happy,

And here I will be happy,

With the wind blowing in its door every morning.

With the wind blowing in its door every morning. 


On top of the hill there is a small hare,

all through the night he’s grazing

With his speckled back and white belly

not worrying about a greyhound
Greyhound, greyhound, greyhound, greyhound,

give more food to the greyhound,

Greyhound, greyhound, greyhound, greyhound,

give more food to the greyhound.
And having run a little, little bit,

He’s running really badly

And one ear up and the other down,

saying goodbye to the greyhound.


   I have a little tidy house, tidy house, tidy house,

I have a little tidy house,

With the wind blowing in its door every morning.

With the wind blowing in its door every morning.

 With the wind blowing in its door

With the wind blowing in its door

   Mari Mathias – “Tŷ Bach Twt/Milgi Milgi”

Plu – “Hiraeth” (Longing).

   Hi all you lovely people! 🙂 

   Today I’d really like to share with you all this incredibly beautiful song by Plu. It is a traditional one, and it’s very beautiful as such in itself and very much resonates with my brain, but it’s even more so and feels even deeper in Plu’s arrangement. I translated the title of this song as longing because that’s what the word hiraeth is usually translated as, but really as I’ve written several times before, this word doesn’t have a proper equivalent in English. I find hiraeth very interesting and I’ve tried explaining and defining what it means, for example in this post with another song about hiraeth. You can also find more about it in this post by Ceri Davies   from which also comes the English translation below. 

   Gold fades and silver fades

Velvet fades silk fades

Every sort of clothing fades

And yet hiraeth doesn’t fade

Great Hiraeth cruel hiraeth

Hiraeth tears at my heart

When I’m sleeping deeply at night

Hiraeth comes and wakes me

Hiraeth hiraeth away away

Don’t weigh so heavily on me

Go a little nearer to the edge

Let me have a little bit of sleep

Lynn Saoirse – “The Cliffs of Moher/The Dusty Windowsill”.

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Today I also want to share with you a piece played by Lynn Saoirse. ‘Cause why not? 😀 It is a medley of two jigs, of which the first one is traditional and refers to the famous Irish cliffs of Moher in county Clare. The second originates in Chicago and was written by a man called John Harling, which is why this tune is also apparently known as Harling’s jig. I really like the story ow how it came to life and how it got its title. His muse happened to strike while he was in a basement, and he wanted to write the tune down before it disappeared so that he could come back later on and rewrite it on a piece of paper. And the only thing in that basement on which he could write was a dusty windowsill. 

Floraleda Sacchi – “Inside the Tree”.

   Hi guys! 🙂 

   For today I’d like to share with you a LOONG, very interesting piece played by Floraleda Sacchi – an Italian harpist whose music I’ve shared quite a few times before on here already. – As is often the case with the music that she performs, this is quite an experimental piece, coming from her 2020 album of the same name. All the tracks on this album, including this one, are her harp arrangements of works of the Slovak composer Peter Machajdik. She’s accompanied by Piero Salvatori on the cello. I really like this piece because of how evocative it is and how it presents really vivid imageries in my mind. I first listened to this piece when I was sick last year, and had a little bit of a fever, which could have likely contributed to my imagination being a little more unhinged than usual, and I think I was actually in some sort of half-sleep while hearing it. As I was listening to this piece, my mind came up with some sort of tree people, who lived inside a huge, old pine tree, like a whole nation of people crammed into the space inside the tree. I could hear the narrative of their story in that weird half-sleep state I was in, as if it was a book or a documentary or something. I don’t remember everything that I imagined then, but I know and remember most vividly that they had conflicts all the time and were fighting each other and had wars and battles nearly all the Time. They didn’t need much to start arguing about something, and the smallest argument could end up violently. And a lot of those tree people died in such battles. Apparently that was their way of reducing the population so that they could have more space inside that tree. 😀 And they had a lot of orphaned children left after each such battle and they were crying for their parents. There were also wounded people lying around. One time finally it looked like they’ve killed each other, and there was just one huge bloody mess in there, but then it turned out that one little peep was still alive, except he lost his limbs in battle. He must have lost consciousness and then woke up all surprised and like: ‘Oh wow, I’m still alive!” And from then on he lived in that tree peacefully as a hermit. Probably because he wouldn’t be able to get out with no limbs. 😀 I really like music which works with my imagination like that and that makes my brain create things, even if they’re weird and, as in this case, don’t make much sense. And I’ve already said many times on here how I love long pieces of harp music, so there’s plenty of reasons for me to like this one, as you see. I’m curious if other people also have any sort of vivid imagery like that when listening to it, and if so, what is it? 

Mared – “Yr Awyr Adre” (The Air at Home).

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you a really cool song from Mared’s debut album called Y Drefn (The Order), certainly not the first song from that album on here, because I really like it as a whole. I’m pretty sure I heard this song for the first time on BBC Radio Cymru. As you may be able to guess from the title, it’s about home, breathing in the familiar, comforting air of the place where you live. . As a homebody and at the same time someone who had spent a lot of time away from home, I do agree there’s something very special about the air at home compared to everywhere else, and I suppose that’s totally regardless of where you live. As far as I know, Mared is based in London these days, but her home is a village called Llannefydd in Conwy, so, although I’ve never been to either of those places, I’m sure the difference between them in what the air feels like must be huge not only on an emotional level but purely objectively. Also, speaking of the air, I think awyr is the best of all the words for air in all my languages. 

Siân James – “Os Daw Fy Nghariad” (If My Love Comes).

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Today I have for you a song sung by Siân James – Welsh folk singer and harpist whose music has already appeared on here several times. – This time it’s her rendition of Gwydr Glas – a traditional Welsh folk song whose two different versions, by Gwilym Bowen Rhys and Mared Williams, I shared in this post, except her version has a yet different melody and some different lyrics. 

This or that based on top 100 in the UK (Boys’ edition).

   A while ago, I did a this or that name game on here using girl names from last year’s top 100 for England vs Wales, so I thought we could do the boys’ round this week. As always, feel free to comment on your choices as shortly or extensively as you wish, or just list them, or share feedback on your favourite/least favourite names, whatever you want really, it’s just for fun, after all. Just like the first time, in each pair, the first name is from the top 100 for England, the second for Wales. If a name ranks at the same spot in both countries, I take a name from the same spot in Scotland, in which case I write (SC) after it. If the name ranks on the same spot in Scotland as well, I just skip it. We also have a situation where Dylan ranks in the UK on the same spot as Alexander in Wales and vice versa, so in that case I paired each of them with the corresponding name in Scotland. Here’s the list 

  •    Noah or Jack (SC)? 
  • George or Oliver? 
  • Oliver or Arthur? 
  • Muhammad or Theo? 
  • Arthur or Leo? 
  • Leo or Charlie? 
  • Harry or Archie? 
  • Oscar or George? 
  • Henry or Jack? 
  • Theodore or Oscar? 
  • Archie or Finley? 
  • Freddie or Brodie (SC)? 
  • Jack or Tommy? 
  • Charlie or Jacob? 
  • Theo or Alfie? 
  • Alfie or Harry? 
  • Jacob or Osian? 
  • Thomas or Roman? 
  • Finley or Elijah? 
  • Arlo or Theodore? 
  • William or Thomas? 
  • Lucas or William? 
  • Roman or Arlo? 
  • Isaac or Henry? 
  • Teddy or Luca? 
  • Tommy or Albie? 
  • Alexander or Dylan? 
  • Edward or Harrison? 
  • James or Elis? 
  • Luca or Isaac? 
  • Joshua or Lucas? 
  • Albie or Harri? 
  • Mohammed or Mason? 
  • Max or Jaxon? 
  • Elijah or Hunter? 
  • Reuben or Ollie (SC)? 
  • Sebastian or Rowan? 
  • Jude or Louie? 
  • Mason or Teddy? 
  • Rory or Tomos? 
  • Louie or Logan? 
  • Benjamin or Ezra? 
  • Ethan or Hudson? 
  • Adam or Max? 
  • Hugo or Jac? 
  • Joseph or Ronnie? 
  • Reggie or Ollie? 
  • Ronnie or Rory? 
  • Louis or Sebastian? 
  • Harrison or Macsen? 
  • Ezra or Reggie? 
  • Jason or Caleb? 
  • Logan or Finn? 
  • Daniel or James? 
  • Zachary or Jesse? 
  • Samuel or Zachary? 
  • Albert or Oakley? 
  • Dylan or Carter (SC)? 
  • Alexander or Carter (SC)? 
  • Hudson or Benjamin? 
  • Frederick or Joseph? 
  • Hunter or Myles? 
  • David or Ethan? 
  • Frankie or Louis? 
  • Jesse or Blake? 
  • Toby or Hugo? 
  • Rowan or Joshua? 
  • Grayson or Edward? 
  • Oakley or Sonny? 
  • Felix or Toby? 
  • Riley or Carter? 
  • Carter or Ellis? 
  • Bobby or Evan? 
  • Finn or Brody? 
  • Alfred or Grayson? 
  • Michael or Samuel? 
  • Blake or Elias? 
  • Gabriel or Jude? 
  • Jasper or Eli? 
  • Mohammad or Frankie? 
  • Sonny or Jax? 
  • Stanley or Ioan?
  • Otis or Muhammad
  •  Caleb or Riley? 
  • Milo or Cai? 
  • Ralph or Idris? 
  • Liam or Tobias? 
  • Chester or Tomi? 
  • Elliot or Daniel? 
  • Ellis or Morgan? 
  • Yusuf or Jackson? 
  • Charles or Parker? 
  • Rupert or Chester? 
  • Kai or Gabriel? 
  • Harvey or Gruffydd? 
  • Brody or Hari? 
  • Nathan or Joey? 
  • Jackson or Rhys? 
  • Leon or David? 
  • Ibrahim or Elliott? 
  • Tobias or Mohammed? 

Bibiel’s picks: 

  •    Noah or Jack (SC)? Duh! The Scots know what’s TRULY good. 
  • George or Oliver? Definitely Oliver, it might be very popular almost everywhere but I quite like it nonetheless, and definitely more than George. 
  • Oliver or Arthur? Oliver again. 
  • Muhammad or Theo? Theo. 
  • Arthur or Leo? Hm, it’s a bit tough, because Arthur feels better than Leo in terms of like its etymology, history, vibe and all that, but then sound-wise I much prefer Leo… Well Leo. 
  • Leo or Charlie? Charlie. 
  • Harry or Archie? Hm, Archie I guess, though I’m rather neutral about both. 
  • Oscar or George? Oscar definitely. 
  • Henry or Jack? JACK! 
  • Theodore or Oscar? Oscar again. 
  • Archie or Finley? Absolutely Finley! 
  • Freddie or Brodie (SC)? Hm, don’t care about either… Freddie I suppose? 
  • Jack or Tommy? JACK! 😀 
  • Charlie or Jacob? Jacob, especially that in Wales it’s pronounced as JAH-cob at least sometimes. 
  • Theo or Alfie? Theo. 
  • Alfie or Harry? Hm, Alfie? 
  • Jacob or Osian? That’s tough as I like both a lot… Well Jacob, I think. 
  • Thomas or Roman? I don’t like both, but Roman feels extremely dated in Polish and not quite as classy as it seems to be viewed in the UK. Thomas is at least rather universal and I quite like Tommy, so Thomas. 
  • Finley or Elijah? Elijah. 
  • Arlo or Theodore? Hm I don’t really like either much. Theodore I guess is a bit better and more in line with my overall style. 
  • William or Thomas? Definitely William, I like it and even though it’s just as common as Thomas if not more in the overall population, it feels a lot less bland to me and it has lots of adorable nicknames. 
  • Lucas or William? Here it’s going to be Lucas, because Lucas has more character than William. 
  • Roman or Arlo? Hm Arlo this time lol. 
  • Isaac or Henry? Isaac. 
  • Teddy or Luca? Luca, Teddy is so childish. 
  • Tommy or Albie? Tommy. 
  • Alexander or Dylan? Definitely Alexander. 
  • Edward or Harrison? Harrison. 
  • James or Elis? Elis is a lot more interesting, and both Welsh and Swedish at the same time and I like such coincidences, though it has different etymology in both of these languages. 
  • Luca or Isaac? Luca. 
  • Joshua or Lucas? Lucas, don’t like Joshua, I know it isn’t really seen like that by most people but to me naming a kid Joshua would feel like naming them Jesus. 😀 
  • Albie or Harri? Harri. 
  • Mohammed or Mason? Huh, Mohammed I suppose? I don’t really feel either at all. 
  • Max or Jaxon? Jaxon, but really why do people spell it with an X? 
  • Elijah or Hunter? Elijah. 
  • Reuben or Ollie (SC)? Ollie definitely. 
  • Sebastian or Rowan? Rowan. Sebastian doesn’t have the best connotations in Poland, again very contrary to the UK and the Anglosphere where it seems to be like the ultimate historical romance hero name or something from what I know. 😀 
  • Jude or Louie? Louie. 
  • Mason or Teddy? Ugh Teddy I guess. 
  • Rory or Tomos? Rory, although I prefer the original Scottish spelling Ruairidh because Rory looks like it’s supposed to be a nickname of something. 
  • Louie or Logan? Hm, I don’t mind both at all, but then don’t particularly like them either… Let’s say Logan. 
  • Benjamin or Ezra? Benjamin, although I dislike the nickname Ben and it feels rather inevitable here haha. 
  • Ethan or Hudson? Hudson, really not a fan of Ethan. 
  • Adam or Max? Max, Adam’s so boring, I mean it even means human. 😀 
  • Hugo or Jac? Jac!!! 
  • Joseph or Ronnie? Ronnie, ‘cause I don’t like Joseph and ‘cause Ronnie actually isn’t too bad. 
  • Reggie or Ollie? Ollie. 
  • Ronnie or Rory? Rory. 
  • Louis or Sebastian? Louis. 
  • Harrison or Macsen? Macsen of course. 
  • Ezra or Reggie? Reggie. 
  • Jaxon or Caleb? Caleb. 
  • Logan or Finn? Definitely Finn. I like Finn names. 😀 
  • Daniel or James? Daniel is less boring than James, but then I much prefer the nicknames of James to those of Daniel. Still, we’re talking full names so Daniel. 
  • Zachary or Jesse? I think Zachary but these two have a very similar vibe to me. 
  • Samuel or Zachary? Samuel, I really like it actually. 
  • Albert or Oakley? Hmmmmm… Mmmmmmm… Lol I totally can’t make up my mind. Albert, I guess, again because it makes more sense with my style overall than Oakley would. 
  • Dylan or Carter (SC)? Dylan for sure. 
  • Alexander or Carter (SC)? Alexander, even more assuredly. 😀 
  • Hudson or Benjamin? Benjamin. 
  • Frederick or Joseph? Frederick is less boring I guess. 
  • Hunter or Myles? Myles I think, I’d be even more sure if it was Miles. 
  • David or Ethan? David. 
  • Frankie or Louis? Louis. 
  • Jesse or Blake? Jesse. 
  • Toby or Hugo? Toby. 
  • Rowan or Joshua? Rowan. 
  • Grayson or Edward? Edward. 
  • Oakley or Sonny? Oakley, I’m far from liking it but why’d you call a kid Sonny, really? 😀 
  • Felix or Toby? Felix is really cool. 
  • Riley or Carter? Riley. 
  • Carter or Ellis? Ellis. 
  • Bobby or Evan? Bobby. 
  • Finn or Brody? Finn. 
  • Alfred or Grayson? Grayson. 
  • Michael or Samuel? Well that’s actually a difficult choice because I like both in a very similar way. But  Samuel is less common overall, so Samuel. 
  • Blake or Elias? Elias, though I think I’ve already mentioned somewhere that I don’t like the “-EYE-“ pronunciation and prefer the Scandinavian way (eh-LEE-as). But then it’s Wales so I think it’s possible that some people actually do pronounce it like that because it would make sense in Welsh too. Question is though if it’s actually popular with Welsh speakers. Btw, Brits do rankings based on mother’s age so I think it would be also a great idea if they did based on mother’s first language, that could be really interesting. 
  • Gabriel or Jude? Gabriel definitely. 
  • Jasper or Eli? Eli, though Jasper is really really cool too. 
  • Mohammad or Frankie? I guess Frankie feels closer to me culturally though neither is my style at all. 
  • Sonny or Jax? Jax, out of two evils. 😀 
  • Stanley or Ioan? Ioan. 
  • Otis or Muhammad? Otis, I guess. 
  •  Caleb or Riley? Hm, Ca… no, actually, Riley. 😀 
  • Milo or Cai? Milo. 
  • Ralph or Idris? Idris is cool. 
  • Liam or Tobias? Liam definitely. 
  • Chester or Tomi? Tomi. 
  • Elliot or Daniel? Elliot. 
  • Ellis or Morgan? I think I slightly prefer Ellis, though Morgan is cool too for a boy. In fact, I guess the only reason why I didn’t choose Morgan is because realistically a British Morgan would probably have their gender mixed up a lot, as I don’t think it’s tied to one gender as strongly as in the US where it seems to be quite decidedly a girl name. Then again, we’re talking about Morgan in Wales here, and I guess in Wales it’s more clearly a boy’s name. Still, I think I’ll stick with Ellis. 
  • Yusuf or Jackson? Jackson definitely, I’d call him Jack anyway. 
  • Charles or Parker? Charles for sure. 
  • Rupert or Chester? Hm, Rupert. 
  • Kai or Gabriel? Gabriel. 
  • Harvey or Gruffydd? Totally Gruffydd. Oh and by the way, in case people don’t know it’s pronounced kinda sorta like Griffith, it’s got nothing to do with being gruff. 😀 
  • Brody or Hari? Hari. 
  • Nathan or Joey? Hm Joey? Don’t care about either. 
  • Jackson or Rhys? Hah, Rhys, I think. If it was Jack vs Rhys I’d say Jack but I think I do like Rhys more than Jackson. 
  • Leon or David? David I guess. 
  • Ibrahim or Elliott? Elliott. 
  • Tobias or Mohammed? Tobias. 

   So, how about you, lovely people? 

Catrin Finch – “Clear Sky”.

   Hey guys! 🙂 

   For today I chose a really beautiful piece performed by the Welsh classical harpist Catrin Finch. It comes from her album Tides, which contains her self-composed material. This particular piece was inspired by a poem of the same name written by Giuseppe Ungaretti during WWI. 

Janet Harbison – “Suantrai” (Lullaby).

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   I’m quite late with today’s song because got a migraine today which still hasn’t fully gone, but thought that I’d make use of it and share a beautiful lullaby with you. Not that I’e never shared lullabies in the morning or whenever, because I think any time is good for lullabies really, but obviously evenings are most fitting. This lullaby can be found on the compilation called Masters of the Irish Harp released by Rte Lyric FM. Janet Harbison is a great Celtic harper, and harp teacher as well, from Dublin. 

Georgia Ruth – “Half-Forgotten Heartbreak”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   I’ve already shared quite a few songs by Welsh singer, songwriter and harpist Georgia Ruth on here over time, as I really like her music. But, this past summer she has released an EP called Kingfisher, and so far I haven’t mentioned it on here, despite having given it as a whole a few listens over the months and having included all of the songs in my huge Bibiel playlist. So today I thought I’d share with you the single from this EP. I really like its musical minimalism. THe song, as you’ll be able to find out and as you may already guess from the title, deals with the topic of those people, romantic relationships, or situations, that were once an important part of one’s life, but over time the memories have waned a bit and only pop up from time to time, which is not necessarily always welcome.