Question of the day.

Do you follow your country’s politics? What do you think about the current political climate?

My answer:

I do have an interest in it and it matters to me, although it’s not like one of my main interests or something that I’d give a lot of thought to every single day or be regularly very worried about the state of things like some people are. I like to be up to date and oriented in the most important things or those that matter to me particularly strongly, and I like to be able to have concrete views on them, but I don’t get FOMO if I sometimes am not up to date and I don’t like to overwhelm my brain with too much news or political speculations every single day because I generally tend to overthink things, and politics is not something I’d have a direct impact on so it’s pointless to ruminate on that overly. My Mum and grandma tend to care about politics so very much which is great in a way, because it’s important to care about your country I think, but on the other hand it’s awful to stress so much over things you cannot really change and catastrophise like my grandma does. I don’t like though when people go for the other extreme – are not involved at all in what’s going on saying that they no have any influence over it, don’t vote and have no real views of their own, but still complain about all that’s going wrong in their country according to them, and selfishly take for granted all that is positive.

As for the political climate, I am really happy that, since the 2015, the party I’ve been supporting ever since I’ve gotten some clearer idea about politics (PiS, or Law and Justice in English), has been in majority government, and that our current President (Andrzej Duda) is of the same political option, as, to put it shortly and simply, since the fall of communism until the above mentioned 2015 Poland has been ruled by “former” communists (from parties like Civic Platform or Polish People’s Party or Democratic Left ALliance), or their children or close relatives. Actually, the first Polish president after the communist period – Lech Wałęsa – who was given Nobel Peace Prize and whom people glorified and authentically perceived as a true statesman and someone who was going to make a real change, was a pawn in hands of the communist government and spied for them, but of course that came up officially only recently. Our current government is far from flawless, as is the situation in Poland, but I don’t think there are flawless politicians anywhere in the world, just as there are no flawless people in general, and, at least for now, I don’t think there is a better option, and they do a whole lot of good, and actually visible, change, even though it’s going slowly, because it takes time to rebuild the country after so many years of inefficient reigns, and some people are complaining about that, including those who actually have voted on them, like my Dad for example, because they seem to think it’s such an effortless process.

How about you? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Prior to 2015, I paid little mind to the U.S. and it’s corrupt politics.

    Then it turned into the cheeto hued dumpster fire reality presidential show so now I watch in horror as the country goes to hell in a handbasket and I wonder…is this the apocalypse?

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  2. I’m so appalled and so livid about that stuff that I avoid discussing it. Others tend to label me as a bit nuts about the topic, because I’m so firmly anti that orange faced baboon in the highest office in the U.S.A. I pray daily that he will be removed this year from office and that, because he’ll refuse to physically leave the White House (his words, not mine), someone will kill him in the ensuing fight. But that’s silly talk perhaps…fungi are hard to kill apparently..

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    1. Yeah, fungi seem to require quite radical measures to be killed from what I’ve heard. I don’t have very much of a clear idea on US politics but that sounds really concerning if he’s so set on staying in the White House no matter what.


  3. Well, here in America, it’s impossible to remain obtuse to politics. Believe me, I’ve tried. 😀 It’s just total conflict over here.

    Making it even more impossible for me to avoid politics is the fact that my dad listens to Rush Limbaugh every single day and watches Fox News every single evening. There’s no escape! (Good thing I’m a Republican, or I might hate living with him!) 😮

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    1. It’s good that your dad stimulates you to take some interest in politics, haha. And also that your views are similar, I’m always grateful for that too, that me and my immediate family have mostly the same views, as otherwise I’m sure we’d be arguing all the time. 😀

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  4. Well, I’m in the UK and I used to follow politics quite closely until about 2018, but I kind of got fatigued with all the never ending brexit drama (and my own mental health issues) and suddenly stopped reading the news entirely for a good long while and realised I wasn’t missing anything!

    I suppose I find politics quite depressing really because we have a broken voting system (first past the post) which has given us a Conservative government of some form since 2010, and the opposition party has been increasingly shambolic since then. I have always voted in general elections, but it was a real struggle to motivate myself the last one (a few months ago).

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    1. Oh I can definitely imagine you and a lot of other Brits must have been really tired of the Brexit drama going on for so long, because even a lot of us here were getting sick from hearing about it in the media all the time. 😀 I agree that politics can be depressing.

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