Question of the day.

What’s your favourite comfort viewing and what would you chose to snack on and sip whilst watching?

My answer:

Well, I don’t really have a lot of comfort viewings. I could say “Rännstensungar”, (“Guttersnipes”), that film with Vreeswijk, or any other film with Vreeswijk playing even in one scene, as we’re at it, 😀 but I mentioned it so many times it’s boring even for me hahahaha. I mean saying this, not the film. 😀 I So other than that I like to watch some British films or series or shows on BBC, which I usually, well, always, do with my Mum, we watch stuff like “Happy Valley” for example, or some programmes about houses or interior design made in Britain. Also for linguistic purposes sometimes I like to watch some Welsh series on S4C, but it’s not much lately. Oh well I guess I’ve talked about all of this before too! 😓 I’m definitely not a movie expert or binge watcher though haha. OK, another thing I like to watch is any not too boring movie in some rarely heard language, be it Danish, Czech, Hungarian, Flemish or Estonian, not necessarily one of my most favourites, but of course films in my favourite languages are always great. And snacks? Some salty or spicy things. Like crisps, peanuts, pistachios, nachos, krackers, sometimes popcorn. In the past I often had a drink, like whisky, or whisky with Pepsi, or hot tea with lemon, honey and a tiny little bit of whisky at winter, particularly at times when we didn’t have the heating in our old house hahaha, but nowadays it’s not my routine while watching or anything, but I like to drink Pepsi or orange juice if there is any, particularly if it’s my Mum’s home made orange juice.

You? 🙂

Question of the day.

What do you hope for in the next few months?

My answer:

The first thing that comes to my mind is for Misha to settle down, I mean I’d like him to feel comfortable now that Sasha is with us. He is getting better and better, but I can still feel he’s very insecure at times.

I also hope that I’ll be able to catch up quickly on all that time I was not able to ride. By the way, haven’t updated you guys on that, I’m going to the stud tomorrow and ride for half an hour. Usually it’s a full hour, but this time, because I’m still having this yucky skin infection, it’s gonna be half an hour, I don’t want to irritate it more, but I also don’t want to wait God knows how much longer until it heals. Oh yes and I hope my leg heals quickly, not for months as always.

I hope for doing some more visible progress in therapy. I can see that at this point there is something going on but so far it’s very small progress and I hope that with time I’ll go a bit further. And I hope I’ll get funding for all the tech stuff I need, or at least for a new Braille-Sense, my old one, as you may remember, is Zofijka’s age, so quite a senior as for a tech device, and is driving me crazy more and more with each day. So I also hope that in case I won’t get the funding, I’ll have the patience to get me through it all.

What are your hopes? 🙂

Question of the day (2nd October).

A Song/Book/Movie/Cocktail/Food/Activity/Item of clothing/Colour/Country. Chose four to give us a better idea of who you really are.

My answer:

Song – “Evacuee” by Enya.

Book – “Emily Of New Moon” by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Movie – “Rännstensungar” (Guttersnipes).

Food – anything spicy, but please, spicy, not sour or sweet and just imitating real spicy food.

You? 🙂

Question of the day (1st October).

Let’s assume I’m popping to yours next evening, so what have you got planned?

My answer:

Well if any of you guys were going to visit me next evening, I’d definitely feel more comfortable if you’d let me know a bit earlier. If so, I could prepare some yummy food with my Mum. I’d ask my Dad to smoke some meat for ya, we’d have homemade bread and my Mum’s great fruit crumble, we have still so much fruit. I’d ask Mum to make some delicious dinner, maybe something particularly Polish like pierogi or something like this. We’d have some snacks too. I’dintroduce you to Misha and Sasha, although please don’t expect too interest from Misha, he’s got too many surprises recently and may not seem overly enthusiastic. I’d show you around our house and backyard, we’d talk about whatever we’d like to talk about, and do other things you’d like to do, I’m sure we’d come up with something else when you’d be already here.


Question of the day (30th September).

What are you most likely to win?

My answer:

Scrabble, well at least when I’m playing with my family. I’m not a scrabble master or anything like this definitely but when I play with them I am usually much better than them, even than my Mum who likes word games, only my grandad is a hard opponent to me, and I like to play with him the most. Probably that I usually win is why other people than my grandad aren’t particularly winning to play with me. I’m also likely to win any sort of word games, ones that aren’t graphic. Like when we – my Mum, Zofijka and me – are bored, like waiting for something, it is our go to activity to play anagrams meanwhile, and I usually come up with the biggest amount of words. 😀 Yeah I know I’m very MODEST, but, what can I do, that’s how it looks! And if you’re wondering, yes, there is scrabble for the blind, and I have it. It IS like normal scrabble but with both Braille and normal letters on it. I haven’t played it for ages now, but I used to quite a lot years ago.

Also, if anyone in Poland would ever organise a competition for only Polish people which would be about pronouncing the Welsh place name Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, I think I’d have quite a high chance of becoming a winner, ’cause nowadays it isn’t a big challenge for me pronounciation wise, though I haven’t memorised the entire name and if I would need to be sure I didn’t forgot any part of it I’d have to read it, so if there’s someone in Poland who has memorised it, they’d win I guess. But I think it’s highly unlikely. Though I wouldn’t be disappointed if I wouldn’t be a winner, it would be cool to meet someone who is better than me and is also Polish.

How about you? 🙂