About this blog.

If you’ve read the

About Me

page, you probably can guess why I called my blog “My Inner MishMash”. It’s  because my cat, who is a big part of my life, is called Misha. Plus I like the word mishmash and I have an impression that my thoughts are always rather mishmashy and my life is quite a mishmash.

OK, but why “What plays in my brain”?

In Polish, we have such an expression, sort of an idiom – if you’ll translate it literally to English, you’ll get “what plays in one’s soul”. If someone wants you to tell them what plays in your soul, they want you to confide in them a bit. But you can also use it more literally and say for example: “This tune is playing in my soul” and it just means you hear a certain song in your head, like an earworm or something.

I chose brain instead of soul  because I’m into the human brain and everything related to it. This blog is meant to be a more public version of my regular personal diary, where I want to share with you what is playing in my brain in my every day life. And also I’d love to share with you some music I love. I’ve done it on my previous blogs and really enjoyed it, I love to share my favourite songs with people and want people to be more aware of that there is loads and loads more music out there, not just the mainstream stuff, and that even very small languages have their own, often very beautiful music as well. That’s where the title comes from.

What do I post here?

As I said one of the aims of this blog was to share with people my everyday life, not everything about it of course, but some bits that aren’t very personal and that are actually possible for me to express. I also run song of the day series, where I post some of my favourite music every day, or almost every day. I listen to a lot of quirky music, often things that aren’t very popular or are in some rarely heard languages, so I’d like to be able to introduce to you some sounds that you might have never heard before.

Besides, I want to share my passions with you. So just write about everything I love and find fascinating. My big dream is with time to make this blog a multilingual space where I could write posts in all the languages I know, since languages are one of my main passions. So far, apart from English, I can also speak Polish, Swedish, Welsh and Norwegian. Even though there are no posts in languages other than English on here, comments in the above mentioned languages are most welcome. Apart from me, this blog also belongs to Misha, though he hasn’t posted anything for a long time. He used to do so regularly, on Fridays, and posted updates on his life or a fictional story in episodes about what his life would look like if he were a human. We would both like to come back to that again soon, but we shall see how it goes. 

   As I wrote in the about Me page, I am blind and have several mental illnesses, so I’d like to share with you about the influence they have on me in my daily life. I’ve always had a trouble expressing my emotions, but it’s easier for me in writing, so I’ll try to make this blog a bit of an outlet for me.

I also have a series called question of the day, where I post all kinds of questions for my readers to answer, and answer them myself too, because it can be a great way to get new ideas for posts and I want you to get to know me, but I also am always very curious of all the people who visit my blog, and of people in general, what they are like, what they enjoy, how they see things etc. so please feel free to take part and keep your answers as short or long as you wish, just as I do, and I’ll be happy to read them.

You can either post them in the comments below a post or on your blog and link to my post, as you wish. Don’t worry if a question was posted some time ago but you find it interesting and would like to answer it, feel free to do so, there are no time limits as for how long you can answer each question.

Sometimes I also post some longer stuff with my thoughts or musings, usually inspired by things happening in my life, or by journal prompts, as recently I’ve gotten myself a few books with these.

So, I’m looking forward to hear from you on my blog, I hope you like it here and feel welcome here. 🙂

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