Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

My question for you today is:

What’s your dream holiday?

My answer:

Any of my favourite countries (Sweden, Finland, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Faroe Islands), or just spent at home with Misha and all my favourite things, going to the beach sometimes.

Yours? 🙂

Question of the day.

What’s something you think your parents did well while you were growing up?

My answer:

I think I’ve got a very good example of how to be empathetic and interested in other people from my Mum, and both my parents are always very helpful for people. I also like the fact that my Dad taught me all the capitals of European countries when I was 5. 😀 He also taught me lots of prayers which I just recently realised. You know, if something feels like you’ve known it since forever, it’s hard to realise how you actually learnt it, but recently we had a discussion with Zofijka about how we learnt different things, and I came to the realisation that Dad taught me most of prayers. Since I am a practicing Christian, it’s important to me, and my Dad was very proud of himself when I recently reminded him of that, he didn’t remember it.

How about your parents? 🙂

Michaela Wissen – “Lacuna”.

Last night I was listening to some instrumental piano music on Spotify to put me to sleep, and one of the pieces that it played was that one, by Michaela Wissen. Michaela Wissen is Swedish, but from what I learnt it seems that she now lives in California. She’s also known as Micha Wissen (which she probably pronounces Misha 😂 ), and I don’t know whether she’s really a musician, because what she’s most known for is being a photographer, it looks like she’s fairly popular on Instagram. But she has composed this one piece, and I didn’t find anything else, but I think it sounds very nice. 🙂

Question of the day (29th March).

What was something your parents said repeatedly when you were growing up?

My answer:

Huh lots of things, especially my Mum, she’s very repetitive at times haha. But like really very often? Hahaha the first thing that comes to my mind right now is that Mum used to say a lot that I’m “wild”, meaning that I don’t engage with people as much as expected. That was always very interesting for me, to think that I’m wild. 😀

How about your parents?

Question of the day (26th March).

If you had to stay in your hometown forever, or leave it forever and never return, which would you choose?

My answer:

I like travelling, despite it being quite anxiety provoking for me for lots of reasons, but I think I appreciate having my own place much more, and I really dislike such major changes, so I think I’d rather stay. I just recently noticed that I’ve started to sort of rebuild my sense of belonging, or maybe build should I say, I’m not sure I have much to rebuild really, and I don’t think that would help me. It would suck not to be able to travel anywhere, but still, I don’t do much of it nowadays anyway so, yeah, guess that would be a bit better.

Which would you choose? 🙂