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Would you like to get the access to my password-protected entries? Have any suggestions, opinions, requests, questions, anything else you’d like to tell me privately? Are you going to have a baby or are working on a new writing project and are struggling to find the right name(s) for your baby/character(s), or would you like to know if your name or someone’s in your family, or a character’s in your story, fits them in terms of personality? Just want to chat? Feel free to get in touch with me filling the form below.

Please keep in mind that I will only give the password to people I know at least a bit and consider them trustworthy. It is the same for all protected posts, and if I decide on changing it after you receive it, I’ll try to remember to notify you about that, and in case you see that the password doesn’t work with some post, just let me know.

In case you’d like me to help you with baby naming issues, I am doing it just for the fun of it, it’s my hobby to help people with that and some have told me I’m pretty good at it, so I’d be happy to try to help you too if I can. When writing your email, please give me an idea of your naming style and include info about things like if you have any older children already and what are their names, what ideas you have considered but rejected, what are your spouse’s favourites, what traits you’d like the name of your baby to have etc. and in terms of names for fictional characters of course describe their personality and looks to me, and whatever else you find important. In terms of name characterisations, keep in mind that, as a practicing Christian, I do not base them on astrology and/or numerology. It is only the vibe of a name as I feel it that I base my characterisations on, and I believe in that it can tell you the most about the name itself. I don’t believe in that names could have an influence on things like our fate, but could be one of the factors that, to some degree, can shape our personality, and they can go in harmony with our personality, strengthening the traits that we’ve inherited or developed as a result of our experience/upbringing, or it can create a more or less significant conflict inside of us when the name doesn’t fit our personality right.