Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

My another book related question for you is:

What is a book you can always reread?

My answer:

I like rereading books I love. Those that mean a lot to me in this or that way, that are very pleasurable or that just evoke a lot of emotions. Or even just those books that maybe even don’t have that much of a power over me but I read them during some good time previously and want to refresh the memories while reading, that’s also a good motive for a reread for me. My most most most favourites I can reread even once a year. Like the Jeżycjada series by Małgorzata Musierowicz – I know all books in it and even remember fragments of some of them by heart, I’ve read them since I was maybe about Zofijka’s age, but still rereading them makes me laugh at the same things and I still love them no less. –
Or “Emily Of New Moon”. Or another author that I love rereading is Sigrid Undset, I don’t even know why, I love some of her books but not the way I love “Emily” for example. It’s also very true that each time you reread a book you’re very likely to look at it from a different perspective, which is an interesting experience for me to observe.

How is it with you? 🙂

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Question of the day.

What is a book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

My answer:

“Harry Potter”, “Twilight” and other trendy stuff that people get mad about. I just don’t feel it one bit. I tried convincing myself to “Twilight” but I actually really dislike books about vampires they are so odd and I just don’t see what’s so appealing about them. Especially about the romance part, ugh, a vampire like Edward Cullen is certainly not my type of a guy. One thing is I simply don’t like most of the fantasy genre, so it’s just boring for me. And another is that if everyone seems to love something, I will most likely dislike it. 😀 That’s just how I am. There are exceptions, but I won’t like something, or even I won’t usually read something, just because everyone else does.

What is such book for you? 🙂

Question of the day (20th June).

What’s your favourite author?

My answer:

My favourite Polish author is definitely Małgorzata Musierowicz, I’ve written about her loads of times on here, she’s an author of a lovely book series that I just love to pieces. And my favourite foreign author is Lucy Maud Montgomery. But I find “Anne Of Green Gables” slightly overrated. I do like her but she’s written so many other great books that are underappreciated because everyone sees only Anne who’s not as interesting as some other of her heroines like Emily Starr from “Emily Of New Moon” or Valancy Stirling from “The Blue Castle” for example. And I don’t like that people always think that her books are only for children. Well my Zofijka is a child, a tween, and she doesn’t even understand “Anne Of Green Gables”. I think with Montgomery’s books is a bit like with “The Moomins” or “Winnie The Pooh”, everyone associates them with children and reads them in childhood, but it’s only when you grow up that you start really understanding them and seeing them from a different angle.

How about your favourite author? 🙂

Question of the day (19th June).

What is a book you’re currently reading?

My answer:

Some time ago, my Polish blind friend introduced me to British author called Cathy Glass, who is also a foster carer and writes foster care memoirs, and we both loved them. The problem was though that few of them were translated to Polish and even fewer we could find online so that we could read accessibly. My ENglish wasn’t quite good enough for reading a book in it. But, funnily enough and coincidentally, some years later I started to be more active in the English Internet, way more than in the Polish part of the Internet as it soon turned out, and I joined a mailing list for blind people with mental health problems, and a lot of people there like Cathy Glass too, and other similar authors, so I started to be interested in it again, and learnt that Cathy’s books are on Audible. So I could have a fun way of expanding my English via reading her books, although truth be told I’ve never had many problems with vocabulary whatsoever reading her books, they areeasy peasy, so maybe now is the time to move on to Shakespeare for me, or something equally sophisticated. 😀 And I’m still catching up on books by her that I haven’t read yet, and I’m doing this at the moment too, and just finishing a book by her called “A Baby’s Cry”, which I find very interesting and engrossing. The next book I’m going to read is also by her – “Saving Danny”, and then I’m going to change the direction for a while and will read a delicious Polish book that I’ve been looking forward to read for quite a while but just got hold of recently, which is about my favourite patron saint – st. Hyacinth, I got it from my Mum. – His actual name is Jacek, he’s my Dad’s patron saint, and mine too, even though I am not a Jacek, I’ve just always loved him and felt a connection and was interested in his life. I’ve even got an icon of him in my room.

How about your current read(s)?

Question of the day (18th June).

What’s your least favourite book?

My answer:

I have no clear idea. Usually, if I strongly feel like I dislike a book, I won’t bother reading it unless I have to for whatever reason. Overall I didn’t particularly like most of the compulsory readings we had at school, like most people. I am usually not a fan of fantasy, sci fi, paranormal and crime stories, unless they’re about something very specific that I’m into or just have something that I can love about them, but I don’t like these genres as such mostly.

Question of the day (17th June).

What’s your favourite book?

My answer:

It’s hard to say because I like a lot of books, but I suppose my all time favourite is “Emily Of New Moon” by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the whole series. I identified myself a lot with Emily when I was a teen and there is still so much in this series that I can relate to and so many quotes I love, and it has helped me to look in a different way at so many things.

Yours? 🙂

Question of the day (16th June).

Do you prefer hardcopy or paperback?

My answer:

I nowadays only read ebooks/audiobooks or via my Braille display if I’m able to despite it really reserves to retire finally but I still try to read something on it, and sometimes I have to, so I don’t read physical books anymore. In a way it’s good because Braille books are of course very unpractical and large and expensive and difficult to access and not everything is printed in Braille, but on the other hand I regret because I actually do like reading physical books, it’s nice. But even when I did read physical books it didn’t matter to me that much if it was a paperback or a hardcopy, I liked both the same, unless they weren’t too flimsy.

You? 🙂