Llio Rhydderch – “Waltz Trefforest” (Treforest Waltz).

   And for today, I thought I’d share with you another lovely tune played by Welsh triple harpist Llio Rhydderch. This time it’s a traditional three-part Welsh waltz whose name refers to a village in Wales near Pontypridd called Treforest, or Trefforest in Welsh. 

Song of the day (29th April) – Rosewynde – “Drowsy Maggie Medley”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   For yesterday, I’ve picked a beautiful medley of Celtic tunes for you all, played by an American duo – from Oregon I believe – of classically trained ladies with a keen interest in playing and researching Celtic music, Sandy Duffy Norman on flute and Kathryn Cater on Celtic harp. This medley is clamped together with a tune called Drowsy Maggie, hence they decided to name the whole after it. Despite its name, Drowsy Maggie is usually not drowsy at all, because it’s a very energetic, zestful reel and it’s often played really really fast, which makes me wonder why it’s called the way it is every time I hear it. 😀 Rosewynde’s version sounds more like an Awakening Maggie to me. Other tunes that are featured in this medley include such popular pieces like She Moved Through the Fair, which I’ve shared on here in several different versions already, and the 19th century Skye Boat Song from Scotland. 

Sondre Justad – “Ikkje Som de Andre” (Not Like the Others).

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you a Norwegian pop song which I’ve been liking for a long time, so I’m actually kind of surprised that I haven’t already done it because it’s really cool, and I think it has a huge brainworm/earworm potential. It is a song by Sondre Justad who is a very popular Norwegian singer and who comes from northern Norway, which, as with most Norwegians, is easy to figure out from his dialect. He wrote the song together with Magnus Eliassen and it’s the closing track of his 2018 album Ingenting i Paradis (Nothing iin Paradise). 

   Below is an English translation written by Bibiel, it was quite easy to write, but there’s just one phrase that I absolutely wasn’t sure how to best translate into English, namely in the line “They never properly reached in”. There is the verb “nådde inn” and it does literally mean “reached in”, but I don’t think the verb “to reach in” is used in English in this context. But I just couldn’t think of an alternative that would sound good enough and convey that meaning, while it seems to me that even though “reach in” may not be used like that, it’s pretty understandable in English as for what it’s supposed to mean. 


I’m pulled towards you
Into the light
Everything around us fades out
Have been searching
Have gone in blind
It feels as if the wind has turned around
Inexplicably I become brave
And vulnerable at the same time
We both have closed eyes
My hand finds yours

You are not like the others
You are not like the others
I want to be with someone like you
You are not like the others
You are not like the others
I need someone like you

Incessant like the wave
Life washed over me
You are new, you are something else
To think that we would meet here
This world is odd
But not as strange as you
Painted picture, new colours
And show me how I look

You are not like the others
You are not like the others
I want to be with someone like you
You are not like the others
You are not like the others
I need someone like you

So many layers I should have interpreted
It gave me nothing
Have travelled and met so many people
They never properly reached in
But you I can understand
You have no filter and are direct
They wanted to have something unattainable
You wanted something genuine
Is this genuine?

You are not like the others
you are not like the others
I want to be with someone like you
You are not like the others
You are not like the others
I need someone like you

Plu – “Mam Wnaeth Gôt i Mi” (Mum Made the Coat for Me).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I want to share with you a happy little tune from Plu’s album Holl Anifeiliaid y Goedwig (All Animals of the Forest). All the songs on this album feature some animal(s) and I believe most of them are traditional. So seems to be the case with this one as well. From what I can gather from the lyrics, here we have birds, and the lyrical subject of the song goes around and asks different birds where they’ve got their coats. To which they all respond that it was their mum, and I believe they all say that their mums have made it “from a piece of air” or something like that, and each of them adds when their mum made it, for example “when it was the middle of summer” or “when it was raining” etc. 

Question of the day.

   What’s the worst part about puberty? 

   My answer: 

   Neither of these things are directly related to puberty, and they’re problems that I still experience, but I think they fully developed for me when I was around puberty. I think for me that would have to either be the neverending social pressure that I felt, or my constant emotional swings, which were probably all the worse that I kept bottling everything up. Regarding social pressure, I’m talking about all the socialising that you’re expected to do at school, in my case also at the boarding school ‘cause obviously after you go back from school you’re still surrounded by people pretty much all the time, in particular your peers, and you’re expected to act at least more or less like them. Also you’re supposed to make friends with people, which I didn’t really know how exactly it works. I guess I was mostly liked by people in my class and boarding school group and I liked most people as well and got on well with them, I also called a few of them friends if I got along with them better than with the rest, but these were never particularly close or deep friendships. Generally all those people that I considered friends, they were of course friendly with me and all, we’d talk a lot, even have our insider language or stuff like that, but they actually had a wider friends circle that they mostly spent their time with, and I wasn’t really part of that and they clearly didn’t want more people in that circle or at least not full-time, so I was alone most of the time. I generally didn’t mind as I really like being alone and not having to deal with people, I didn’t necessarily feel like I needed someone to be happy or anything like that, I was also used to it by then, but sometimes I did wish I had one proper friend and wondered what that would feel like and whether it would make my life at the boarding school any easier, because people who said they liked it there usually said so because they had friends there and they missed them while being at home on school breaks, which to me was unthinkable. I also had a strong feeling that it really made me stick out in the eyes of our group staff or teachers, and my Mum sometimes said that she was worried about me and that she’d like me to have a “real” friend there. While I could deal with the casual interactions with my peers, anything even slightly beyond that, and especially if involving more than three people at once, felt really straining for my brain, I was never sure what I was actually supposed to do or say and felt totally out of place and really stressed out. Just thinking about it in depth now makes me feel mentally weary and like phew, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore, I’ve no clue how I did for so long and it’s little wonder that I ended up being a freak. 😀 

   Where swings are concerned, like I said I think that was something more due to my way of handling emotions and feelings rather than being so extremely hormonal. I remember it was really challenging for me that when I was an adolescent, I could feel quite a lot of really intense emotions in a very short time. The intensity could be quite crushing. On one hand, these were interesting experiences, but on the other, it was difficult to live with, especially if you’re determined to keep everything inside like I was, and I didn’t really have much in terms of a space where I could let some of that out safely and privately. I did keep a diary, but our days at the boarding school were busy, and I was rarely completely alone, so if I wrote in it, it was usually at night, which came at a high cost for my already messed up circadian rhythm and daily functioning, but I felt it was necessary for my sanity to have some time just for myself and I treasured every such minute. 

   Like I said, I still experience both of these things, I still struggle with that kind of peopling and I’m still very moodswingy if a lot is going oon for me, so I don’t really think these challenges were directly to do with puberty, but I don’t think that any of the typical puberty issues was really a significant issue for me. 

   What was the worst part for you? 🙂 

Y Bandana – “Diwedd y Gan” (End of the Song).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I thought I’d share with you a song by Y Bandana – the cheeky teenage Welsh rock band that one of my faza peeps – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – was the frontman of while it existed. – When I think of the four solo albums that Gwilym has released since they disbanded it kind of feels like Y Bandana was a thing in some very distant past, even though they released their last album in 2016. And it’s a song from that last album – Fel Tôn Gron – that I want to share with you. It’s called quite appropriately given that it comes from their final album, namely Diwedd y Gân, which means End of the Song. 


   Y Bandana – “Diwedd y Gan”

Question of the day.

   You meet your thirteen-year-old self, but you can only tell them three words. What do you say and why? 

   My answer: 

   “Wait for Misha!” I think Misha is one of the best things that have happened to me in my life and I’d like to give my thirteen-year-old self something to look forward to in life. I was really depressed at that time (well when wasn’t i? 😀 ) I guess not in a suicidal way or anything like that anymore but I just felt really fed up with life and hated existing, and perhaps if I knew at that point that I’m gonna meet Misha in a couple years it would give me a little bit of motivation to keep going. If I told her “Wait for Misha” she still obviously wouldn’t know who that Misha is actually supposed to be and why wait for him, but I guess that would only make things feel more exciting. 

   How about you? 🙂 

Gráinne Hambly – “Amhran na Leabhar (The Song of the Books)”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you a harp piece, played by an Irish harpist whose music I’ve never shared on my blog until now, namely Gráinne Hambly from county Mayo. I first heard of her and got to listen to her music on BBC Radio Ulster a few years ago. This piece played by her that I want to share with you is a sad tune composed by Irish poet and musician from 19th century – Tomás Rua ó Súilleabháin, who was working for some time as a headmaster in Derrynane, co. Kerry. Once a permanent headmaster for the school was appointed, he was forced to move to Portmagee. He owned a huge library of books, which he decided to transport by boat that was going from Derrynane to Valentia Harbor and himself travelled by road. Sadly though, the boat carrying all his priceless books struck a rock, and his whole collection was lost! And that’s how this song came to life, he wrote it as a way of seeking solace after such a huge loss. I think every bibliophile’s heart must break just thinking about this tragedy, but even more so when listening to this tune and knowing about its origin. I can definitely understand how awful it is to lose a book irretrievably, and it must be so much worse losing like a huge library, especially back then when books were a lot more of a rare thing! This tune is also known as Valentia Lament and Cuan Bhéal Inse. 

   Gráinne Hambly – “Amhran na Leabhar (The Song of the Books)”. 


Question of the day.

   What makes you want to be friends with someone? 

   My answer: 

   Usually the first thing that makes me think something along the lines of “Wow, I guess we could make good friends” is when someone seems to have a fair bit in common with me, be it in terms of interests or their way of thinking, or an outlook on the world, or alll three, though I haven’t really come across many people who would have all three. If we’re also somewhat compatible personality-wise or have some shared/similar life experiences then that’s even better. But aside from that, it’s also when someone simply seems like a very interesting person, either because they have a lot to say and it’s just interesting to listen to them, or because they have an interesting way of being. I find people interesting in general, but actually interesting people are twice as interesting. Also when someone has some really good qualities that make them stand out and that I appreciate in people and particularly in friends. 

   You? 🙂 

Clannad – “Siúl a Rún” (Go, My Love).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   So I’ve shared two versions of this extremely popular Irish song with you this year so far, and I thought today I could share with you another one, from Clannad. I guess this version is also quite well-known and well-liked due to Clannad’s fame. I really like Maire Brennan’s vocals in this song, she usually tends to sing in the higher register, but I definitely prefer her when she sings a bit lower and that’s what she does here. I already wrote a bit on the song itself when sharing the version by Anuna so I recommend you see that post as well if you haven’t and if you’re interested in the origins of it, also their song is definitely worth listening to just as well. 

Question of the day.

   What is human kind’s greatest invention? 

   My answer: 

   Bed! Every time I think about what a great thing bed is, I’m reminded of the Six Bullerby Children/The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren and how they once got an idea to sleep in a haystack. Then they woke up very early in the morning and were freezing and went back home, had hot milk and buns and went to their own beds, and Lisa – from whose perspective the book is written – said that it must have been someone very wise who invented the bed, because it’s indeed so much better to sleep in a bed than in a haystack. While I never slept in a haystack, I totally agree with her. Sure it can be fun and exciting sleeping somewhere like a haystack or a matress or a sleeping bag or some really weird places where people can sleep, but nowhere is as comfortable as a bed, especially if it’s your own bed. I wonder how those people who invented the bed even knew that it’s going to be the best place to sleep in before it was even a tangible thing and before they could try it out for real? 😀 Anyway, I’m really grateful that someone had such a brilliant idea ages ago, so that now we can sleep as comfortably as we do. And I think double beds are a particularly amazing invention, especially if you can have one all for yourself like I do. 

   Your turn. 🙂 

Travelle – “Jungle”.

   Hi people! ::) 

   Today is a huge day in the world of Norwegian music, because it’s the day when the Spellemannprisen (or Norwegian Grammys as they’re often referred to outside of Norway) are going to be awarded in the evening. I probably would have missed it if not the fact that I happened to be listening to the NRK p1 radio station earlier this week when I got sick, and that’s how I found out about it. And they have a really cool way of celebrating their Grammy season, which has resulted in me listening to  this particular  station pretty much the whole week, namely, this week they play only music made by Norwegian artists, so I was interested to find out whether I would make a lot of new interesting Norwegian discoveries, or maybe they’ll play at least some of my favourite Norwegian artists, or maybe I’ll just realise either how much or how little Norwegian music I actually know. I was indeed surprised at how many of the artists and songs they played were famiiliar to me, though I was also a bit disappointed that some of my favourite artists about whom I’ve always had an impression that they were quite popular in their motherland, like Fay Wildhagen, weren’t played at all, unless they were only played  when I wasn’t tuning in or was sleeping, and I was actually asleep a lot this week so who knows. 😀 I was also curious to know if Sámi artists will also be represented, and was hoping that they will, given that a Sámi singer – Maria Mortensson – has been nominated in the traditional category. Sadly though, while I guess they did play something by her once, I haven’t heard any more Sámi music this week. 

   Anyways, I thought that since it’s Norwegian music time and Norwegian Grammy time and Norwegian Grammys day, I could also share with y’all something from a Norwegian artist, and decided to share something from Travelle, who may not have won the award because he no longer even makes music under this stagename, and may not have been played on NRK P1 which did not surprise me for the aforementioned reason, but my Mum and me still do like his music. 

   I find the slightly creepy and raw vibe of this song quite relatable because that whole jungle thing vaguely reminds me of my sleep paralysis world, which is not a jungle and there are no wolves in there nor most of the things that are mentioned in the lyrics but the general atmosphere seems to be kind of similar to what he is depicting. On a side note though, I can’t help but wonder what’s up with those wolves in jungles. I believe Selena Gomez also has a song where there are wolves in a jungle, and I’m kind of curious how they make their way there and why. 😀 Perhaps he’s describing the jungle and dancing with the wolves as two separate things, or perhaps they’re both part of some sort of an inner world/paracosm? Because in that case obviously everything is possible, I also have things in my Brainworld that don’t necessarily make sense realistically. 

Question of the day.

   What will you never ever do under any circumstances? 

   My answer: 

   Have chemo! A lot of people in my Mum’s family, particularly on my grandad’s side, have had cancer, and some of them decided to have chemo and/or radiation, and from what I was observing or hearing from other family members about them made me feel like it hardly made them any better, or even if it did get rid of cancer successfully, they ended up having nasty long-term complications from the treatment which didn’t sound like they were a lot better than what they were originally treated for, like some weird blood-related conditions or heart issues or constant disabling fatigue. This has always made me feel like someone must be really in love with their life or desperate to live/not die if they decide on such radical treatment, and I’ve never been extremely attached to life as such, so on some level it’s a bit difficult for me to understand. Oddly enough, when my grandad had colon cancer many years ago, despite everything looked really bad for him, with it already being quite advanced, he flat out refused to have either chemo or radiation. Many people in our family were really frustrated, thinking that he was foolishly depriving himself of a chance to live and that his refusal of these particular treatments meant he was practically going to kill himself on his own wish, some apparently even said he was selfish. But my grandad very rarely changes his mind when people want him to, and my grandma and all immediate family supported his decision. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to live or anything like that, he simply said that he didn’t want to damage the still healthy organs of his body trying to get rid of the cancer, and that if he’s meant to die soon, he likely will anyway, whether from cancer/metastases or the toll that chemo/radiation would take on his body. He only had surgery from what I remember, I don’t think he had any other treatment than that though I may be missing something since I was only about eight at that time I guess and was at the boarding school for most of the time anyway. You’d think that if his siblings fared so poorly despite being treated much more extensively, he’d have even less chances for survival, but actually, despite recovering after the surgery took him a long time, he eventually did recover fully, with no remissions so far or anything like that, and has been in very good health and he’s now in his 70’s. I think it’s quite a miracle regardless of whether he was on chemo/radiation or not, because his cancer was advanced and prior to getting sick he didn’t have the best lifestyle. I’m definitely not saying this to try to prove how chemo/radiation is always bad and no one needs it, obviously each case is different and thankfully we all get to decide for ourselves how we want to be treated when we fall ill, perhaps for someone the possible benefits are worth all the hassle. It simply shows that it’s definitely not something that will work for everyone. But as for me personally, as I suppose many of you who are regulars here will be able to figure out, or maybe you even already know it from me, my reason for never ever wanting to undergo chemotherapy if I ever end up having cancer is that it makes you vomit. If you’re a newbie here, I’m emetophobic and vomit is one of the things that scare me most. I really cannot imagine what sort of extreme circumstances I would have to be in, what would have to be happening to me to cause me to undergo a treatment with such high risk of vomit. Even if I were so extremely sick that I’d figure out that what I’m sick with is a lot worse than vomit, I’d probably first try out any other treatment options that would be available to me which wouldn’t carry the risk of that side effect with them or in which it would be lower. 

   What’s such a thing for you? 🙂 

Mared – “Let Me Go”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today, I’d like to share with you another song by the incredibly talented Mared Williams, also known simply as Mared. I have shared with you some of the music that she recorded together with the rock band Y Trŵbz, some folk music by her as well as more jazzy pieces, which I think showcases her huge genre versatility very well. For today, I thought we’d listen to her song with a bit of a soul vibe to it, so that you can see that she is very competent in this genre as well. 

Question of the day.

   What is your best insult, without using curse words? 

   My answer: 

   Well, one insult that me and Sofi use literally translates to English as “Roll a candy drop” (Turlaj dropsa in Polish, in case you’re curious). I have to say though that it wasn’t either of us who was so creative and made it up. Sofi used to have a friend with whom she had a really stormy relationship. They were friends for life a couple months, going everywhere together, sharing each other’s deepest secrets, what not, and then after those couple months something ridiculously insignificant would make them worst enemies, or at least the way it looked like from where I am sitting was that that other girl would blow something out of proportion and get absolutely incredibly mad at Sofi compared with the level of her guilt (like being late to the park where they were supposed to meet), but perhaps if I were to hear both parts of the story maybe Sofi did also contribute to the drama in some real, meaningful way, I don’t know. Anyway, as soon as she’d go mad, instead of just leaving Sofi alone like a reasonably thinking person would (if I’m THAT furious at someone, why would I want to talk to them?) she kept drowning Sofi’s phone relentlessly with quite unsavoury texts, unsavoury especially given her age, and most of them, especially the first ones, quite unoriginal and laughable. Sofi wasn’t worried or anything, but understandably was quite angry, and it doesn’t take much to set Sofi off, so she found it very hard to resist responding to those texts as they came, despite Mum and me repeatedly told her not to and were wondering why she didn’t block her right away. Anyway, further down the road, her texts have become somewhat more creative, some of these expressions that she threw at Sofi neither of us had ever heard before. I’m pretty sure that neither had she and she just looked on the Internet for “how to diss someone” or something like that. And at some point she told Sofi to “roll a candy drop”. Sofi knows a lot of slang words, but she didn’t know that one and it had both of us in stitches. Turns out it simply means fuck off, but why?! Why roll a candy drop?! I’ve no idea. It just seems like the most random thing someone could come up with. Not that I have a problem with that, Sofi and me also make up random code words for stuff, it’s just weird and funny. So we would say that a lot to each other, of course more in a playful way, to make each other laugh, rather than to actually tell the other one to fuck off, though occasionally that would be the case as well. After a few months of radio silence, Sofi’s hot-blooded “friend” resurfaced again, all apologetic, asking her if they could be friends again. They had tons of stuff to talk about and Sofi felt like they were on the same wavelength, so after some initial resistance and, again, despite absolutely everyone was telling her to quit that, she decided to meet up with her and the cycle began all over again, with them being the best friends in the world for a few months and then parting in a dramatic way. But while they were still friends that second time, Sofi asked her where she got that “roll a candy drop” from and she confirmed that she got it from the Internet. When they broke up their “friendship” the second time, Sofi was racking her brain for some equally random and funny insult that would also still sound equally legit as an insult as “roll a candy drop” does. So eventually she came up with “Roll a lollipop” (except in Polish the word roll is two distinct words in “roll a candy drop” vs “roll a lollipop”, I don’t know, maybe it should be something different in English too, but I’m not sure what would fit best… twist? Spin?) So she told her to go roll/twist/spin a lollipop and that’s pretty much the end of the story as far as I know. But we still use both, with one another and with other people as well. Sofi often tells her school mates to roll a lollipop if they annoy her or something but she doesn’t want a drama to blow up, so this is a pretty easy way for her to insult them without them knowing, they’re just like: “What???” Later we also tried making up other such insults, involving some verb and a food item, but the only other one that has actually survived to this day and is in use for very special occasions is the seemingly most trivial – “Eat bread!” – And this is also Sofi’s creation, and it’s also her who came up with how exactly it’s supposed to be used. If Sofi tells you to eat bread, things are not good. Unlike drop candies and lollipops, the “eat bread” one is not used when you’re simply mad at someone and don’t want to have to do with them, whether temporarily or ever again. You tell people to “Eat bread”, for example, when you’re really disappointed, or disgusted, about something they did. Maybe you expected a lot more, or maybe something they did was really immoral or just insanely dumb or cringey so that you no longer really feel like associating with them. It could of course also be an angry insult but more like cold angry than drops candies and lollipops are. You don’t shriek it out loud, you just say it in a low, kind derisive tone, or that’s at least how Sofi usually does it and she created it so I guess she gets to say how it’s supposed to be said as well. It’s more scornful than insulting really, like a veiled way of saying that you’re almost nobody, or something along those lines. Hence we never tell one another to eat bread, we thankfully never had such very bad  relationship with each other. Sofi says it’s bread because, well, bread is something that everyone eats, most people do almost every day and it’s just a normal thing, while drop candies and lollipops are candies and most people consider them good rather than neutral things. So if you tell someone to eat bread, they don’t even deserve to roll drop candies or lollipops, they’re just good enough for bread. Not sandwiches, not toasts, just bread. 

   What’s such an insult that you use? 🙂 

Question of the day (19th April).

   What’s a subtle sign that someone is not a nice person? 

   My answer: 

   Both Sofi and I think it’s when someone acts kind of sarcastic all the time. I mean, sarcasm is cool, we both like it a lot and use it a lot. But also I think sarcasm loses its point when you use it all the time, and from what Sofi tells me regularly it seems to be some sort of a trend among teenagers now. That doesn’t make sense to me. If you use sarcasm ALL the time, it’s as if you were eating, dunno, ketchup, for example, all the time, not as a condiment but as a sort of main dish. What’s fun or smart about that? I think they just say they like sarcasm so much because they don’t want to admit that they’re plain rude. When I hear Sofi’s school friends talk when they come over here, their dialogues really do sound weird. Like, you don’t know if it’s supposed to be funny, and if so, when exactly, and for whom, it’s like constant making fun of each other. Not directly, but still I think quite clearly. And then when you try to make a joke at the expense of such a master or mistress of sarcasm, they’ll be acting all offended and hurt and heartbroken. But I also think it’s unfortunately by no means just a teenage behaviour. My Dad’s family is very much like this, except it’s kind of worse because most of them don’t even have the brains to make it seem like sarcasm, so it’s less subtle actually. Whenever there’s some family gathering, they love dealing with their complexes by trying to laugh at, and some of them downright humiliate other family members, most often their wives. My one uncle is particularly good at it. He has some huge inferiority complex, which he tries to cover by being a jerk and pretending to have a very high self-esteem, while at the same time bringing other people down, or at least trying to, by making weird jokes or diminishing what they say or just acting almost rude. He also has some extreme problem with plain politeness. I don’t know if it’s with stranger people too but with family for sure. I’ve hardly ever heard him say things like “Please”, let alone “Excuse me” even if for something very small. If he sometimes does act a bit more polite, we silently go “Wow! So he knows how to do that, after all!” 😀 

   What’s such subtle sign that you can think of? 🙂 

Question of the day (18th April).

   Let’s finally do some questions of the day, as we haven’t had them in a long while. 

   What got ruined because too many people started doing it? 

   My answer: 

   Sofi’s laying on my bed ‘cause we’ve been both sick, and she rightly points out that it’s TikTok. However, the first thing that came to my mind was tattoos. As soon as it became more mainstream and not just associated with prisoners and the like, it seems like it very quickly went from cool to ever-present and it’s like almost everyone has at least one. I used to think for quite some time that perhaps I’d like to have a tattoo, as I think I was quite late with realising how common it was, probably because duh I can’t see, and I thought it was still kind of on the unusual side. I didn’t have any clearer ideas though as for what sort of a tattoo I’d like to have, I only knew that definitely something out of the box and reflecting my personality/interests, but also not too in-your-face and rather discrete. It also wasn’t like I was fully decided on it, just something I thought I might do some day, or maybe not, we’ll see. Well, as I’ve been talking to people, and also to my Mum who is a keen observer of how people look, I’ve become quite fed up with the idea so I’m quite glad I didn’t go ahead with it, even though realistically I probably never would anyway because like I said I had no clearer ideas about a possible tattoo. It really seems no longer like something original, and if it is perceived as original, it only seems to be when someone goes with something controversial or defiant, which is most of the time not the kind of original that I aim for. 

   Other than that, I could go on and on and on about all sorts of great baby names from Poland, US, UK or Sweden that got ruined, either just for me or for a lot more people, by either steadily growing in popularity or becoming extremely popular, but I’ll pass on that opportunity for now because I’m feeling too crappy haha. One example I’ll mention, and about which I’m pretty sure I already told you before, is Filip, which used to be one of my great favourites among boys’ names and a strong contender if I ever did end up having kids, but since then its popularity has absolutely exploded, and though I still like the name, I wouldn’t be keen on using it for a real-life baby. 

   What’s such a thing that comes to your mind? Also, how has your Easter been? 🙂 

Song of the day (18th April) – Nadia Birkenstock – “Dors, Dors, Enfant Cheri) (Sleep, Sleep, Dear Child).

   This lovely harp piece arranged and played by Nadia Birkenstock is a lullaby. I love loads of lullabies, and this one is no exception. As far as I know, this one originates from Alsace. 

Nadia Birkenstock – “Dors, Dors, Enfant Cheri”.


Song of the day (17th April) – Trwynau Coch – “Bywyd Personol James Bond” (Personal Life of James Bond).

   I was thinking all Lent about some more or less Easter-themed song that I could share with y’all once Easter came and had a few ideas along the way, but in the end I didn’t feel convinced that I liked any of them enough to actually share. So it’s Trwynau Coch, the Welsh-language punk rock band whose music I’ve been sharing quite regularly, and who have a connection to one of my faza peeps – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – because his dad – Rhys Harris – was the vocalist in it.