A quick note from Misha.

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s Misha, and it’s World Cat Day today too, yippeeeeee! Any other felines out there? How did you celebrate your special day?

I just wanted to leave a quick note since I couldn’t write last Friday, I always write with Mila’s help as you know, she doesn’t let me on the keyboard on my own, we can only write together via our brain connection or Mila has to assist me when I want to write something on my own, and it’s so terribly unfair because then I can only write my posts or whatever else I want when she can too. And Mila got struck with a tummy bug for the weekend. And she’s scared of throwing up and all that so it was a real nightmare for her, though she didn’t throw up at all in the end, and she is still not very well as I can guess. I hate it too and I have to throw up way more often than the peeps even though I eat less (another very unfair thing, don’t you think?) and then they get cross with me.

I decided to be nice for Mila though in hopes that she’ll let me write my post today and gives me something yummy. And she says I was great, because I was all the time with her when she was very sick, like the most sick, and I purred very loudly, it’s way too loud for me so I almost got a sore throat but who cares, at least I got a nice piece of sausage for that today. And I’m soon going to sleep too but I’d like to tell you that I’m spoiled today because it’s my special day and I got chicken breast in herbs, lots of it, and sausage, and my other cat treats, and my Mish ice cream, that is a sauce. I was all stuffed. The peeps have an obsession today and constantly keep saying that I must have gained a lot of weight because I’m much heavier. So what?! They were constantly nagging at me that I’m too thin and now when I’m finally fluffier something is wrong too! But I like being more plump and bigger and manly and that’s what counts in my opinion.

And everyone is so nice for me!

So, how’s the day been for you, regardless of which species you are and whether you celebrate anything or not? 😉

Loud Mishpurrs. 😻

Misha 💜 💚 💙


Question of the day.

Do you ever eat snacks while watching films? If so, what do you eat?

My answer:

Not that it is a tradition or a must or something, same as watching TV isn’t either for me, but yes, sometimes I do. It’s usually crisps, or crackers, or peanuts, or nachos, or other crunchy, salty/spicy stuff like that. When it’s something longer and rather during the day than at night then maybe popcorn too.

You? 🙂

Kate Rusby – “Benjamin Bowmaneer”.

Kate Rusby is one of my most most most favourite English folk singers. I know her music for yers, practically ever since I’ve began immersing myself in celtic music and then even more when I delved deeper into English folk music as such. I love her crystal clear, light vocals and her very distinctive Yorkshire accent, and generally her approach to folk music suits my tastes I think. Here’s a song from one of her newest albums “Life On A Paper Boat”, it is a traditional English ballad.

Question of the day (16th February).

How often do you watch films?

My answer:

As I wrote in the last question of the day post, not very often. Actually, the last film I watched was “Keeping Faith” which I watched in early January. I wanted to watch this film series earlier, it’s a Welsh series, also under the Welsh title “Un Bore Mercher”, not only because it was in Welsh, but also because I supposed it could be quite interesting, and I liked the soundtrack to this film, (actually I once shared one of the songs from that series on my blog and for some very odd reason it became one of the most popular posts on my blog, so I thought it would be good if I knew the film too). But only did it finally when we discovered with Mum that it’s broadcasted on the Polish TV – no, not in Welsh of course, sadly, but still. – Somehow it didn’t make such an impression on me as I thought it would and was a bit of a disappointment, but overall was quite enjoyable.

How about you?

Song of the day (16th February) – Kate Bush – “Babooshka”.

And another, the last one for now, song by Kate Bush I’d like to share with you that is one of my favourites, is also one of the more famous and widely popular ones. I think the lyrics of it are very intriguing.

Question of the day (15th February).

After a bit of unintended break I come to you with some questions regarding your favourite films, TV shows, books and music. Here we go with the first one:

What kind of films do you like to watch?

My answer:

Well as I am sure most of you who come here regularly already know, I don’t watch films or TV very often, only when something really really interests me or just to be with my family and not caring too much for what we’re watching. So, if something catches my attention, it’s usually because it’s in one of my favourite languages. It would be nice if the topic interested me at least a little bit too, but most often I’ll be quite satisfied just to hear one of my favourite languages – obviously not counting Polish and English since I have them pretty much all the time. I do like many British films though, and so does my Mum. And some Polish films with good humour, just anything that you can laugh at, but not because it’s so cringey. I am also able to watch a whole crime series even though my interest in the plot itself is little to none, just because the main character is called Misha. 😀 So that’d be it, I guess.

You? 🙂

Song of the day (15th February) – Kate Bush – “Wuthering Heights).

Hey hey people. 🙂

I’m here. I told you I’m going to share some more of Kate Bush’s music with you, but eventually everything just got messed up, I got some sort of norovirus or whatever, which if you know that I’m emetophobic you can imagine is quite horrific to me, although no I didn’t throw up. Anyway, I’m getting better, and I’ll catch up on posts soon I hope.

So here’s I guess my most fvourite song by Kate Bush, it’s just so stunning, I just love her high registers here, I love the lyrics, and also I’m a big fan of all three Bronte sisters, so no wonder I like this song. In comparison to most music on my blog, this one is quite famous, but if someone doesn’t know, Kate was inspired to write this song because of Emily Bronte’s book “Wuthering Heights”.