Question of the day.

Do you ever use dry shampoo?

My answer:

I’ve started using it more often perhaps a year ago, and I believe it was after Niki from Take A Ride on my Moodswing commented on one of my questions where I was asking people something about their hair washing routine, and she mentioned that she finds it difficult due to her mental illness and often uses dry shampoo instead. I only used it before occasionally when travelling or something, but though it was a good way to make life easier sometimes, so the next time I saw it somewhere I got it. These days, most of the time I’m doing well enough that I can do basic self-care stuff and I try to wash my hair twice a week, luckily it doesn’t need more at this point. But when there are times when, either because of feeling very depressed, or being in an AVPD black hole where Maggie – my inner critic – takes things over and I feel a lot of self-loathing and stuff, the last thing I’ll think of is self-care, even as basic as that, ’cause why would I care? The only reason I can think of then is other people and so that it doesn’t feel quite so awful for them to be around me, so I’ll just use the dry shampoo as a bit of a substitute for a proper hair wash. Also when I have a migraine but my hair is really greasy, I find washing my hair a really obnoxious thing, so I’d rather use dry shampoo instead then as well.

How about you? In what circumstances do you use it, if you do? πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. During all of my various major surgeries, dry shampoo saved my sanity. I HATE having dirty hair and one can’t shower nor wash for the first while due to possibility of infection from getting water in your open wound. And there are few nurses or nursing staff who have the time (or inclination) to wash someone’s hair for them any longer. Dry shampoo meant that at least I could have ‘clean’ hair although it wasn’t the same as having a good true wash. Sponge baths got to be a routine too then.

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  2. I’ve heard of it but have never tried it! I think with me I try to take more showers. I have this new routine of taking a shower twice a week. That could be enough, I’d hope. Hmm…. What’s weird is that the rest of me gets filthy and in need of a shower, but my hair will still look presentable as long as I comb it. So I probably wouldn’t need dry shampoo for those circumstances! But I’m glad it exists, because I’m sure there are people who benefit from it!!

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    1. That sounds indeed like you can live a happy life without dry shampoo. As I wrote in the post, my hair doesn’t get greasy very quickly, so with the right hairstyle I can look presentable for some time without washing my hair, but it’s still good to have dry shampoo as a possibility.

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