Katarina Barruk – “Evelina”.

Hey people! 🙂

Today I have a song in Sami for you! Sami music is beautiful, and, although Sami languages are all endangered, they are cultivated anyway and music is being created in them as well as other kinds of art.

I’ve come across this particular singer very recently in Sveriges Radio Sápmi, where they played this song of hers. I really liked it immediately so that it’s now one of my Sami favourites. When I then wanted to learn something about Katarina Barruk, I believe it was from the comments under the videos with her songs on Youtube that led me to thinking that she must be Norwegian, because many of them were in Norwegian. However, today I learned that she is an Ume Sami speaker (there isn’t just one Sami language but multiple ones) and Ume Sami is apparently spoken only in Sweden these days, so she must be Swedish. Also, what’s very intriguing that I learned today is that apparently Ume Sami has only about TEN speakers! It’s very sad and depressing, but isn’t that so amazing that they make music even in such rare languages?! I find it really wonderful and exciting.


4 thoughts on “Katarina Barruk – “Evelina”.”

      1. Some really formidable and powerful persons. Dench is Evelina?

        So how does it work – narrators read? Characters read?

        The last audiobook yours truly experienced was THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM by one Phillip Roth and it was a rollicking tale about baseball.

        Now the Polish books are on the list…

        Finty Williams I do not know quite so well as Dench or even Palmer.

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    1. No, it’s Finty Williams who is Evelina and she does a great job imo, Dench is lady Howard. From one of the reviews on Audible I learned that Finty Williams is Judi Dench’s daughter.
      Yes, now I’m reading some Polish books, and actually still I read more of Polish books than English or Swedish, in English it’s usually audiobooks while in Polish I much prefer ebooks.

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