Question of the day.

Hi guys. 🙂

Here’s my question for you for today:

What’s a career that no one really thinks about or admires enough?

My answer:

Looking at the situation here in Poland, especially that I have two people of this profession in my family, I feel like it’s nurses. They do a whole lot of work, that requires a lot of skills because of how versatile it is and how different things they have to do, and also it is them who are very often closest to the patient, but they don’t seem to get much recognition, not as much as doctors, even though, no matter how competent a doctor would be, he wouldn’t be able to help his patients quite as much without a nurse. Especially nurses who are older and have only finished a nursing school, I am always confused by English education terminology, but you know, they’ve finished a school like on the college level that teaches nursing, but they didn’t study nursing at the uni so don’t have any higher education. Now I guess it is required, but still, in relation to how much they work, they don’t earn equally much, and they’ve been protesting a lot in recent years.

Also people who work as cleaners or in similar jobs, that most people look down upon, but that are important nevertheless.

And last, but not least, homemakers! Yes, I strongly believe it is a valid career option. Or like my Mum – a homemaker herself – likes to say, home manager. One day my Mum had a conversation with an official, something about some family allowance or something like that, and he asked her what her job was. So she said home manager and he was like: “Umm, do you work at people’s houses? I’ve never heard about such a profession”. “No, my own house is enough for me so far”. “Ah, OK, so you don’t work.”. “Of course I do. That I’m not paid for it and not employed by anyone doesn’t mean I don’t work”. So he was just laughing but in the end he said he has to write she’s unemployed. Sounds so daft and unfair when you think about how much she’s doing.

Which career is it in your opinion? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Teachers. My job search has shown me what even highly qualified, experienced teachers are paid yearly and there is no way it is enough considering all that they do every day of the week for so many children. There are people working warehouse jobs that require less knowledge, skill, and patience and they make 4 times what teachers do. That is not right.

    Another, well, not profession, but job that gets bad press, so to speak, is people who work as cashiers. My dad calls them glorified shopkeepers, but the fact is, they have to know so many things about so many different topics and deal with customers and stock shelves- it may not be brain surgery but it’s a lot more strenuous than other menial labor positions. I appreciate them more every day because people are do rude to them, including my own family. They are working to earn a living, it deserves some respect, even if you’re collecting garbage or a dogwalker. No small jobs, just very small people passing judgment.

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  2. Wow, points for your mother! She sounds like quite a woman!

    I’d say… hmm… anyone who has to work odd hours, such as third shift. It’s hard on the body!!

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    1. Oh yes she is. 🙂 I fully agree with you, I think it must affect sleep cycle very badly. My Dad is a tank driver and often works at unusual hours, and while he’s an easy and heavy sleeper, sometimes it affects even him, so I guess people for whom sleep is not as easy as for him must be affected quite a bit regarding circadian rhythm by working night shifts.

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