Question of the day.

Hey people! 🙂

When it comes to having any sort of job/profession, do you prefer working with other people, or independently?

My answer:

Generally, I’m a loner so I’d say I prefer to do things on my own and I really dislike group activities, I really hated them at school. I think I’ve written about that a couple times already that I’ve always been quite individualistic and it became only more pronounced in my personality, probably to a bit unhealthy levels, because of living in the boarding school, and in all those kinds of institutions there’s such a pressure for community in my view, for unity, for doing things together, even thinking similarly or being expected in quite an intrusive way to share your feelings, impressions and all with everyone around, playing with everyone, I hope you get it… Anyway, I gues it’s running on both sides of my family that people have a strong sense of their individuality, a need for their own territory and space and lack of will to blend in completely, so that approach clashed with me big time. My sense of belonging to my family got quite screwed up too because while I didn’t feel at home at school whatsoever and didn’t feel like I belonged there, I couldn’t say I did at my family home either, because I was there rarely and treated more like a guest most of the time rather than a family member like everyone else, which was of course nice, but not really normal. And I developed a strong dislike even just to some words that still make me cringe, like group, team, community, unity, together, everybody, common… 😀 I know it’s weird but I’ll probably never get rid of that fully, even though I know now at least rationally and theoretically if nothing more that it is good to belong and I do enjoy being part of some communities and groups of people and often take pride in it.

If I had to do group activities, that was often very confusing for me in a way, what I was actually supposed to do. If I was a group leader (which I was quite often for example at Polish classes because I was good at it so one of my Polish teachers would frequently team up me with a few people who had a lot of problems with the subject), and if I had a good idea about what we were supposed to do and felt confident about it, I’d usually do the whole work for the whole team because that was easiest for me, because I have very low tolerance and patience for ignorance and lack of independent thinking so I preferred to do it myself and thus faster, so that no one would get stressed overly, rather than wait for everyone, explain the most stupid things to people or whatever, and they were happy to if I just told them what to do and think for them. 😀 On the other hand if I wasn’t a leader I was usually quite passive and generally found group work kind of overwhelming, I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. 😌 So, based on that I think I’d be the same when working in a team professionally. I’m usually much happier and more efficient when I can do things on my own, but also I can imagine situations where it would be much better for me to work with someone else, because I can do well working on my own only as long as I am confident in the field and know what to do and how I should do it, and it’s simply something I am able to do on my own. I can imagine there could be jobs, perhaps quite a few, where it would be actually better for me to work with someone else – I don’t know if a whole group necessarily – but one other person perhaps, for example because I cannot do many things independently or can’t do them well enough. So it really depends on what I would be supposed to do and what kind of profession.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day (10th March).

What matters to you more: being successful at work or being part of a loving relationship/family and why?

My answer:

It’s kind of hard to say for me, because although I have a job, I can’t say I’m either particularly successful or not successful, mostly because the range of my duties is rather narrow, and so is my work experience as I haven’t worked in any other job than I do now, and it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to work anywhere else, or even if so, it would probably be in a similar way. Also, while I do have a loving family, I haven’t been in any romantic relationship (unless you count Misha) and it’s not likely to change any time soon which is fine by me, so I have no experience in that either and it’s a bit hard for me to imagine myself being either successful at work or having a family of my own, like, one that I would have started, whether loving or not.

But I really value the fact that I have a good relationship with my immediate family – parents, siblings, or at least Sofi, and Misha – and I think that would always be more important to me than any job accomplishments I could achieve, even if I really liked my job and it would be really satisfying for me financially.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day (3rd March).

What was the last thing someone said that made you angry?

My answer:

My Mum said something that made me quite angry, well okay not angry but rather frustrated anyway. I was recently telling you about my dilemmas with the occupational medicine doctor, and how he doesn’t understand how different types of benefits work in our country, and doesn’t understand that despite being on benefits, I am still able to do the work that I do, and is scared that when he’ll confirm that, someone’s going to kill him or whatever, so instead of educating himself on the topic, through his colleagues or online or I don’t know how else, he sends me and my medical documentation back and forth between different places and wants to have an official explanation just for himself of something that’s stated on my disability benefits claim that’s clear to everyone else in the field and everyone involved, and just keeps making quite a bit of fuss and problem. So, to fill you in on the recent developments, he sent my documentation to the Occupational Medicine Centre, and asked them to explain whether I am able to work or not, interpret that statement on the claim, have a consultation with me or something, despite it’s not their competence at all. A couple days ago, they sent a letter to me, and to him, saying exactly that, that it’s not their competence to make such clarifications and that they don’t really understand what he wants from them, like what’s unclear. 😀 My Mum said that this will probably be very embarrassing to receive something like this and have his own incompetence pointed out in such a way, and today she went to see him about that, without me this time as she was going out anyway and he was not going to make any more check-ups or tests for me so it would be rather pointless if I went. Mum was sure that now that things are clear, that the OM Centre can’t do what he wants from them, and that the situation is clear to everyone except him, his eyes will finally open, and he will write that, from his – that is only OM – point of view, I am able to continue to work, and won’t be so scared of that as if he was doing some kind of crime or whatever. But, sadly, dr Jacek is too much of a chicken. He wants to continue the saga and write an appeal letter to them. When Mum told me that, I just couldn’t believe it for a while! I just wish he educated himself on different kinds of benefits and stuff, actually it feels puzzling how someone like this could get into occupational medicine. I guess he only knows how to deal with the most typical cases, but when things like disability are involved his brain can’t cope. I was thinking that if he’ll make further trouble, I’ll just change OM doctors, but it actually seems like a lot of ordeal in itself, with transfering my medical documentation from there to some other place. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it and hope it will end soon and things will be back to normal.

How about you?

Question of the day (6th June).

Hi people. 🙂 Ok here are some overdue questions for you.

Has anyone ever made a rude comment about your job/profession?

My answer:

Nope. Probably because I haven’t been working for more than I guess two or three years and don’t have that much experience, also it’s nothing very unusual/controversial or anything like that that I do, and I don’t talk with everyone about my job.

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day.

Hi guys. 🙂

Here’s my question for you for today:

What’s a career that no one really thinks about or admires enough?

My answer:

Looking at the situation here in Poland, especially that I have two people of this profession in my family, I feel like it’s nurses. They do a whole lot of work, that requires a lot of skills because of how versatile it is and how different things they have to do, and also it is them who are very often closest to the patient, but they don’t seem to get much recognition, not as much as doctors, even though, no matter how competent a doctor would be, he wouldn’t be able to help his patients quite as much without a nurse. Especially nurses who are older and have only finished a nursing school, I am always confused by English education terminology, but you know, they’ve finished a school like on the college level that teaches nursing, but they didn’t study nursing at the uni so don’t have any higher education. Now I guess it is required, but still, in relation to how much they work, they don’t earn equally much, and they’ve been protesting a lot in recent years.

Also people who work as cleaners or in similar jobs, that most people look down upon, but that are important nevertheless.

And last, but not least, homemakers! Yes, I strongly believe it is a valid career option. Or like my Mum – a homemaker herself – likes to say, home manager. One day my Mum had a conversation with an official, something about some family allowance or something like that, and he asked her what her job was. So she said home manager and he was like: “Umm, do you work at people’s houses? I’ve never heard about such a profession”. “No, my own house is enough for me so far”. “Ah, OK, so you don’t work.”. “Of course I do. That I’m not paid for it and not employed by anyone doesn’t mean I don’t work”. So he was just laughing but in the end he said he has to write she’s unemployed. Sounds so daft and unfair when you think about how much she’s doing.

Which career is it in your opinion? 🙂

Question of the day.

What’s a good piece of news you’ve received recently?

My answer:

Hmmm can’t think of anything really… I mean it’s not like nothing good has happened to me recently, but I guess no spectacular news or anything like that, can’t think of anything at least… Well what comes to my mind is that I recently got to know that I’m going to earn more. I’ve been paid minimum wage, and recently it got increased here in Poland. That’s always a good news even though so far it doesn’t make much of a difference to me, not one that I could feel a lot, I consider myself lucky in this regard because since we all still live together as a family I don’t have to worry about the basic stuff like electricity, water, food and such completely on my own, I can pretty much use my money for all the less important things, anything I want but don’t need like books, linguistic things, or anything less basic that I need like all my tech stuff, things for Misha etc. and most of it I’m saving for the future anyway, but it’s always a very nice piece of news, and I think even more so for all those who like me earn minimum wage but in opposite to me have their own families to feed or other things they really really need their money for, and oftentimes have way much harder things to do at work than I do.

What’s your piece of good news? 🙂

Question of the day.

What is the most boring job you have ever had?

My answer:

Well, so far I haven’t have that much experience in this area since my current job is my first official job. It’s maybe not like incredibly exciting, but I also woudln’t say it’s very boring, I’m fairly neutral about it.

You? 🙂


Question of the day.

Is there some insider knowledge that only people in your line of work have?

My answer:

Haha, surely, but I don’t have it. My work situation is a little bit odd, at least I see it this way. For those of you who don’t know I work at my Dad’s company, because it is lucrative for both of us, for me mainly because I can have some money I can either save for the future or use for just my own needs – since we all live together as a family I don’t need to buy myself basic stuff like food etc. so just the things I want/need just for myself, and I save the rest, so most of it. My Dad is a tank driver, he delivers fuel, and I’m officially something like his secretary, unofficially I help him out with everything he can do that I can do, so mostly techy stuff because he can barely type and is not willing to learn, or language stuff because there are people from different countries he delivers fuel to, so English comes in handy, and even Swedish sometimes too.

I can sure tell you there is a lot of stuff tank drivers know that no one else on Earth would even care about or be interested in, while they – tank drivers – assume you’re just utterly stupid to not know all those things. The thing is I don’t have a clue about them, don’t have to know much about that stuff, and don’t want to cus it’s just boring.

I wouldn’t suppose though there can be much things that are known exclusively to office workers, no offence to office workers or anything, but it’s just not a very niche thing, I mean, or maybe I don’t see anything enigmatic about this job.

But I can also say that lots of environments that I am a part of have a lot of such insider knowledge. It’s not because it’s some “professional secrecy” or anything, just other people don’t ask us, and we assume it all is obvious.

As a language geek I know a lot of things that could be completely useless for anyone who isn’t a language geek, about linguistics, or some particular languages, or dialects, or other related stuff, and it all just circulates among the language geeks, not going anywhere outside cus who would care how are Finnish and Hungarian related to each other and what they have in common practically, or what are mutations in Celtic languages, or how does it feel to have wet dreams dreaming in Zulu etc.

I think the same regards blind people community although in a bit different way because in contrast to language geeks, there’s definitely a point in exchanging information between sighted and blind people so that the two groups can understand each other better and avoid many issues, conflicts etc. Likewise I would say about the community of people struggling with mental illnesses. It may feel annoying to explain things to people all the time and there are some people who will never be able to understand some things, but they’re a minority and still I think we should educate others about how it feels to be us, to struggle with our conditions, we should give them a chance to see it not just assume they should know it. And healthy/ablebodied people should be empathetic and open-minded, and then it would be just ideally.

As for my own very insider knowledge as a blind person with mental illnesses and other odds and quirks, I can say that what intrigues people if I decide to reveal it to them is my sleep paralysis and all the related stuff. There haven’t been many people in my surroundings that I told about it, in details I only talked about it with my Mum and it was still very hard to actually describe what it’s like, firstly because I just couldn’t find words for it and secondly because sometimes even talking about it may feel scary in a way, anyway whoever I wouldn’t talk about it too, they always seem intrigued, and can’t hide it. I don’t have nothing against, well it intrigued me too for years until I just got used to it. Those dreams I have are certainly anything but normal.

My – as I call it – “silence anxiety”, as well as the “sound anxiety”, if I decide to mention about it to anyone, also seems to be of interest. but it’s even harder to talk to people about it.

Also my synesthesia and related stuff are very interesting for people and for me too – like the fact that I can link sounds with factures or tastes or that whole thing with names I wrote about not so long ago.

Some are very excited when I need to mention I’d been using Doses or doing stuff like OOBE, and often ask how it feels, which in this case is very embarrassing for me because I simply hate that part of my life very deeply and it’s just all… let’s say complicated, I’m too sleepy to come out with something more adequate and creative. 😀 Although I’m not surprised that people want to know how it feels, it can be certainly interesting in a way, if it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t ever do it, I guess.

and of course like (I guess) all the blind people I get tons of questions like how I dream, how I type, can I feel colours, do I use echolocation, why I am not like other blind people they know, why I don’t have a guide dog, whether I’ve had any surgeries for my eyes, how I imagine their faces, do I need to touch every single thing while I’m shopping to know what it is, are my other senses supersharp because I can’t see, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes you can doubt in everything but I guess if people ask, they truly want to know and truly want to learn, although sometimes really wish they could also think a bit on their own before they ask, and if they really want to ask, be more constructive, because sometimes it’s hard to not snort with laugh at someone asking “Oh, how did you know I am here if you can’t see?” 😀

Mental healthwise I’ve had much more serious situations, some even kinda traumatising I’d say, with completely ignorant people at the boarding school and other places like that, who, to give you a short and sweet example, wanted to diagnose me with schizophrenia because I wasn’t meeting their expectations – was different than other kids basically –
and created my own imaginary creatures called Parpills about whom I was writing a book and they accused me that I think that they exist. But with this kind of situations it wasn’t only me going through similar stuff, also kids who didn’t have any mental health issues.

What is some insider knowledge in your environment? 🙂

If it’s a bit embroiled or not very logical or stylistical then I’m very sorry, I’m having a Zombie day and am going to soon go off to sleep, but just wanted to write something constructive today, will look at it and edit tomorrow, but suppose it’s quite consistent. 😀