Question of the day (23rd April).

Hi guys. 🙂

I have some girly questions now for all my female readers out there. 🙂

Do you wear makeup? If so, how often do you wear it, and what are your favourite brands? How old were you when you started wearing makeup, and who taught you?

   My answer:

   I don’t wear makeup. Like, almost never ever. First, although I consider myself a girly girl, I don’t have much of an interest at all in THIS particular kind of girly stuff, it’s boring for me and all sorts of even hairdressing and such is just an annoying necessity for me. Second, I can’t do it myself. Many blind women can and are great at it, but, well, I can’t even always draw a straight line, so, could be quite adventurous. Third, I don’t go out much anyway these days, and I don’t really see the point of all that hassle for staying at home. Fourth, I have a kinda problem with self care stuff, just as I do with self-esteem as it is obviously related, I’ve improved in recent years and months but, ugh, if I sometimes don’t even feel like feeding myself or keeping myself warm on worse days, I don’t even think about makeup then! 😀 Fifth, I’m allergic to a lot of that makeup stuff so actually as a result I look even worse than without it, or my skin gets irritated/itchy. And as you can probably already see, I’m not enough into that to hunt for hypoallergic stuff. Lastly, I don’t even have such a model in my family that makeup is something that a woman should necessarily do. My Mum used to wear it, she is a very image conscious person, but only when she had to, so for outings or such, she didn’t like it. My Mum has always preferred to be natural, and she says she feels like a wax doll with tons of makeup on her face. Now it has to be a real big occasion for her to wear a full makeup, as she’s such a lifestyle expert nowadays and OMG there’s so much chemicals in cosmetics and you never know what they put in there! 😀 While I always mock my Mum’s obsession with all that, I kinda share that approach, and I just don’t feel the need to do that. All the cosmetics I use, OK, the big majority, are just natural home-made things.
I did use to wear some more make-up in my late teens, when I was in a lot of ways identifying myself as a Goth, I still do feel a lot in common with Goths though I never was like a full Goth, at some point I just met some people online who were Goths and we seemed to get along very well, I always liked black and wearing black things, and I have naturally a very light skin and always liked it this way, I liked Gothic music and felt like I had a bit of a similar mentality to them in a lot of ways. I wasn’t going around looking like a Goth, but liked a bit of a Gothic looking makeup at times and would most willingly wear black clothes all the time. As I said I still somehow feel drawn to the Gothic subculture but am not as crazy about it and sort of outgrew it quite a few years ago. I guess the last time I wore a full makeup (a serious one, I mean for serious purposes) in a Gothic style was at my 18th birthday party. Now I only sometimes underline my eyebrows as they are very light, and that’s it. The actual last time I wore makeup was about a year, maybe longer, ago, when I was playing with Zofijka. We like pretending things or playing crazy roleplays or such and that time we were playing that we were two very stupid and brainless country girls going for a party to some sort of a club. we were able to only talk about guys, and our favourite music which was very trashy dance and everything that is cringy in the world, it was all very comical so when we weren’t playing, we were laughing our brains out at ourselves, but well you’d have to see it for it to be funny. We both had very overdone, heavy makeups, with crazy amounts of rouge, and I was wearing a ragingly red lipstick and we both had weird hairstyles and high-heel shoes (Zofijka was in her school traCKSUIT…) and were chewing gum very demonstratively for an even more cringy effect. We stuffed our clothes with things so we also looked very fat, and just… brainless overall, you get it. The problem appeared when Zofijka tried to get rid of all that makeup on my face and couldn’t get rid of all that rouge, it lasted for so long that I was afraid I will have to stay like this hahaha. So those are the only purposes for which I wear makeup nowadays, entertaining Zofijka hahaha. That’s more interesting though I guess.

   OK so how about you? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Question of the day (23rd April).”

    1. Shshsh*t! That was weird? :O But fixed now. I have a file with previously prepared questions and looks like when I try to copy and paste it into the email something goes wrong, which is funny because I send the question posts via email and the email in which I sent it is complete and doesn’t lack anything. 😀 Thanks for letting me know. At least I figured out what’s wrong now. 😀

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      1. HA HA! Yay, the question’s there now!! Fun, fun!!

        I have the exact same outlook: that makeup is just sort of a waste of time and energy. But when I was younger, I tried hard to develop some makeup application skill. It never worked out. I just don’t have a knack for it at all. And I’m not very girly, not one bit, because it’s just not in me! My sister is a total girly-girl. She knows how to wear makeup and how to dress up in boots and tight skirts and scarves and everything else that’s cool. Whenever I try to dress up for an event, I wind up looking like a twelve-year-old. 😀

        I’m a totally wash-and-go sort of person–I often don’t even comb my hair. 😀

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    2. Yeah makeup seems to absorb sooo much time. But in a way I admire all those women who can do it well, it seems like such a sophisticated ability haha. I am definitely not the kind of girly your sister is either. But my Zofijka is like it. She’s actually quite awesome with her stylist skills. And yeah it does happen that I sometimes don’t comb my hair either. It’s completely not my element haha.

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