Question of the day.

What are three things you’re reading?

My answer:

These days I usually try to read one book at a time, and so is the case right now. I’ve just started a new book this morning, and this is Your Brain Explained by Mark Dingman, if I remember the English title correctly as I’m reading it in Polish. I found it among the newly added books to our online blind library, as an audiobook (or should we say talking book as the audiobooks specifically for blind people are called), and since I like reading brain books, even as basic as this one seems to be so far, I picked it up along with several other new books that I found interesting when looking at their synopses. I’m only a few chapters into it but it’s interesting and easily digestible.

Other than that, I’m about to catch up on some blogs I follow and emails I’ve got, so will be reading all that too very soon.

How about you? šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I don’t really “read”, but rather listen to books. Right now I am listening to The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec, which is a Nordic novel about Loki and Angreboda; The Sealed Nectar (life of the Prophet Mohammed saw) but that one is going to take a long time – very intense and detailed with a lot of information to digest; and several pamphlets and books on natural healing. One doesn’t really “read” that so much as look up snippets of information.

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  2. I’m only reading blogs and the Bible at this point, although a few days ago I randomlly picked up the book Brilliant Imperfection by Eli Clare. It’s a collection of essays and thoughts on the cure mindset as it relates to disability, race and other minority issues. I had downloaded it off Bookshare already many years ago.

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  3. Three things? What fun! Hmm…. what am I reading… well, nothing, it seems, so maybe I can say that I want to read sometime soon? I’ve been thinking of rereading Mary Called Magdalene by Margaret George. It’s about how Mary Magdalene was schizophrenic, and Jesus was her soulmate who healed her. Then I want to reread some Christopher Pike books on the airplane, and then I was considering rereading some Eileen Goudge, but I’m not sure I’d still like it. Hmm…. must keep adding to my list!!

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