Question of the day (21st September).

What frivolous thing do you really want, but couldn’t possibly have? My answer:
I understand frivolous as something you want, but don’t need at all, just a whim.
In my case, that would be a harp. I mean my own harp. Preferably a Celtic harp, though there are still lots of kinds of Celtic harps, but I don’t know which one I like the most. And if you don’t know me well enough, no, I don’t play harp. And even if I wouldn’t ever learn to play it, I would take great pleasure in just having it. I consider people who are privileged to have (not rent) their own harp very lucky in life. What would it be for you? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day (21st September).”

  1. It would rock if you could have a harp!!

    Hmm….. oh! I’d LOVE to have a mini-cooper. I’m sort of in love with the mini. Instead, I drive an old clunker, a ’95 Saturn named Carlene. I’ve always wanted a mini-cooper! But in reality, it wouldn’t be a practical car for me. When I do woodworking, I’d never get boards home in such a tiny car. But still, though, it’s so righteous! Cutest car ever made!

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