Question of the day.

Hi people. 🙂

Today, my question for you is:

What are your five favourite foods?

My answer:

I really don’t have any specific foods ranking, I don’t have it like that that my most favourite food is something and I just love it more than anything else, it depends when, where, what kind of food. So here are just my 5 random favourite foods in random order.

1. Silesian dumplings, but only homemade, and with champignon sauce, I hate frozen shop-bought Silesian dumplings – mushy. –

2. Chips, as in fries, or however you call them, well who doesn’t like them, at least I guess I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chips. I slightly prefer KFC’s over MCDonald’s, and like my Mum’s the most, because they’re actually crunchy and you can feel they’re made of real potatoes and not an imitation, as it often feels in fast food restaurants and such. 😀 Oh, and there are fabulous fries at our local restaurant, I love eating them with grilled chicken breast yummy!

3. As we’re talking about chicken, just as Misha, I love chicken breast in herbs.

4. Meringue with whipped cream and fruit – especially blueberries. –

5. A nice spaghetti.

How about you. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Ooh, yummytastic!!

    Umm… let’s see….

    1) Some sort of delicious cake for dessert. Any sweet topping (rather than buttercream or cream cheese, or anything that’s not all that sweet) will make me happy–chocolate, lemon, orange, strawberry, etc.

    2) More cake…

    3) McDonalds is divine. I love the ten-piece chicken McNugget box with an order of large fries!

    4) Any sort of snack chip: Pringles, Baked Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, Wheat Thins, Sun Chips… Ah, this brings out the poet in me.

    5) Ice cream. Oh, yummerz. How about a pint of birthday-cake ice cream?

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  2. Meat pizza, meaty spaghetti, meaty lasagna, McDonald’s fries, and any cheeseburger. That was easy. Obviously, I am pure carnivore and I have the fluffy butt to prove it 😉

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  3. My own Mexican recipes for tacos, enchiladas, chile verde and more, Japanese food (including sushi, but limited to teriyaki, tempura, miso soup and dumplings), Greek food (almost anything they make is great), turkey pot pie and fifth: whatever doesn’t eat me first. I ❤ food. 🙂

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