Question of the day (16th May).

Which animal species do you probably know the most about? Like describing varieties, behaviours would be easiest for?

My answer:

Hmmmm… mmmmm… I don’t know?… πŸ˜€ OK I have a cat obviously, and I find cats very interesting, and even more so, I find Misha very interesting, and I like to think I know a lot about him, but then Misha is our second cat, and for me he’s actually the first cat because the first one we really had, Kiki, wasn’t particularly close to me, and I was at the boarding school most of the time, and don’t even remember much of him. But I can’t say I’m an expert in cats or anything like that, I think my idea about breeds is just a little bit wider than an average person’s, and, as it turned out last autumn, my and my family’s knowledge about cat behaviours wasn’t particularly impressive – my loyal readers who’ve been sticking around since then probably remember the sad story of Sasha. – We’ve learnt a fair bit because of that experience, having to do with different cat behaviourists and such, but I still don’t think I’m that very experienced. I also probably know a bit more about horses than an average person would, from my horse riding instructor who is like a horse Wikipedia personified, and I really love learning from her, but I can’t say I know a lot about horses definitely.

How about you? πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th May).”

  1. They call ,e the crazy cat lady for a reason. I just relate so much to cats and that whole ‘love me now or be shunned later’ attitude. It makes me laugh. Maybe because it reminds me how much I am like a cat. I am more cat than person anymore and it’s becoming creepy.

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  2. Huh, interesting question! Probably doggies, I guess! Mr. Kitty’s the only kitty I’ve had, so I have no idea how he’s like other kitties or different!!

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      1. Ooh, good point, yeah!! And so far, Luna seems representative of her breed, the Newfoundland. She’s the only one we’ve ever had, and I’d heard they’re like gentle giants. So true and wonderful!!

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