TToT (about apples, sleep, Misha etc.)

   I feel like writing another gratitude list on here rather than just in my diary, and as part of it, I’m participating in the Ten Things of Thankful linky. In no particular order as always. 

  1.    Misha. Currently, Misha is sleeping on my bed, curled up in a little ball and seemingly very content with his life right now. That makes me very happy because he seemed a bit off earlier this week. I’m not sure if he actually was or if I was being hypervigilant as I often am in regards to Misha, but he wasn’t much interested in his snacks and isolated himself a lot, while now he’s decidedly more cheerful, if mostly very anxious but that’s pretty much the norm unfortunately. I check on him every now and then, more for my own benefit than him really needing regular supervision during sleep lol, and I seriously wish I could make a close-up recording of all those cute sounds coming out of him – his sleepy purrs, his fluttery heartbeat, all the funny gurgling sounds in his tummy, his gentle breath and little “Hhrrru?”’s when he stretches in his sleep – and show y’all, but I don’t think any of my devices would be able to pick up such mini sounds. 
  2. My room. Today I feel especially grateful for having a room which I don’t have to share with anyone (except for Misha obviously, I always tell him it’s his room too because he doesn’t have his own, but who would mind Misha?) because later this weekend I’ll have to lend it to my parents’ guests. Late last summer, my Mum invited her acquaintance – my aunt’s sister-in-law who really likes my Mum – to come over to us for a weekend. Back then she slept in my parents’ room, and they slept in the camper. She was really appreciative of how my Mum hosted her, so appreciative, it seems, that she wants to come again, this time with her husband, who normally works in France, but for a shorter time. Except this time round we don’t have the camper because it’s having some sort of maintenance stuff or such done, so they’ll have to sleep here and Bibielz will sleep with Sofi in her mini room). I can’t say I don’t mind, because I do (even though her husband is called Jacek), but this makes me even more appreciative of having a room just for myself the vast majority of the time. And aside from simply being my own room, it’s also a really cool room, so I’m sure they’ll like it here. Perhaps so much that they’ll come for another weekend sleepover in two months’ time. 😀 
  3. Going back to horse riding. I don’t know when exactly I’ll go yet, but I know I want to do it again. It may be the worst sport for me given my abilities (or lack thereof actually) and both mental and physical health situation, but it’s the only one I actually like, and I miss it despite the anxiety that has always been associated with it for me. I miss the stable and my regular horse and my instructor, and I want to give it a go again. Perhaps less ambitiously than before and more hippo therapeutically after all, but I really do. But the ultimate thing that actually made me make this decision was something else, which I won’t write about now but probably will quite soon. 
  4. My fazas and generally my faza life. The past year or so, my faza life has been very… well, weird, chaotic, tumultuous… I don’t really want to get into the details, plus it wouldn’t be fitting for this particular post because it would take up most of it, and I don’t really have enough distance to it to be able to write about it publicly like that at this point, but things have been really weird and a little confusing sometimes I’d say, and both good and bad. But this week has been pretty good faza-wise, if very intense, and I wonder if perhaps things won’t be becoming more stable from now on. I’d quite like that finally. 😀 ANyway, I got a massive peak on Gwil this week totally out of nowhere, and you regular people on here know that a peak is a great thing and works like the best natural antidepressant for me, so having a peak means I’m doing really well mood wise. No spectacular highs like peaks cause sometimes, just a serene, calm sort of happy feeling. 
  5. My Apple Watch. My Apple Watch may not be the most useful of my devices like my iPhone or Mac or PlexTalk, it doesn’t really bring anything extremely new to my life or its quality or whatever, but I just like it. This week I attempted to sleep with it for several nights to see how accurate its sleep tracking is, in particular sleep stages. I didn’t expect much because I didn’t believe a device like that could be reliable at all in tracking something as elusive as sleep, and because my Mum was saying it didn’t work too well and seemed very random to her, and claimed that it can only track your sleep during the scheduled sleep time, so if your alarm goes off and you’ll just turn it off and go back to sleep it won’t notice it. Well, my experience with sleep tracking seems to be better than my Mum’s. As far as I can tell, it’s oddly accurate. It knows very well more or less when I fall asleep, even if I fall asleep before my scheduled sleep time starts, and it knows quite precisely when I wake up, and it’s not because I use the Apple Watch right when I wake up, because even when I do check the time when I wake up I usually do it on the PlexTalk out of sheer habit. I obviously can’t objectively verify the accuracy of the sleep stages thing, but again, as far as I can tell, it’s pretty good. Like last night I kept waking all the freaking time and felt like I was sleeping very lightly, it did show that my sleep was very fragmented and I got only half an hour of deep sleep. After I let Misha out at half past four and went back to bed, I remember having a lot of dreams and Apple Watch said I kept switching between REM and core sleep pretty much til I woke up at almost 11 AM, and I remember having a very vivid dream right before I woke up and woke up with a raging headache, and Apple Watch says I woke up from REM sleep. Apparently it’s a thing to get headaches when you suddenly wake up from REM sleep like that. Also because I fell asleep at half past two last night and then didn’t really get the best quality sleep, I still felt very sleepy by the time my alarm went off at 8. I tried to snooze it, but must have done something differently than I originally wanted because Apple Watch turned off the alarm completely, while still staying in sleep mode and it knew that I was sleeping. So my Mum was definitely not right that it will only log sleep during the schedule, although I guess Apple Watches are still unaware of such a thing as naps. So yeah, overall I’m quite positively surprised and, who knows, maybe I’ll end up sleeping with my Apple Watch every night, after all. Not that knowing the sleep stages gives me anything really, but it can be just good to know. I’m also very curious if it’ll notice anything weird during my sleep paralysis. I already had it once with the Apple Watch on, but it was past my set sleep time schedule and I didn’t know yet that you can prolong it like I did today, so it wasn’t tracking my sleep. It was very helpful though because as I was in sleep paralysis, at some point I got an email, so my Apple Watch vibrated and I woke up. Which, while we’re at it, makes me also very grateful to the email sender, although I don’t remember who that was anymore. 😀 
  6.    Speaking of Apple – apple pie! 😀 – My Mum made one last weekend and we ate it during the week, but we couldn’t eat it all so in the end Mum had to freeze it. It was very yummy though. 
  7. And speaking of sleep, that dream I had earlier this week. That was really ridiculously hilarious. And yes, I find myself really liking the name Helenor. The next gem stone I get is going to be named Helenor (for all the new people here, I give names that I like to my gem stones because I don’t plan on having children and even if I did, many of the names I like are unusable for children). 
  8. My fluffy overalls that I got from Mum a couple years ago. She made them for me and they’re very warm and comfy and I love wearing them when it’s relatively cool weather like it’s been recently. 

Noticeable Welsh progress this week. I wonder if it isn’t the aforementioned faza peak doing this to me, because I haven’t really been doing anything any different than last week or the week before. The power of peaks. 😂 Anyway, I really appreciate it because while my Norwegian learning has been mostly a stroll in the park because of Swedish, Welsh, with all the related excitement and my feelings for it, has been quite an uphill struggle compared with my other languages, so even the smallest leaps of progress are very much valued by Bibielz. And Welsh-language music. Even now I’m listening to Blas Folk Radio Cymru and I’m really grateful that there are ways for people like me who live someplace completely different to also discover music in minority languages. 

  1. Chips for lunch yesterday. Mum was trying some new experimental recipe for chips, which didn’t sound all that good to me from the beginning, and eventually we both agreed that they turned out quite crappy, but then my Mum made «normal» chips, and these, as always, were very good. Good chips always deserve appreciation. 

   So, that’s my gratitude list. How about your thankfuls? What nice things have happened to you this week? 🙂 


12 thoughts on “TToT (about apples, sleep, Misha etc.)”

  1. Your overalls sound fun and adorable! How cute! And Misha, of course! Sweet kitty! And way to rock the Welsh! 😮

    Hmm… thankful for this week?

    1) I was in a bad mood yesterday, but I pulled myself out of it! I was using my oracle cards, and they said I wasn’t doing a great job at emotional regulation, and that made something click in my mind, like, “Ohh, I’m in a bad mood! I need to take care of myself.” Which is weird because I’m starting to think that when I’m in a bad mood, I don’t know it. Like when you’re dreaming and you think maybe you’re dreaming, but you’re really not sure; but when you’re awake (or in a good mood for this tortured analogy), you KNOW you’re awake, and there’s no doubt at all. Huh.
    2) So yeah, I’m grateful for my collection of oracle cards. Often the card I need to see comes up!
    3) I’m grateful that I was able to hand-wash all of my carpet tiles, dry them in the backyard, and am now putting them back on my floor! They smell a bit musty so I’ll attack them with some Febreze scented spray!
    4) Hmm… I’m grateful for my nice printer that my dad bought me so I could scan his legal briefs and convert to text. It’s a really nice printer! It runs on toner, no ink, so it only prints in black and white. Since printer ink is exorbitantly expensive, this is a good solution for us. The toner is around $55 and will print about 1,700 pages on one cartridge.
    5) I’m grateful for my rope rainbow wall hanging! Love it!
    6) Grateful for all my friends, as usual! YAY! I’m glad I have your fun blog to comment on while I’m between blogs! YAY!
    7) I’m grateful that my life has FINALLY improved. I was working on my non-memoir yesterday and the day before, and it’s freaking depressing. Like, all of it. It’s made me realize how far my life has come, but a lot of it is luck and just conditions improving. I’m not trying to downplay my own accomplishments, which I’m very proud of. It’s more like I’ve realized that there were times when I was miserable, and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing at all. But now I’ve escaped, so to speak. And that’s great!! YAY!

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    1. I’m glad you were able to pull yourself out of the bad mood. 😀 It’s interesting that you don’t really catch it while you’re in it, but it does make sense in a way. Like I often don’t feel that I’ve been hungry until I actually eat something. 😀 Human brains are weird.
      Wow, it really sounds like you’ve had a lot of work with the carpet tiles, but it’s cool that you were able to do it. 🙂
      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I agree that friends are a truly great thing!
      I can totally see how writing a memoir and digging back into the past into your brain when you felt miserable could feel depressing. Writing about such times in my life sometimes also has that effect on me briefly, but yes, it’s also a reason to feel grateful that your life has moved on and you’re in a totally different situation and brain state now and can breathe a sigh of relief. 🙂

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  2. I don’t have an Apple watch, but I do have a FitBit that I tried to wear to track sleep. However, I found that the face would light up when I moved my arm, and the light would wake me up, so I’ve stopped wearing it at night. There is probably some setting I could change, but I haven’t been motivated to figure it out. I’m glad that your watch is working for you!

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    1. I guess my Apple Watch might light up too, although Apple Watches definitely do have a setting to turn that off, but I’m lucky enough not to have light perception, hehe, as I’m totally blind, so it doesn’t really make a difference for me. But I can obviously see how it would be very annoying for you, and even without that, I think it takes a bit of getting used to it to sleep with a device like Fitbit or Apple Watch.


  3. My primary comment, though not technically a part of your grat list, is centered on your intro talking about Misha. (And, as is often the case, the other Commentors have noted and reflected parts of your post with a much higher level of writing skill than I’m able to… which is one of the things I like about this bloghop.)

    We have a dog, rather than a cat, but, imo, the principle is the same. If Una (our dog) seems to not be feeling well, I get worried. Makes sense, right? But then I noticed that dogs (and, I assume cats) sometimes get worried when their humans seem worried. lol
    So sometimes I find I have to make the effort (after being sure there’s nothing actually wrong with Una) to distract myself. And, fortunately, that reduces Una’s concerns and more often than not, she goes back to being… herself.

    btw: really enjoyed the faza thing. Followed the link. ‘Read’* the page.
    Excellent concept. (I sometimes refer to ‘word tools’ which are how, sometimes, certain words/phrases have a quality (at least to me) that allows them to hold more of the energy of an idea than others. It is useful to me and, sometimes, even useful to the people around me.**)

    So, good TToT!

    I am fond of writing about how one of the benefits of this bloghop is the opportunity to identify with other people.
    very cool.

    *lol well, ok, I scanned it… but only because I felt I ‘got it’, the idea, if not the experience of it… And, even though I tell myself that I shouldn’t jump ahead simply because I think I understand, I still do.
    ** even though I keep in mind that it (my word tool) might not be quite translatable for another person.

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    1. Hahah Misha was actually supposed to be very much part of the gratitude list, but the formatting got screwed up for whatever reason, which I think I’ve fixed now.
      You’re making a very good point about how animals worry about people and it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle, I do think it could be the case with Misha and me as well. Both of us are anxious creatures and, while we can help each other with our anxiety, sometimes it creates a bit of a cycle like that too.
      Glad you enjoyed the faza page and the concept as such. While I love language(s) and am always in awe of them, I also think that they often lack words to describe some things precisely, especially when it comes to individual, subjective experiences, especially if they also happen to be fairly rare or at least not talked about much. There may be a very similar word but it’ll often be different enough that it totally doesn’t capture what you want to say, so I too create a lot of such word tools, be them complete neologisms or borrowings from various languages if one language has a more descriptive word for something.


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