Question of the day.

I am putting off…

My answer:

…helping Sofi with her school work. Since it turned out after all that BOTH of my parents have Covid (which wasn’t really much of a surprise as they have very typical symptoms so I don’t really know how come my Dad’s first test was negative and the doctor said it was bronchitis) we’ve been in quarantine. Sofi has been really mad about it because of course she’s bored and most of the time she quite likes going to school and she wants to, but she obviously can’t now. She’s also a little stressed about having to catch up with school work, which is a little out of character for her, she never used to worry about such things, but well, maybe it’s because she has exams in April. She left most of her notebooks and stuff in her school locker and today finally someone from her class had mercy on her and brought them to her. Someone is also sending her what they’re doing at school over SnapChat. So finally she can catch up but Sofi doesn’t like working alone, and also probably genuinely needs help with some stuff, and asked me to assist her or something, though I don’t really know what it is that they’re doing at school right now and she didn’t tell me, so I’ve no idea how much help I’ll be. I think mostly it’s just that she doesn’t want to be alone and wants to have audience as always. Also the way it works with Sofi, if she has something to do that she really doesn’t like, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on that because more often than not she’ll do it for five minutes and then go back to doing something more fun. So it’s possible that if no one helps her, she’ll never end up doing her entire school work because she’ll be distracted by a gazillion things. Except, to be honest, I’m getting a bit tired. I spent almost the whole day with Sofi yesterday, and the day before, and it’s fun, but my social battery is quite low at this point. 😀 Sofi’s really absorbing, and man does she have moodswings! She’s not as absorbing as she used to be when she was younger, but she still is. Normally I’d ask Mum to help so I could have time to recharge, but Mum’s sick and not doing very well and I’m sure the last thing anyone would want while being sick is to listen to Sofi’s incessant chatter and have to answer the neverending stream of questions. So I told Sofi that I will help her today so that she can at least start catching up on what her class has done so far this week, at least I could surely help her with English or something, but I so don’t feel like it, so I’ve been putting it off. I guess for now Sofi’s satisfied with it and, rather than trying to do something by herself, is procrastinating on her phone, because if it was otherwise she’d be coming to me every five minutes and asking me when I’ll help her. 😀 As much as I often feel kind of envious of Sofi, because I often have a feeling it is so fun and uncomplicated to be Sofi, I really don’t envy her that huge need she has for near constant human presence around her, it must be difficult.

You? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Oh dear! Your parents have the coronavirus? Yikes! I’m so sorry to hear it! I hope you all stay as well as possible! Keep us posted!! My dad has bronchitis too, and I wonder if it’s actually the coronavirus, which would mean that I have it also! 😮 (I have whatever he has.) But he and I are both vaccinated. Have your parents been vaccinated? (You can dodge that question if you want to. No pressure!) Huh. I hope they have been, because I’ve heard that the “breakthrough” cases are lighter than “regular” coronavirus.

    I realized with my own sickness that it’s why I went batshit psycho unhinged over Thanksgiving (last Thursday here in the US). It made me feel better about it because it explains it. If it were the coronavirus, that would REALLY explain it! Yikes! Huh. I wonder.

    It’s great of you to help Sofi with her schoolwork! What a great big sister you are!! I’m sad that she’s cooped up!! I feel her pain but am glad that we live in a world of tech! At least there’s that!

    I am putting off… hmm… basically everything, because of my sickness. I can’t go to the gym, and oddly enough, I miss it. (Wow.) I’ve been trying to clean the house, but my energy for it isn’t there. Small progress. And today (so far) I can’t work on my memoir because I woke up in the middle of the night and am still up. Maybe after a nap.

    Uh oh… I’m going to sneeze. I think. Maybe not?

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    1. This thing with coronavirus vs. bronchitis actually looks super weird, I guess there must be a lot more overlap between these two conditions than I’d ever thought because like I said bronchitis was what my Dad was originally told he has, and also I myself had my usual bronchitis so soon before he got sick. Before I was sick with that, Sofi had some sort of infection with weird symptoms, and me and Sofi had some of the same symptoms so actually in the beginning I thought maybe I caught whatever she had. Now our parents have some of the same odd symptoms that we had, except they have it a lot worse than us. For example, we all had eye pain, which I thought was migraine-y for me but then we found out that many people have this symptoms with Covid. We also had very similar kind of muscle aches and skin pain. So we think that both Sofi and me could’ve had corona as well, and if that’s the case then I must have had both Covid and my usual bronchitis at once as it seems, which makes me feel super lucky that it was as mild as it was for me. Sofi had it relatively mild too, and neither of us had the loss of smell and taste that our parents experience. And no, neither of our parents are vaccinated.
      I really hope that it’s not the coronavirus that you and your dad have though.
      Yeah I also think it’s a lot better idea if you work on your memoir after a nap. 🙂 I had shitty sleep last night too, so I feel you.
      Lol my Dad’s just having a proper sneeze attack right at this moment!

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      1. Giggle fest!! It’s the annual competition between our dads’ sneezes!! YAY!! The way I’ve been sneezing, I’m about to compete as well in the female division!!

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