Question of the day (21st June).

What is the weirdest thing you eat on its own?

My answer:

Salt. Don’t know how weird it is in general, but I don’t know people who would do that. I don’t do it as often now, but I really used to a lot when I was a kid. I could just get a salt cellar, put the salt on my hand and eat it, without anything else. Or, what I suppose is a bit more common, when I’d finish some crisps, or chips, or something else salted, I would not only lick my fingers from all the salt but also eat the salt that was left. My Mum says it’s directly linked to the fact that my blood pressure has always been low, but I dunno, I just like salt. As a kid I had a salt lamp in my room and I liked to lick it sometimes, and salt figurines/statues as well. Now I also have a salt lamp in my room but I don’t lick it. šŸ˜€ One time when my uncle was on holidays by the Dead Sea he got me a whole box of the salt crystals so I had a supply for a really long time and absolutely loved it. I was in a salt cave a couple of times, which is a fabulous experience and so very relaxing, and I had a hard time not to eat any of that salt, I probably would if not the emetophobia. šŸ˜€ Sometimes I would also eat monosodium glutamate, I don’t know what it’s popular name in English is, in Poland it’s sold as Vegeta, I absolutely love the umami taste. And me and my brother often ate dry pasta. I can eat olives on their own, which some people find weird. I do think they’re much better with something else, but I do eat them on their own sometimes anyways. I guess olives are generally not hugely popular with people so that’s why eating them on their own is even more weird for many, but for me they’re one of my most favourite healthy foods.

You? šŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Question of the day (21st June).”

  1. Wow! You like salt and MSG? That’s really unique!! šŸ˜®

    When I was a young child I can recall eating my dad’s crunchy old-fashioned natural peanut butter with a butter knife, straight from the jar. That no longer appeals, just because the old-fashioned natural peanut butter is oily and… yuck. I’m a bigger fan today of Jif brand.

    Hmm…. I actually like eating Nutella. If it’s late at night and I have nothing else around to eat, I’ll just eat it from the jar. I can’t think of anything else!!

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