Question of the day (17th April).

Have you ever really disliked someone and then changed your mind?

My answer:

Hm, not that I can recall. I can sometimes be quite judgmental towards people often without even realising it, although I am not quite as much since I have figured this out and made some effort not to be, but generally I tend to rely a lot on my “x-ray” – as my grandad calls themm – abilities, and I trust my talent for understanding and figuring out people’s characters. I am often right, but sometimes I don’t take it into account that I may be wrong, and judging someone incorrectly or unfairly. Still, if I realise that I had been wrong, I usually have no problem with abandoning my prejudices and looking at someone from a different angle. But despite all that, I don’t think I’ve ever had it so that I would start out disliking someone very much and then change my mind in a significant way.

How is it with you? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Question of the day (17th April).”

  1. Oh yeah. Usually on a one to one basis, my initial dislike of someone never changes. However. As a child I grew to really loathe a certain ethnic group because of events at the foster home I was housed in. I held onto that feeling for years, all through school. But as a young woman when I worked at my first professional job I met a member of that ethnic group who tossed my biases on their ear. I admired and respected her greatly. Taught me a life lesson. Not everyone in a group of people – actually not ANYONE in a group is the exact same as the other – they are individuals. Take the individual but not the group if one is presuming bad traits. Good lesson.

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    1. Oh yes, that does sound like a very good lesson that a lot of us could benefit from, it happens so often that we judge people based on some kind of group they are a member of when obviously everyone is an individual so everyone is different. I can understand the kind of bias you had as a child but it’s great you have overcome it. 🙂


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