Question of the day.

Do you have a favourite zodiac sign?

My answer:

I’m not sure, I guess not really, but I do tend to get along with Pisces very well as well as Cancers, and I know very many cool Tauruses. I don’t associate with people based on their sign but it is strange how many people in my surroundings and my friends that I get on well with are Pisces haha.

Do you have a favourite? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. And I’m a Taurus! Yay! I have no problem with females who are Pisces or Aries, but I refuse to date a man from either sign. Too many multiple bad experiences from which I’ve drawn conclusions about such men that aren’t good.

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    1. Oh wow, I remembered that Ashley is Pisces but I actually forgot you are a Taurus, that just shows I know loads of great people of those signs! 😀 All the male Aries I know and know that they’re Aries are either really fiery or I just totally don’t get their brains. But I don’t think I would refuse to date someone solely because of their sign.

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