Question of the day (27th March).

Tell me 3 best things about you.

My answer:

Most people say I’m a good listener and loads of people ask me for advice, even on things I have no clue about which is both very honouring and embarrassing. 😀 And sometimes it’s funny.

I am quite intelligent and obviously it is very useful in life.

I have extremely vivid imagination and there aren’t many things I completely cannot imagine, like in any way at all.

You? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Question of the day (27th March).”

    1. Sarcasm is so helpful in life and makes things so much more interesting, and I believe that since each of us has got their own brain, we’re not made to be followers, unless we seriously do feel that it’s better in a situation.


  1. Ooh, fun!! You are indeed a good listener!! I agree with all of those things about you!!

    Three things about me? I’m obsessed with color and have to have it around me at all times. Vibrant colors everywhere!

    I’m a solid introvert, but on the other three scales of the Meyers Briggs, I’m 50/50 straight down the middle. So it’s impossible to list my personality type (like INFP) beyond just saying that I’m a hardcore introvert.

    I love having pets, and I really would give everyone a puppy if I were Miss America! 😀 And may a million flowers bloom!!

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    1. Oh wow, how strange, my Mum has the same with MBTI, I helped her do that test for fun, as it’s in English, more for my own fun rather than hers ’cause I was more interested in her results, and the only solid trait in her personality that wasn’t fifty-fifty appeared to be the N for intuition. 😀 That’s so interesting about your personality and just shows that MBTI, while can be lots of fun, has some real bad limitations.

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  2. Okay, now that I’ve reread the question, the three best things?

    I’d say my writing abilities, my logical thinking abilities, and my ability to form meaningful connections with people!! YAY!!

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  3. Huh, I’m not really sure about best things. I guess it depends who’s perspective that’s from. But like you, I would say intelligence, plus being a good guinea pig mom. For the third thing, I guess I’m good at adulting. I’ve been independent for a long time, and I’m quite used to it.

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    1. I really agree that perspective is key here, and that’s why I had a lot of trouble with this question, haha.
      I’m sure your guinea pigs are very happy to have you as a mum. 🙂
      I find adulting overwhelming as hell and intimidating and I think it’s a very useful ability that you can do it well. 🙂

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