Hanne Hukkelberg ft. Emilie Nicholas – Embroidery.

Hi guys. 🙂

A few months ago I showed you a song by Emilie Nicholas, about whom I can actually say that she’s my favourite Norwegian singer. And recently I discovered that she has made a collaboration with Hanne Hukkelberg. I didn’t know anything about the latter since this week, despite she has collaborated on soundtracks to a few popular movies and is generally around in the music environment for longer than Emilie. I like her. So no wonder I like this song as well, which they both made together.

5 thoughts on “Hanne Hukkelberg ft. Emilie Nicholas – Embroidery.”

  1. What an interesting video. Not so sure about the song. I really like it that it sounds so different to what I usually listen to. But I am not sure I could listen to it often. But I think I need to hear it more often to really make up my mind. I like Aurora but needed to listen to her music more than once until I figured it.

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    1. I think the thing with Norwegian music of this kind is that there are often quite speciffic harmonies in it, and it may be one of these things in the world you haave to either love or hate, or indeed it just requires some more time to get used to, I remember that it also took me some time with Aurora to fully appreciate her music and actually understand it. 🙂


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