A quick update from me Misha about ducks.


It’s Misha (in case you still have any doubts). Did anyone miss me? :3 I was silent for quite a while, I think. Almost two weeks. Very lethargic two weeks. There were some funny things happening but not many and not really that important.

But yesterday something very interesting happened. I always find it interesting to see beings of another species, not still only humans. And yesterday I saw very strange, loud things which apparently are called ducks. They are a bit scary, they make so much noise, but funny, and new to me. I love everything new.

My human Dad keeps saying he doesn’t like me, nagging at me and calling me names, but actually everyone knows he likes me and he likes animals in general, even though you wouldn’t think so if you saw him or heard him nagging. But he’s made a feeder for the birds and I am very happy because I can sit by the window and look at them how they eat and stuff. And he has aquarium fishes and he feeds them too. And he of course feeds me too. But recently he started to feed ducks. We have a river on our backyard and they like to be in it. And they seem to like the food dad gives them cuz they come closer and closer. Yesterday they were almost at the steps to our house. Zofijka wanted to make me happy and showed them to me but then I wanted to go and join them they seemed so nice. Dad was trying to cast them out. But Zofijka held me very strongly and closed the door quickly so I couldn’t join them. And it left me very full of beans I was walking around and meowing and wanted to go out and play with them or at least just go out and do something else just on my own, I couldn’t find a place for myself and people still wanted to cuddle me because they thought I’m crying because I need a hug or something and I was running away from them. But no one understood me and no one wanted to understand me so I couldn’t go out.

Today in the morning I could see these ducks again through the window. Dad and Zofijka went out to feed them while I was playing with Mum. ANd then Mum brought me to the window and showed me how they feed them and showed me the ducks. And then Zofijka startled them and they became very very noisy and splashed a lot and I could hear it. I don’t like to be wet and in the water, but I wanted to join them and at least drink some water from the river and look at them, although these noises scared me a bit. But then again, Mum took me away from them. I don’t get these stupid people.

Did you have some interesting adventures recently? I love adventures, how about you? Only I’m sad I don’t have them more often.

Mishest regards and Mishhugs for everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “A quick update from me Misha about ducks.”

    1. Oh really?! ::) I don’t know any other cat in person and neither any other Misha but I’m sure all Mishas in the world are as delightful as me, Misha’s such a cool name. Thank you so much for saying I’m delightful, of course I knew it before but it’s always nice to hear it from someone else. I’m sorry your Misha is no longer with you, that’s a pity.

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      1. He was a truly awesome cat. He would sit on our front doorstep & attack all dogs that went by, to the point where dog walkers would either cross the street when they got to our house or, if they had small dogs, pick them up & run past! We now have Louis Catorze, who isnโ€™t quite so bold but he still manages to raise hell with poor Oscar the dog next door!

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    2. Hahahaha yeah he sounds really awesome. Real Misha indeed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am very bold and determined to and like to attack things and small animals, but I’m rather shy with dogs as sadLy i am an in-door cat and don’t know many dogs so I’m always rather surprised and a bit stressed when I see one face to fface.

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    1. Wow it sounds great Nitro! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love snow, I also had adventures in the snow earlier this year, but I’ve never tried to eat it, I might in future though I’m very curious how it tastes.


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