Music Monday – De Montevert – Rebel Yell.

Hi all! 🙂

It is Monday, so it’s Music Monday Blog Party

at the Bee’s today.

And that means it’s time for celebrating our lives and enjoying some good music.

As you probably already know, I have two more exams ahead and I’ll be actually finished with my education for now. Can’t wait for this to happen, although my feelings about it are a little mixed. There is a two hours drive to the school where I pass them, so tomorrow I’ll have to get up at 4 AM.

Therefore I’m having a very lazy day today, trying to not think about the exams too much and just relax, after all these two shouldn’t be very difficult, althugh Polish oral exam is a little bit of a lottery unfortunately. I’m trying to distract myself and spending loads of time with Misha.

He’s been very cuddly lately, which is so good. He has various favourite places where he likes to sleep or hide, they’re very changeable, like one week he might prefer his cartonboard, the next he tends to rather sleep in his basket on my bed, then in Zofijka’s room and then again in the cartonboard, it’s a little unpredictable what his new hideout/sleeping place will be. You may think he’ll not use something any more to sleep in it and want to get rid of it and the next day you can see him laying in/on/under it. That’s actually very cute.

And now Misha’s favourite place to sleep seems to be the quilt on my bed. He looks so beautiful on it. I actually wanted my Mum to take a pic of him on it, it’s just so so sweet, but she was quite busy at the time he was lying here.

But you know what’s the cutest about it? That he also likes to lie here at night, and so when I am in bed, I can use Misha as my heater. I have chronically cold feet which can suck a bit at night so I definitely appreciate it, don’t have to make a termophore for myself, I have a living one which is warm all night long. 😀 Usually when Misha’s at night with me, which is often, he prefers to sleep in his basket on my bed. I’m absolutely OK with it, but I always try to encourage him to sleep with me in bed and always reward him for doing so even for just 15 minutes, since as I’ve mentioned a few times before he’s quite a private creature and likes to have a lot of his own space and feels unsafe being too close with any other being. So I am sooo happy he sleeps on the quilt so willingly now and long may it last.

So today I decided to jump on the chance ’cause only God knows how long this quilt trend will keep and lied with him on it for a long long time, reading a book and listening to his very silent purring and his breath, heartbeat and all the gurgles and hums inside him with huge contentment, I love doing it. It is very hot here, I don’t remember it to be so hot in May anytime in recent years, so I also went out on the terrace for a while with my Mum and we had a coffee. And as I came back into my room, I realised Misha is still asleep on my bed, so I laid beside him again. We didn’t have as much cuddling as today for ages, it’s really difficult with such a wild child as Misha is.

So that’s how my celebrations looked like today. 🙂

And the song I chose to share with you today is from Sweden. This girl’s name is Ellinor Nilsson, but she’s known by her stage name – De Montevert. I must say there’s something special to her music. I rarely listen to the whole album and all tracks in order more often than once in a while, but I’ve been listening to her whole debut album five times this month and every time I discovered something new. It’s not like I’m very crazy about her music, but it really speaks to me in some way.

Here’s her song, Rebel Yell.