Zen Café – “Nainen Vailla Historia” (Woman Without History).

   Hey hi people, Bibielz are back! 🙂 

   I posted an announcement on here on Saturday that I’d be away on a camper trip, and while on it, I happened to listen to a lot of Finnish music while riding. And it keeps niggling at me that while I generally like a lot of Finnish music that I hear, I feel that I still don’t really know a lot of it, and rarely end up actually sharing something Finnish on here, which results in a gross underrepresentation of Finnish music in my song of the day series despite Finnish is one of my favourite languages. So I thought it’s time to share something Finnish today, and I chose a song that I really like and have a good associations with, though I also generally really like this band and it’s very possible that I’ll be sharing more of their music in the future, sooner or later. We shall see. 

   Zen Café is a band that I discovered thanks to the amazing programme in Polish Radio 3 called Strefa Rokendrola Wolna od Angola (Rock’n Roll Zone Free of English) which I have mentioned a couple times before because I’ve made some interesting discoveries thanks to it. It’s a programme where you can hear only music in languages other than English, and the vast majority of the time also other than Polish, except for some special occasions when Polish-language songs of foreign artists are played. And this song was the first one by Zen Cafe that I heard. I was finding myself a bit on the crossroads language learning-wise at that point, wondering which language should I actually start learning now that my Swedish was on a decent enough level for me not to need to devote my whole attention to it, and the two strong contenders were Welsh and Finnish, so I was definitely on the lookout for Finnish music then, and checked out more of Zen Cafe’s music and listen to them to this day and like a lot of their songs. 

   The band is actually no longer a thing really, well they haven’t disbanded officially but went into an indeterminedly long hiatus over ten years ago. It was formed in Turku in the 90’s. Its name is the idea of the band’s bassist Kari Nylander, based on Robert M. Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Their vocalist, guitarist and lyricist – Samuli Putro – has released a lot of solo music since the band’s hiatus has started, and I really like his solo albums as well. Aside from the aforementioned Nylander and Putro, part of the band right before the hiatus was also Pete Parkkonen. 

   Sadly (also for mé because I can’t speak Finnish just yet) I haven’t been able to find a reliable, logical-sounding, properly grammatically English translation of this song, but what I was able to figure out of those not very good ones that I found as well as with the help of my multilingual friend Deepl, it’s about the lyrical subject’s relationship with, well, a woman without history, or perhaps not necessarily relationship but at the very least it seems like he’d be happy for one to develop. He’s also very curious about her past, and generally who she might be and what sort of life does she have. 

Eli Storbekken ft. Sigurd Hole – “Kjærringa Ho Sala Si Sugga Grå” (The WOman She Saddled Her Grey Som”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you all some Norwegian folk from a musician whom I only discovered last week – Eli Storbekken. – The first album from her that I came across has been Fabel (Fairytale) recorded together with bass player Sigurd Hole, who is actually a jazz musician himself so the album does have quite a jazzy feel to it as well. Both Eli Storbekken and Sigurd Hole come from the part of Norway that until recently was known as hedemark, and now is called Innlandet. 

   I don’t know fully well what this song even is about. It seems like kjærring means woman, in particular either a married or an old woman, I don’t know whether it’s still used like that in Norwegian or any of its dialects specifically or is it more of an obsolete thing. I’ve also come across a source claiming that it’s a slang word for a girl, and it also seems like kjærring is some sort of feminine character in the Norwegian folklore. I haven’t found any written lyrics of this song that could possibly help me understand more of it or maybe even translate it for you into English with a bit of luck, but mostly what I gather from it from little words and phrases that I understand or think I might understand correctly is that this woman rides on her sow from one place to another, seeking some sort of consolation. She went to a priest, but the priest told her that he can’t help her so she should go to the bishop, because he rules over him, then the bishop tells her that it’s the king who rules over him so she rides to the king and so on, but I have some gaps in what I understand from it, and I don’t really get what exactly the conclusion of all of that is other than it seems to involve some girl if I hear it right. I also didn’t know what exactly did she want comfort for, I originally thought she has beaten someone, but according to the description of this song on YouTube she killed a taylor, which after listening to it again I was really surprised that I couldn’t figure out before, especially that the Norwegian word is very similar to the Swedish one, so she must have shot him rather than beaten him. Anyway, I think it’s a really cool-sounding folk tune and with a very interesting arrangement. 

Song of the day (2nd March) – Karliene – “I Will Be No Mistress”.

I would like to dedicate a couple of posts to share with you some songs by this great English artist – Karliene Reynolds. – She is really great, I like how expressive she is, how very versatile and just simply interesting her music is, that it is folk but often with some modern influences, but that she also often refers to the history in her music, and the effect is always very natural and genuine. Also, what I like about Karliene’s music, is how feminine it is, her lyrics often have to do with women – either some historical figures or just womanhood/femininity, and she does it in a great way. – This song comes from the album that is a tribute to Anne Boleyn, and is I think my most favourite song on it.

From me Misha to all women.


This is me Misha. I wanted to be a real gentleman yesterday and mish you all happy WOmen’s Day, but didn’t make it on time finally. So today I’m coming with belated mishes.

I mish you all the best in your lives, that you’d be adored by men for how pretty and nice you are and by other women for how feminine and good you are. I mish you lots of loving beings in your lives whom you could love too. I mish you lots of happiness and beauty and yummy food and relax and fun in your lives and may all your own dreams and mishes come true and then may you have some other things to mish yourself or to dream about cus people like to dream.

Yesterday I pampered my all three ladies. I couldn’t bring them flowers like other guys did, they always need me so much they don’t let me out on my own hehe, but I curled up with Zofijka on my bed and purred her my best mishes and I spent a lot of time with Mila and I sat on Mum’s knees for almost half an hour. That’s a lot, isn’t it? I’m not a very cuddly creature. In the evening Mum and Mila were watching some films and eating and drinking and I was near too and then felt tired and actually wanted to go to one of my hideouts, but decided to make Mila a pleasure and I lied down at her feet and warmed her up and purred. They said I’m a cute little boy and Mila said I’m the best thermophore she’d ever seen. I think they were all glad of me.

Hope you had a nice day yesterday. What nice things did you do for yourselves?

Mishest regards and Mishhugs!