Lisa Lynne ft. Aryeh Frankfurter – “Autumn Waltz”.

Hey people! 🙂

Today I’d like to share with you another song from this duo, playing harp and nyckelharpa, a few of whose songs I shared with you  in the last months. I think this piece is one of the more evocative of all of their music, and I like how it always makes me imagine a lot.

Ingrid Olava – Faenskapsvalsen (The Waltz Of Devilment).

Hi guys. 🙂

This is the song from Ingrid Olava, she is quite a well known Norwegian singer, I mean well knownn in Norway, but also not completely unheard of outside of it. I like her music, it seems pretty versatile, just as her voice. She also sings in English. I had some trouble figuring out what the title of this song could mean, but I’ve found out that faenskap apparently means devilment, so I guess that’s what the title could mean in Norwegian.