Cynefin – “Y Fwyalchen Du Bigfelen” (The Yellow-beaked Blackbird).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today, I’d like to share  a really beautiful Welsh tune with you that I have first heard on Radio Cymru some two years ago and it  resonated with me right away. The tune is from Cynefin, a project by Owen Shiers from the Clettwr Valley, which focuses on preserving  the traditional songs and heritage of Ceredigion in the west of Wales, many of which had never been recorded before or have become nearly lost over time. One could have thought that nowadays, when even musicians from non-Anglophone countries whose official languages are doing very well and are not as threatened by English as Welsh is; oftentimes sing their music in English and make it sound very universal and global, it’s enough of an obscure niche when you focus on folk music of Wales in general, let alone just  a small piece of Wales. But I really like it and am happy about it that there are people like Owen Shiers who are strongly connected to and proud of not only just their country, but also their local area and its heritage. 

   If you look up “cynefin” inn a dictionary or a translator or something like that, it is most commonly translated as “habitat”. But in fact, this is one of those deep, untranslatable (at least to English) words, with a meaning that is oddly specific, yet also quite broad at the same time. Much like hiraeth  about which I’ve already written on here several times, and which, by the way, also happens to occupy the central place in this song I’m sharing with you all today. Cynefin has originated as a farming term for paths and trails  frequently used by animals, but over time it’s meaning has become broader and a bit more abstract and deeper, as it is used to mean a place that one is very familiar with and rooted in, and feels a sense of belonging to it. I believe it is also used to describe the relationship one has with such a place. 

   The tune I am sharing with you today is a so-called llatai (love messenger) song. Usually, in this type of songs, or poems, the lyrical subject directly addresses the love messenger, who is usually some animal or creature, often a bird, and sends it to their beloved with a message, because they’re far apart from each other. One example of such tune could be “Ei Di’r Deryn Du?” (Will You Go, Blackbird?) which I shared not long ago. However, this particular llatai song is quite different, because there is no human lover. Instead, the young boy who is the lyrical subject here is feeling a longing (hiraeth) for his home country – Wales – while he is away in England. His longing is emphasised by the singing of a blackbird, which reminds him all the more of the home he left behind. I really like the idea of writing/singing a love song about your home country kind of as if it was a person. 

   According to Cynefin’s Bandcamp page, this song was collected from Mrs. J Emlyn Jones near Llandysul and recorded in the Cymdeithas Alawon Gwerin Cymru (Welsh Folk Song Society) magazine. However because some words were changed by the collector, the words in Cynefin’s song were written by Llew Tegid. The translation below also comes from Cynefin’s Bandcamp. 

   Oh, yellow beaked black bird, 

Enchant the heart with your early song. 

Sweet notes of a merry heart 

Wakes the choir of little birds. 


Come and listen to the complaint of a boy 

Who is in heartache night and day: 

A cruel longing pursues him, 

Longing breaks his sad heart. 


Leaving the elegant vales of Wales, 

Leaving the enchantment of the land of song, 

O so difficult is separating 

A pure Welshman from fair Wales. 


Your notes evoke the hearts longing 

As you tarry in the Englishman’s land, 

In memories of Coed-fron 

Where once your voice was so dear.

This or that based on top 100 in the UK (girls’ edition).

   Today I thought we’d do something different instead of question of the day. The UK’s ONS (Office for National Statistics) has released baby name statistics for England and Wales this week, which I always find interesting to look through as a name nerd, regardless of a country really as long as I have some sort of an idea what’s been popular there, and I also like to read what other people who are into it think of any changes in baby naming trends based on such statistics, ‘cause myself being near-dyscalculic I usually won’t notice a lot of stuff that might be going on. And I saw that on one of the larger naming websites – Nameberry – someone put together names from the top 100 for England and Wales together with those for the US so that people could vote which names for each rank they like more.

   So  I thought we could do a similar thing here, except to make it a bit different I decided to put English names against Welsh. In situations where a name ranks the same in both England and Wales, I pick a name of equivalent rank from Scotland, although sometimes names rank the same in all three countries like Olivia is #1 or Isla is #3 everywhere so then I just skip it. The first name in each set is from England and the other from Wales, and if a name ranks the same in both countries I’ll write (SC) after the other to indicate that it ranks on the equivalent position in Scotland. 

   For now I just did it with girls’ names, but I can do the boys’ as well if people end up liking this and/or if I’ll feel like it. Feel free to comment on why you chose one name over the other or what you think of them in as much or little detail as you wish, or not to comment at all and just list them, it’s up to you. 

   Here we go: 

  •    Amelia or Emily (SC)? 
  • Ava or Freya? 
  • Ivy or Ella (SC)? 
  • Florence or Rosie? 
  • Lily or Ava? 
  • Freya or Grace? 
  • Mia or Lily? 
  • Willow or Evie? 
  • Sophia or Mia? 
  • Isabella or Ella? 
  • Rosie or Elsie? 
  • Grace or Willow? 
  • Sienna or Florence? 
  • Daisy or Evie (SC)? 
  • Poppy or Evelyn? 
  • Elsie or Phoebe? 
  • Emily or Millie? 
  • Ella or Erin? 
  • Evelyn or Sophia? 
  • Sofia or Mila? 
  • Charlotte or Isabella? 
  • Phoebe or Poppy? 
  • Evie or Emily? 
  • Harper or Maya (SC)? 
  • Maya or Hallie? 
  • Millie or Lottie? 
  • Matilda or Isabelle? 
  • Sophie or Sofia? 
  • Alice or Sienna? 
  • Emilia or Bonnie? 
  • Ruby or Aurora? 
  • Isabelle or Aria? 
  • Luna or Penelope? 
  • Maisie or Charlotte? 
  • Aria or Maisie? 
  • Penelope or Alys? 
  • Bonnie or Ffion? 
  • Eva or Imogen? 
  • Mila or Ruby? 
  • Eliza or Seren? 
  • Ada or Luna? 
  • Violet or Mali? 
  • Hallie or Violet? 
  • Arabella or Matilda? 
  • Esme or Zara (SC)? 
  • Jessica or Thea? 
  • Delilah or Eira? 
  • Imogen or Nancy? 
  • Chloe or Emilia? 
  • Eleanor or Ada? 
  • Lottie or Layla? 
  • Layla or Mabel? 
  • Margot or Ayla? 
  • Thea or Eva? 
  • Aurora or Alice? 
  • Elizabeth or Eliza? 
  • Mabel or Gracie? 
  • Emma or Nansi? 
  • Scarlett or Lola? 
  • Erin or Sophie? 
  • Harriet or Jessica? 
  • Rose or Lyra? 
  • Lola or Megan? 
  • Orla or Delilah? 
  • Ayla or Efa? 
  • Nancy or Harriet? 
  • Zara or Lilly? 
  • Iris or Mabli? 
  • Bella or Maya? 
  • Robyn or Iona (SC)? 
  • Molly or Scarlett? 
  • Maria or Cadi? 
  • Olive or Molly? 
  • Lyla or Orla? 
  • Maeve or Eleanor? 
  • Ellie or Frankie? 
  • Maryam or Chloe? 
  • Darcie or Myla? 
  • Heidi or Lili? 
  • Edith or Lyla? 
  • Gracie or Nia? 
  • Lyra or Maeve? 
  • Amelie or Martha? 
  • Lucy or Autumn? 
  • Hannah or Eleri? 
  • Myla or Harlow? 
  • Amber or Maddison? 
  • Jasmine or Amber? 
  • Summer or Eden? 
  • Eden or Iris? 
  • Clara or Lucy? 
  • Elodie or Nevaeh? 
  • Holly or Olive? 
  • Anna or Zara? 
  • Lara or Arabella? 
  • Lilly or Bella? 
  • Beatrice or Darcie? 
  • Sara or Elodie? 
  • Esmae or Mollie? 

Bibiel’s picks:

This is gonna be so tough, I like so many of these to bits. 😀 

  •    Amelia or Emily (SC)? Amelia. It’s been very popular over here for girls around Sophie’s age and for babies, so I don’t like it nearly as much as I did when I was younger, but Emily seems more boring and overused to me even if  not in my country. Even my liking for Emily Byrd Starr doesn’t make me like Emily more than Amelia. 
  • Ava or Freya? Of course Freya. I love Freya, and I dislike Ava. 
  • Ivy or Ella (SC)?  Ella, even though it’s so popular around the Anglosphere. Not a fan of Ivy. 
  • Florence or Rosie? Both are extremely sweet and I love them. But I think I love the sound of Rosie more. 
  • Lily or Ava? Lily ‘cause I don’t like Ava. Lil- names are extremely overused here so Lily feels boring, but I can’t say I dislike it. 
  • Freya or Grace?  Freya, Grace isn’t overly interesting. 
  • Mia or Lily?  Mia, I like the sound. 
  • Willow or Evie? Willow, I think it could make a sweet nickname for Wilhelmina. 
  • Sophia or Mia? Hm, Sophia I guess…? I like both, but at the same time I seem to see Sophia everywhere so Mia feels more interesting, while on the other hand Mia is so short that it feels incomplete compared with Sophia. But yeah, Sophia, I think. 
  • Isabella or Ella? Isabella, you can call her Ella anyway and have other possibilities included as well, it makes more sense as a full name to me, and I also happen to like it a lot. 
  • Rosie or Elsie? Awww, Elsie. 
  • Grace or Willow? Willow. 
  • Sienna or Florence? Florence, don’t like Sienna. 
  • Daisy or Evie (SC)? Daisy I guess, though feel kind of ambivalent towards both. 
  • Poppy or Evelyn? Oh my flip… … … 🤔 OK, Evelyn. But I love Poppy so so much as well. 
  • Elsie or Phoebe? Elsie, though Phoebe is sweet. 
  • Emily or Millie? Millie, although if I had to choose between those two for a real life child I’d go with Emily because of what I said re Isabella and Ella. 
  • Ella or Erin? I like both, but Erin is more interesting. And Celtic. 
  • Evelyn or Sophia? As much as I love Sophia, Evelyn is far more intriguing. 
  • Sofia or Mila? Hm… Mila I guess? But I really don’t know, ask me in five minutes and I’ll say Sofia. 
  • Charlotte or Isabella? Isabella. I should like Charlotte because I generally like names like that but I just don’t, for some reason. 
  • Phoebe or Poppy? Poppy! 
  • Evie or Emily? Emily ‘cause I just like it more than Evie even if I see fewer Evies. 
  • Harper or Maya (SC)? Maya, not too big on surname/unisex names although Harper isn’t very bad. 
  • Maya or Hallie? Maya again. 
  • Millie or Lottie? Millie for sure. 
  • Matilda or Isabelle? Isabelle for sure, but nothing at all against Matilda. 
  • Sophie or Sofia? Sophie, I think, but I’m very changeable with Sophie names. 
  • Alice or Sienna? Alice. It may be plain but it has something really cool about it. 
  • Emilia or Bonnie? Emilia, don’t like Bonnie. 
  • Ruby or Aurora? Ruby, gem stones are so cool. 
  • Isabelle or Aria? Isabelle. 
  • Luna or Penelope? I like both, but so many pets around the world seem to be called Luna these days, and then there’s Soy Luna that Sofi likes, so I think Penelope wins. It’s really nice as well, feels very sophisticated and you can call her Poppy or Nellie which are both nicknames that I like. Only the name meaning isn’t quite as cool as Luna’s since Penelope means duck. 
  • Maisie or Charlotte? Maisie is lovely. 
  • Aria or Maisie? Maisie, totally neutral about Aria. 
  • Penelope or Alys? Penelope, but Alys is cool too and makes me think of Alys Williams and her voice immediately. 
  • Bonnie or Ffion? Ffion is so cute. And no, it isn’t Welsh for Fiona, it means foxglove in Welsh. 
  • Eva or Imogen? I don’t like Eva, so Imogen. Imogen has something slightly quirky about it that I like. 
  • Mila or Ruby? Mila. 
  • Eliza or Seren? I love Eliza, but especially pronounced our Polish way – e-LEE-zah. – 
  • Ada or Luna? Luna, don’t like Ada. 
  • Violet or Mali? Mali, but only because of nice associations with this name, as I’m quite neutral about both of them as such. 
  • Hallie or Violet? Hallie. 
  • Arabella or Matilda? I really like Arabella. 
  • Esme or Zara (SC)? Zara I think. Esme and variations on the theme are too Twilight. 
  • Jessica or Thea? Jessica. 
  • Delilah or Eira? Hmmmm… If it was for a real life kid, then definitely Eira. Otherwise Delilah. 
  • Imogen or Nancy? Imogen. 
  • Chloe or Emilia? Chloe is cute. 
  • Eleanor or Ada? I really like Eleanor. 
  • Lottie or Layla? Lottie. 
  • Layla or Mabel? Mabel is pretty cool. 
  • Margot or Ayla? Ayla, though neither feels thrilling. 
  • Thea or Eva? Thea. 
  • Aurora or Alice? Alice. 
  • Elizabeth or Eliza? I love both, but Eliza wins. 
  • Mabel or Gracie? Mabel, though Gracie is nice too. 
  • Emma or Nansi? Nansi, but solely because Emma is so popular in the US so I see it all the time. 
  • Scarlett or Lola? I think Lola, ‘cause for some reason I don’t really like Scarlett that much, but then I don’t particularly love Lola either. 
  • Erin or Sophie? 🤔 Erin…? Yeah Erin. But Sophie is sweet. 
  • Harriet or Jessica? Jessica, though I quite like Harriet too. 
  • Rose or Lyra? Rose. 
  • Lola or Megan? I like the Welsh feel of Megan. 
  • Orla or Delilah? Delilah. 
  • Ayla or Efa? Ayla, but both are meh. 
  • Nancy or Harriet? Harriet. 
  • Zara or Lilly? Lilly. 
  • Iris or Mabli? Iris. 
  • Bella or Maya? Bella I guess… 
  • Robyn or Iona (SC)? Iona. I really like Robin for both genders, but Robyn not really, and Iona is so Scottish. 
  • Molly or Scarlett? Molly. 
  • Maria or Cadi? I have a lot of fun associations with Cadi, but it feels so nickname-y so even though Maria is very common around the world, I choose Maria. It has more of a character than Cadi. 
  • Olive or Molly? I like olives, yay! 😀 If it was Olivia and Molly I’d probably choose Molly, but Olive feels very cool and unusual and not quite so omnipresent as Olivia. 
  • Lyla or Orla? Orla definitely. 
  • Maeve or Eleanor? Eleanor, even though Maeve’s very close. 
  • Ellie or Frankie? Ellie, I don’t like Frankie for either gender while I really like Ellie. 
  • Maryam or Chloe? Chloe. 
  • Darcie or Myla? I guess Myla, but neither is my thing. 
  • Heidi or Lili? Heidi. 
  • Edith or Lyla? Lyla ‘cause I dislike Edith. 
  • Gracie or Nia? Nia. 
  • Lyra or Maeve? Maeve. 
  • Amelie or Martha? Amelie is even better than Amelia. 
  • Lucy or Autumn? I really like Lucy. 
  • Hannah or Eleri? LOVE Eleri. Hannah’s slightly dull. 
  • Myla or Harlow? Myla, ‘cause Harlow is even worse. 
  • Amber or Maddison? Amber. 
  • Jasmine or Amber? Jasmine. 
  • Summer or Eden? Summer, don’t like Eden one bit. 
  • Eden or Iris? Iris, of course. 
  • Clara or Lucy? Lucy, even despite all my liking for Clara. 
  • Elodie or Nevaeh? Lol, it’s like asking a kid whether they prefer their favourite ice cream flavour or cold overcooked brussel sprouts. Of course Elodie! 🙂 
  • Holly or Olive? Olives are yummy. 
  • Anna or Zara? I love Anna. 
  • Lara or Arabella? Arabella. 
  • Lilly or Bella? Bella. 
  • Beatrice or Darcie? Beatrice. 
  • Sara or Elodie? Elodie. 
  • Esmae or Mollie? Mollie. 

   So, how about you? Any thoughts on these in general welcome as well. 🙂 

Question of the day.

   If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

   My answer: 

   I would most likely stay where I am. I like it here, and moves are very stressful. But if I HAD to move, and could choose anywhere I wanted, and it would be doable logistically, I’d move to Wales, preferably to North Wales, most happily somewhere in Gwynedd close to the sea, and I’d establish my little hermitage in there. 😀 

   You? 🙂 

Llio Rhydderch – “Ffarwell i Gymru” (Farewell to Wales).

Hiya people! 🙂

For today, I’d like to share with you a piece from the Welsh triple harpist whose name you’re probably very familiar with from my blog already. This hiraethful (or hiraethus in the actual Welsh language; if you don’t know what hiraeth is, you can read

this Wikipedia article

although it’s very far from exhaustive, but is always something to start with) piece is definitely one of my favourites by her, though of course nothing can beat


Gwilym Bowen Rhys – “Hanes y Sesiwn yng Nghymru” (The Tale of the Session in Wales).

And for today, I chose a song from my other faza peep, Gwilym Bowen Rhys, from his album Detholiad O Hen Faledi I (A Selection of Welsh Ballads I). This is the first song on it, and one of a few quite hilarious ones on this album. It was written by the satirical poet and pamphleteer John Jones (1766-1821) better known under his bardic name Jac Glan-y-Gors, called so after his birth place, Glanygors in Denbighshire, and set to a traditional melody. It refers to the situation that happened in Wales after the Welsh act of union, when English became the official language of the country, but most people only spoke Welsh. The song takes place in 18th century when the linguistic situation is still the same. It tells the story of a rural Welsh court where people can’t really communicate effectively due to that barier, which the judge finds quite frustrating, and the whole thing is really comical.

Song of the day (12th June) – Llio Rhydderch – “Sir Fôn Bach” (Little Anglesey).

Here is a tune from Llio Rhydderch – “Sir Fôn Bach”, from the album by the same title. It translates to Little Anglesey or perhaps rather Little Angleseyshire, Anglesey being an isle and a historic county in north Wales. This is a traditional tune coming from the tune book of Welsh fiddler Robert Thomas. I was wondering what “little” in the title meant, what sort of significance it might have, and it turns out to simply be a term of endearment. Llio Rhydderch herself is from Anglesey, as I think I’ve mentioned before, and she clearly has a lot of love for her little homeland as this is far from only one piece in her repertoire whose title refers in some way to the isle of Anglesey.


Delyth Jenkins ft. Angharad Jenkins – “Glyn Tawe”.

Hi people! 🙂

Another piece today featuring Delyth Jenkins, this time with her daughter – Angharad – playing fiddle. They’re also known together as DNA. I really really love this beautiful peace. Its title comes from Glyn Tawe, a hamlet near the river Tawe in Powys in Wales.

Llio Rhydderch – “Enaid Enlli” (The Soul Of Enlli).

Hey people! 🙂

I’m just posting this before going to sleep, and thought that I would share with you another beautiful and long harp piece from Llio Rhydderch, especially for those who are also going to go to sleep soon, to get you off to Dreamland faster. 🙂 This one comes from Llio’s album simply called Enlli, which, like a lot of her music, has also been inspired by the area where she lives, that is north Wales, in this case Bardsey Island or Ynys Enlli in Welsh, which is close to the Llyn Peninsula. This island is called the island of 20000 saints, and so it was an important place of pilgrimages. Enlli is also used as a Welsh feminine name since the 20th century.

Llio Rhydderch – “Malltraeth”.

Hey people! 🙂

I decided that today we’ll also listen to Llio Rhydderch, ’cause why not? She’s created so much beautiful music. To keep things diverse though, unlike Gwenllian that I shared with you yesterday, this is a short and sweet piece. Its name comes from a village in Anglesey (Anglesey is where Llio Rhydderch lives if I remember well) which is called Malltraeth. The name of this village means something like a desolate beach.

Llio Rhydderch – “Clychau Clynnog” (Clynnog Bells”.

Hey people! 🙂

Today, I’d like to share with you another piece from this amazing Welsh triple harpist – Llio Rhydderch. – I just love how evocative and picturesque her music is! The piece I want to share with you today comes from her album Enlli and is called Clychau Clynnog or Clynnog Bells in English, where I assume Clynnog must refer to the village on the Llyn Peninsula called Clynnog Fawr.

Gwenan Gibbard – “Nant Y Mynydd/Bwlch Llanberis” (The Mountain Stream/Llanberis Pass”.

Hey people! 🙂

Today, let’s listen to a very mountain-themed set of two harp tunes from Gwenan Gibbard. She is from the Llyn Peninsula, as I may have mentioned in some other post featuring her music (as I’ve shared some more of it in the past) which is located in Snowdonia and also commonly known as the Snowdon’s Arm. No surprise then that both these pieces have Snowdonia-inspired titles.

Gwenan Gibbard – “Yr Hafren/Heulwen Haf” (The Severn/Summer Sunshine).

Hey people! 🙂

A very nature-themed piece I’d like to share with you today, and a bit summery, contrasting with the fact that it’s snowing lightly over here right now. 🙂 I shared a beautiful two-piece set by Gwenan Gibbard, and here’s another one. It feels very idyllic to me. The first piece in here is called “Yr Hafren”, Hafren being the original Welsh name for the river Severn. And the othet, summery piece is called “Heulwen Haf” which means Summer Sunrise. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

Gwilym Bowen Rhys – Owain Lawgoch (Owain Red Hand).

I haven’t shared anything from any of my fazas for a while so time to change it! And because I’ve just shared with you Brian Boru by Alan Stivell, here is another great song about another great Celt. Owain Lawgoch (or Owain Red Hand in English) was a Welsh hero and a soldier, a very important figure for Welsh people. What he’s probably most known for is that he fought for the French against the English in the hundred years’ war. This song comes from Gwilym’s debut album “O Groth Y Ddaear” (From The Earth’s Womb) and both the lyrics and the music are his own (I love how much genuine feeling and involvement there is in them as well as in his performance of it). Below is a translation of the song from

Gwilym’s website.

Seven centuries went by since you came to this world,

And your destiny was to travel far and wide

Yes, you sailed to foreign lands

And fought against the English

And your name became famous, from the lineage of princes

You led your company of Welshmen to arms

In many a battle, in many a country

But your intent was to return

To your rightful land and to save it

And to take back your nation from the claws of a forgotten past,

Owain Red Hand

With your path calling to you, you set sail

With your brave band of warriors at your side

But before reaching that fateful shore

There came the frustrating news

Calling you back to the battlefield in a far away land

Owain Red Hand, Owain Red Hand

Your killer was appointed by the English king

To bring your life to an end in a deceitful and violent way

Yes, you were killed with a blade in your back

And thus our hope was also killed

In one traitorous moment our son of destiny was taken

Seven centuries passed on this earth

And it’s witness to the fact that we’re still here

So we’ll remember your cause and your sacrifice

And we’ll rise up in unity and strength

And now, Owain, we need you

To unsheathe your rebellious sword

On your patriotic spirit we call, let’s loudly cry in unison

Owain Red Hand, Owain Red Hand, Owain Red Hand.

Bob Delyn A’r Ebillion – Comin Abergwesyn (Abergwesyn Common).

Hey people! 🙂

Today I have another Welsh, acoustic folk song for you, from a very renowned Welsh-Breton band, performing in both native languages of these regions, who have greatly influenced what we know as contemporary Welsh folk music scene. I don’t like all of their music as I just don’t always feel it but I like this reflective song.

The band’s name means Every Harp and the Pegs (I assume the pegs as in in a harp). I’ve heard the name Bob Delyn A’r Ebillion here and there for years, but never really actively listened to them until relatively recently, perhaps a year or so ago. And, funnily enough, it was even later that I realised what their name actually means, even though I knew the meaning of each of these words except for ebillion. But I was sure that what it must mean is that the guy who is the frontman of the group is called Bob Delyn (perhaps some unconscious association with Bob Dylan, lol) and the Ebillion must be how the other members call themselves for some reason. Only a lot later I read what it actually means and was totally stunned how could I not get it! 😀 The actual frontman of the band is called Twm Morys.

The song I want to share with you is about the beauty of Welsh landscapes and nature, and more exactly about

Abergwesyn Common

in county Powys in south Wales. Here it is:

Question of the day.

You’re getting to build the house of your dreams, so…
If you could chose one original piece of art/craft/artefact for your home what would it be?

My answer:

To match the Celtic feel, I would fill the house with all kinds of harps, particularly Welsh ones as my dreamhouse would be in Wales. I would learn to play Celtic harp and I would invite lots of harpists and harpers to my house, make some sorts of harp festivals and I would also design harps on my own. That could be a lot of fun.

You? 🙂

Question of the day.

You’re getting to build the house of your dreams, so…
What name do you give the house?

My answer:

It would depend where exactly it’d be located, I mean what would be around, like for example our current house does have a name and it is taken from the name of the street we live on, which can be directly translated as Acacia Street, so we planted some acacias on the backyard and the river runs through it, so we called the house Acacia River. SO I think I’d take the inspiration from the surroundings or from the look of the house. Other than that, it could be also inspired by Celtic culture, however at the moment I don’t have any clever ideas. Things like Avalon or Camelot or related are a bit too cliche, I guess, plus not really personalised I’d say. I also wouldn’t use anything with Celtic in the name because a) it’s too obvious and b) I have a feeling like the word Celtic is slightly overrated these days, like lots of stuff that has nothing to do with anything Celtic has Celtic in its name and that’s so weird and I don’t really know why it happens. Oh, as I’m writing this I got an interesting idea. Not sure whether I’d use it, but it’s funny. As I wrote two days ago about the location of my dream house, I would particularly like it to be somewhere in North Wales, maybe in Gwynedd. There is a town in Wales (South Wales, but never mind, I think), called Caerffili (Caerphilly). Caer means castle or fort in Welsh, while Ffili is the name of the man that is said to build the fort in Caerphilly, hence its name, or from lord Philip de Braose. And I have a friend who calls me Millie. So I could call my house Caermillie, or CaerMilly, or Caermili, never mind the spelling, but, you get it, in reference to Caerphilly, so that would mean Millie’s fort/castle. 😀 Quite a quirky idea, but I like it, I must admit.

How would you name yours?

Question of the day.

You’re getting to build the house of your dreams, so…
Where do you build it?
My answer:
I’d have many places to consider, but if it would be really the house of my dreams, I think it would be in UK, most probably in Wales, more exactly in North Wales. I guess somewhere in Gwynedd. I’d like it to be close to the sea, or at least a river, with some forest nearby, and not too far from the mountains. I’d like the area to be as rural as possible because I have a bit of a crush on British countryside and so has my Mum. There is a gardening TV channel my Mum likes, not so much because of the gardening stuff, but because they have a lot of programmes about houses and interior design, which is my Mum’s passion, and they have a programme about people buying houses in Britain, we always watch it whenever we can. 😀 Where would your house of dreams be located?
You can expect a few more questions on that topic in the next few days, I guess, at least unless I’ll get another constructive idea.

Question of the day.

If you could have a vacation home in any place in the world, where would it be?

My answer:

Somewhere in the UK. Somewhere in the country or a small town, I guess. Somewhere close to the nature, where it’s calmly and quietly. I’d like to have a beautiful, big house and live there during vacation with my Mum, she could arrange it as she’d like. I’d love if there was a lot of nice views, so she’d be happy, she loves Britain, she loves nature and she loves beautifying the space around her. She watches all the episodes of that series about people buying new houses for themselves in the UK, I don’t remember how it’s called, I like it a lot too. She says she’d love to live there and I’d love too. Ideally, it would be brilliant if the place where we’d live had some Celtic connections so my fascinations would be quenched. 😀 I’d love to live somewhere in Wales, particularly in the north, we could have both the sea and mountains at our doorstep, and there is so much beautiful things to see, and so much Celtic stuff, and Welsh language, and northern accents – in both Welsh and English – is so fascinating and sexy, I love southern too, but northern a little bit more, probably because of my crush as always in such situations. 😀 Or it would be really cool to live in Cornwall. My pen pal Louisa with whom I don’t write anymore, but we used to a lot, told me a lot about Cornwall, and made me feel like it’s a place for me, it sounds so magically and beautifully, although she says it’s boring and she’d rather live in Spain. 😀 Well most people say it’s boring where they live, as the grass is always greener… for most of people, but somehow I don’t feel it’s boring here where I live, it’s also a very beautiful place. ALthough I’d love to see Cornwall, especially the areas near Falmouth. Then another place I could willingly live in during vacation would be Scotland. Particularly I have some liking for Skye Isle. I love the whole Scotland A LOT, but Skye Island is particular for me for many reasons. Plus my friend Jock lives there. We aren’t in a regular contact now, but he used to teach me some basics of Scottish Gaelic and Scots years ago and we’ve got along very well. Another place I don’t know that well, but am very interested in is Isle Of Man. It is one of my favourite places in the world, but, in comparison to my other favourite places in the world, I know very little about it. Nevertheless I have an inkling that if I could live there for a while, I would love it. How could I not love an isle that was under the influence of both Vikings and Celts and that speaks one of my most favourite languages – Manx? Well, two of my favourite languages, but English is everywhere. So I think it’d be cool to have a vacation home.

Where yours would be?

Meinir Gwilym – Cymru, USA (Wales, USA).

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Hi! 🙂
Thought we’d go back to Meinir Gwilym for a while if you don’t mind, I think she has so much fantastic music. Enjoy. 🙂

Meinir Gwilym – We Are All This Land.

Hi! 🙂

Although this time I have another song from Meinir for you, this time it’s different because it’s entirely in English, although still you can’t forget she’s Welsh here, because she sings about “this land”, so her motherland of course. I think it’s beautiful. I always find songs about the countries where people speak my favourite languages, (of course Poland is particularly included here) somehow moving, they’re often so very expressive in some way. So here it is: