Jarŋŋa – “Äno Jiedna” (Voice of the River).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   As I said yesterday when sharing a song by the Swedish Sámi singer Katarina Rimpi, I was thinking about sharing a song by her band Jarŋŋa at some point, and I figured that since I’ve been sharing quite a lot of Sámi music lately anyway so why not do it right away. Jarŋŋa is the Sámi word for the widest part of a lake, and this band consists of the aforementioned Katarina Rimpi, as well as another singer called Mandy Senger. This is my favourite joik tune by them. 

Song of the day (21st June) – Eimear Quinn – “The Voice” & Celtic Woman – “The Voice”.

I couldn’t decide on just one version, as I really like both, so you can compare the two. This song was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996 for Ireland, and was composed and written by Brendan Graham who already wrote some other song for Eurovision a few years earlier. Prior to taking part in Eurovision, Eimear Quinn was one of the members and soloists of the amazing choral ensemble Anuna.

Celtic Woman first released this song in 2007, with Lisa Kelly as the vocalist, and now this is one of the songs they perform quite frequently.

While, like I said I like both versions, I slightly gravitate towards the latter. Not sure why, perhaps just because that’s the one I heard first and I have a strong sentiment for Celtic Woman and Lisa Kelly as well.

Eimear Quinn:

Celtic Woman: