Väsen “Lilla Kulturbidragsvalsen” (The Little Culture Support Waltz”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Today I have a charming little Swedish folk tune for you all, from a band called Väsen, which name can mean anything from spirit or a living being, to noise in Swedish. Its members are Olof Johansson (nyckelharpa) and Mikael Marin (viola) and in this particular piece I’m sharing with you today we can also hear Roger Tallroth on guitar but I believe he’s no longer part of the group. A couple months ago, one of my readers wrote to me recommending this great band to me, and while I’ve been familiar with them for a long time, I was really glad that she did because I hadn’t actually listened to their music in ages. Väsen was one of the first bands that I discovered when I started to take an interest in the thing called Nordic folk, and learn things like that there is such an instrument as nyckelharpa (which I grew to really like but I’m sure I’ve already written about it a fair bit) or a Swedish folk dance called polska (which is not to be confused with polka or polonaise, though it has a lot of common ground with the latter) which I thought was very funny because Polska is the Polish word for Poland. So soon after she wrote to me I dove back into Väsen’s music, which brought a lot of great memories with it, because while the time when I started to discover Nordic folk coincided with a rather intense time in my life, it was also a very good time overall. 

   But I think my most favourite piece by Väsen is this little pizzicato waltz, I think it’s just so incredibly beautiful!