Trwynau Coch – “Un Curiad Llai” (One More Beat).

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   Since we had a song by Plu yesterday, I thought that today I could share with you one more song by Trwynau Coch, in which band Plu’s dad – Rhys Harris – was the vocalist. For any newbies around here who still don’t know Trwynau Coch, they were a popular punk rock band in Wales in 70’s-80’s and one of the first bands in this genre who had their lyrics entirely in Welsh. 

Song of the day (17th April) – Trwynau Coch – “Bywyd Personol James Bond” (Personal Life of James Bond).

   I was thinking all Lent about some more or less Easter-themed song that I could share with y’all once Easter came and had a few ideas along the way, but in the end I didn’t feel convinced that I liked any of them enough to actually share. So it’s Trwynau Coch, the Welsh-language punk rock band whose music I’ve been sharing quite regularly, and who have a connection to one of my faza peeps – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – because his dad – Rhys Harris – was the vocalist in it. 

Trwynau Coch – “Merch Mewn Miliwn” (Girl in a Million).

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Yesterday we listened to a song from Gwilym Bowen Rhys’ new album, and I thought today we could have a listen to something by Y Trwynau Coch, which was a band in which Gwilym’s dad – Rhys Harris – was the vocalist. I’ve already shared several songs by Trwynau Coch on here though so I won’t be doing a huge introduction. They were a very popular punk rock band in the 70’s, one of the first bands in this genre I believe to sing in Welsh, which they sometimes took an advantage of and wrote really weird lyrics. Their name means The Red Noses in English. 

Y Trwynau Coch – “Byw Ar Arian Fy Rhieni” (Living On My Parents’ Money).

Hi guys! 🙂

I shared two songs from this 70’s Welsh band in the past, and I thought I’d share another one today. Their career was relatively short and it’s entirely possible that I wouldn’t stumble upon their music if not the fact that the lead singer of the band – Rhys Harris – is also father of one of my faza subjects – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – and so I learned at some point about Gwilym’s dad being part of this band in the past and obviously had to check them out. Y Trwynau Coch (or The Red Noses in English), who were known for their lyrics being generally very much tongue-in-cheek (much like Gwilym’s former band Y Bandana), are the perfect example of how sometimes people take advantage of their language being small and not widely spoken, and write some rather mind-boggling lyrics, because no one’s going to understand them anyway so why not. 😀 To not look too far for examples, Welsh-Cornish singer Gwenno Saunders wrote a song all about cheese in Cornish. Well, I don’t know if that’s seriously a frequent motive behind what minority languages speakers write their music about, but the amount of weird lyrics in smaller languages music makes you think. I’ve come across a lot of such bands and artists in a lot of languages, even though usually they just go for weird or sometimes nonsensical lyrics, which I can’t blame them for because I think I would also feel very tempted to make fun of people in such a way if I were a minority language musician. 😀 But Trwynau Coch, in one of their songs – “Merched Dan Bumtheg” (Girls Under Fifteen) take the weirdness to the next level, and go all the way to where weird turns into creepy. That song was really… ewww, I don’t think anyone in any language would get away with this these days! This was shocking even for the 70’s standards and apparently they were even banned from radio stations who were niche enough to play them until then. Mostly though, from what I’ve heard people had a lot of distance to it, probably because it was a minority language so they mostly didn’t see it as a very big deal. I generally have a lot of distance to things and appreciate cheeky, mischievous lyrics, which is why I do like Y Trwynau Coch overall, but the case of that particular song is really awful and not fun at all imho.

That was just a bit of trivia and obviously I’m not going to show that song to you. The one I chose is, as you can figure out from the title, all about parasitising one’s parents and having the attitude of taking things for granted. 😀

The band didn’t reach higher popularity because they dissolved in the 80’s, probably because of seeking some more stable incomes because doing music in a small language isn’t very lucrative, and you have to live somehow (unless you have parents who let you live on their money and you’re okay with it 😀 ), and so they ended up doing something different in their lives long-term, except for Huw Chiswell, who I’ve heard was also a member of this band and he’s still a singer and songwriter and quite renowned in Wales.

Song of the day (16th July) – TrwynaU Coch – Wastod Ar Y Tu Fas.

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything yesterday, I had a Zombie day and was way too Zombie, or so I felt.

Sometime at the very beginnings of this blog I showed you a song by Trwynau Coch called Radio Cymru, and I told you that I really like this band, not only because the only one album of them that seems to be available is really good IMO, but also because I have a soft spot for them because of the fact that their vocalist – Rhys harris – is my music crush’s – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – father.

The band doesn’t exist anymore, but they were pretty popular and liked in their era, as one of the first bands making music in Welsh. Their punk sound and humourous, weird lyrics are quite characteristic.

I made numerous trials to understand their lyrics more, as to most songs they’re not available in English anywhere, and with varying success.

As for this one, I can’t even figure out what its title means so far, I only know that wastod is always, or actually, as far as I know, it should be wastad, but they seem to have a lot of fuss between vowels in different dialects in Welsh, so i guess that’s still the same? The only thing I know is that at least in some part, it’s about dancing, and discos, or more exactly about how the person speaking doesn’t like to dance and doesn’t want to go to the disco, in T-shirt and jeans from Tesco, lol… although I may be wrong somewhere and not understand something exactly. The rest of the song I only somewhat understand, some phrases or words, not always enough to get the context out of it. Well, that sounds interesting for me, the more that I myself have a disco related life long aversion as well, you may actually call it a full blown phobia. So much that it really doesn’t matter to me in what I’d go to it in, I just don’t want.

Song of the day – Trwynau Coch – Radio Cymru.

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The song I have for you today is by the Welsh punk rock band called Y Trwynau Coch, which in English literally means “the red noses”. The vocalist of this band – Rhys Harris – is the father of the three siblings who make the band calle Plu – Elan Mererid, Marged Eiry and Gwilym Bowen Rhys.

The song’s title “Radio Cymru” relates to BBC Radio Cymru, a radiostation broadcasting entirely in Welsh. The band doesn’t exist any longer, they split sometime in the beginning of 90’s as far as I can remember.

This is one of my favourite songs from them.