Travelle – “Fake Louis V.”.

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   Today I’d like to share with you another song by the Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Travelle, whom both my Mum and me have been liking for quite some time and a lot of whose songs I’ve already shared on here, including a couple others which he released under the name Trollguten. This one, as is very clear from the lyrics, deals with the topic of the “fake it ’til you make it” philosophy. As he explained it for one Norwegian music blog, he actually did it at some point and bought a bunch of fake designer clothes to look cooler, but didn’t actually end up using them. He claims that whether it is buying followers on Instagram, embellishing your CV with things that aren’t necessarily true about you, or lying about how many people you’ve slept with, that’s not really a stupid idea, and that’s the point of this song. While I can agree that this can be sometimes helpful, I can’t say I agree with that. I mean, as someone with AVPD, I can sure get it that people can do such things as a way not to be criticised, but despite my AVPD, I’d sort of feel like I was untrue to myself if I bought fake clothes just because I wanted to look good for other people. If I wanted that for myself, I’d rather focus on creating my own style that would reflect my personality and work for my budget, and if I really did want designer clothes, I’d do all I could to actually one day be able to afford the genuine stuff. I just couldn’t be bothered to buy fake things for the sake of other people I think, but I guess I’m in the minority here because  I’m a hermit so I don’t have to care about such things, and for most people, especially those who are actually ambitious or something, the social pressure is probably a lot stronger, I see it even with our Sofi who fakes a lot of things for her peers’ sake. Similarly with wanting to have lots of followers and stuff like that, I’m totally disinterested in it, in fact I think it’s kind of nicer to have less followers because you can actually know all these people and have more genuine contact with them than with a whole crowd of followers. That’s especially true with blogging for me, I don’t think I’d like to have a huge blog with loads of followers, because it would no longer feel so nice and cosy and stuff and would probably start to feel a bit overwhelming if I wanted to keep up with engaging with all those followers. But then I don’t use your normal social media much at all and they have a bit of a different dynamic than blogging obviously. But, despite I don’t fully agree with his point, I like how he’s honest about it like that in this song, and I’m pretty sure it must be relatable for a lot of people these days, plagued with FOMO and other such difficulties that we’re having in the world these days. 

Travelle – “Small Talk”.

   Thought I’d share another song by Travelle  – the Norwegian electropop singer, songwriter and producer several of whose songs I’ve already shared before. – Like all of his songs, I think this one may be very relatable for people. It definitely is to me, as an introvert and sociophobic and hermit who really dislikes small talk. Although I cannot really relate to it in its entirety, because it seems like what he describes is more the “I-don’t-care-about-people” type of dislike for small talk, rather than, as it is in my case, because it’s really awkward and kind of stressful. I think people are actually very interesting and I usually don’t mind if someone randomly wants to share some details of their life with me, perhaps they really need it and I just happen to be the closest, and I’m okay with it as long as they don’t do that excessively, in a way that screams that they’re really self-absorbed, and don’t expect me to do the same just because it’s a rule, or don’t expect me to actually lead the conversation. But overall, yeah, it can be super draining and overwhelming. 

Travelle – “Vacation”.

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   We had some really warm and sunny weather over here for a while earlier this week, and when I was planning what to share with you in this song of the day series in the near future, I thought this song would be very fitting, with the weather that could possibly be making many people  think of taking a vacation already, but at the same time it not being the season for that just yet. Our Sofi definitely can’t wait for holidays but the harsh truth is that she’s actually going to have her exams this week, and there’s still a whole month of school ahead of her. But, as we all know, weather can change super quickly and, since yesterday, it’s actually been rather unpleasant outside, with loads of rain and cold winds and clouds. Not so vacation-like anymore. Nevertheless, I’m sharing this summery song with you anyway. It’s still fitting. This song is about being burnt out and wanting to disappear for a while, which I think are feelings that for some people might be even stronger when it’s yucky outside, or it might be totally unrelated to whatever the weather is like. Fromm what Travelle told Universal Music Norway, he wrote this when he was feeling a bit tired and dejected, when there was still ice and snow on the streets, and he had no winter shoes so he got soaked up on his way to the studio. So I think this may be quite a relatable song for many people. I myself am in such luxurious situation that I rarely feel this way these days, because I am largely in charge of my own time and have a job that isn’t particularly stressful or demanding, but I know the feeling very well from school, particularly the first and last weeks of every school year, which I’m sure is also a very common experience. 

Travelle – “Jungle”.

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   Today is a huge day in the world of Norwegian music, because it’s the day when the Spellemannprisen (or Norwegian Grammys as they’re often referred to outside of Norway) are going to be awarded in the evening. I probably would have missed it if not the fact that I happened to be listening to the NRK p1 radio station earlier this week when I got sick, and that’s how I found out about it. And they have a really cool way of celebrating their Grammy season, which has resulted in me listening to  this particular  station pretty much the whole week, namely, this week they play only music made by Norwegian artists, so I was interested to find out whether I would make a lot of new interesting Norwegian discoveries, or maybe they’ll play at least some of my favourite Norwegian artists, or maybe I’ll just realise either how much or how little Norwegian music I actually know. I was indeed surprised at how many of the artists and songs they played were famiiliar to me, though I was also a bit disappointed that some of my favourite artists about whom I’ve always had an impression that they were quite popular in their motherland, like Fay Wildhagen, weren’t played at all, unless they were only played  when I wasn’t tuning in or was sleeping, and I was actually asleep a lot this week so who knows. 😀 I was also curious to know if Sámi artists will also be represented, and was hoping that they will, given that a Sámi singer – Maria Mortensson – has been nominated in the traditional category. Sadly though, while I guess they did play something by her once, I haven’t heard any more Sámi music this week. 

   Anyways, I thought that since it’s Norwegian music time and Norwegian Grammy time and Norwegian Grammys day, I could also share with y’all something from a Norwegian artist, and decided to share something from Travelle, who may not have won the award because he no longer even makes music under this stagename, and may not have been played on NRK P1 which did not surprise me for the aforementioned reason, but my Mum and me still do like his music. 

   I find the slightly creepy and raw vibe of this song quite relatable because that whole jungle thing vaguely reminds me of my sleep paralysis world, which is not a jungle and there are no wolves in there nor most of the things that are mentioned in the lyrics but the general atmosphere seems to be kind of similar to what he is depicting. On a side note though, I can’t help but wonder what’s up with those wolves in jungles. I believe Selena Gomez also has a song where there are wolves in a jungle, and I’m kind of curious how they make their way there and why. 😀 Perhaps he’s describing the jungle and dancing with the wolves as two separate things, or perhaps they’re both part of some sort of an inner world/paracosm? Because in that case obviously everything is possible, I also have things in my Brainworld that don’t necessarily make sense realistically. 

Travelle ft. Bad Habits – “Wasted On You”.

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   So as you probably remember if you read my yesterday’s post I said I’m going to focus on pop that has something to do with Norway this week, well, until Friday I think but we’ll see. And for today, it’s electropop more exactly, and I chose to share with you a song from a musician who has been quite a regular guest on my blog lately, and whom both my Mum and me like, that is Kristoffer Björntvedt, aka Travelle (or Trollguten or some other things as well, but I’m mostly sharing his Travelle music). This song was written and produced by him in collaboration with Bad Habits, and as far as I can tell based on my little research, Bad Habits is also a project of his, together with a guy called Adrian Eriksen, and they’ve also released several other singles as Bad Habits, although I guess Bad Habits is also the stage name that Adrian uses for his own music. They went to school together and, according to what Travelle told Universal Music (which is the label to which he has been signed to under this particular stage name) they both have differing approaches to production and music in general so they decided to  create something together. It is certainly interesting when two very different people make music with each other, although I don’t really know Adrian’s own music so I can’t really see much of where these differences show, and it also must be very challenging and require a lot of compromises, or so I’d imagine. This song, as you’ll likely be able to figure out, is about a really strong and obsessive type of infatuation or crush or something like that. Sounds very all-consuming to me, and I’m sure that it must be very relatable for many people, even is to me to a degree where my faza peeps are concerned, because while my fazas don’t really involve love, they can also be a bit obsessive and during a faza peak it can make you feel really high and the feeling, as well as my faza peeps themselves, are very addictive lol. 

Song of the day (22nd February – “Travelle – “Nobody Else”.

   Hey people! 🙂 

   Time for yet another song from the Norwegian musician Travelle, aka Kristoffer Björntvedt, Taka rollguten etc. This time round, it’s his debut single, at least debut under this particular stage name. I read that it was quite a success in America, which I found surprising given that his later Travelle music doesn’t seem to enjoy a lot of attention outside Norway, which is quite a pity imo. While his later releases as Travelle were created largely single-handedly by him, this song was a collaborative effort of his and an Australian, London-based artist called Tonino Speciale, plus a vocalist though I don’t know who she is. Again, as with the song Diving which I shared a couple months ago, it shows that it’s not him who is (or at least not solely) behind the lyrics of this song, as he’s quite characteristical in this respect and I like it because I really like when someone can treat their lyrics with a bit of distance, yet at the same time very personally. But I still quite like these lyrics here because while they’re about a relationship, which is something most people write their songs about and something I can’t really overly relate to, it’s not very cliche, and I think the song is nice overall.

   Oh, and actually, speaking of Travelle, an interesting thing is that last month my Mum has also become a fan of his music! I totally didn’t see it coming! 😀 One night when my Dad had a particularly loud episode of sleep apnea she was sleeping on a matress in my room, and I had my blog playlist from this year playing on Spotify, and since last month I posted his song “Cuba” on here it was on that playlist as well, and it played at some point during the night and then in the morning my Mum was like: “You had suchh a super cool song playing here at night, I wish I knew what it was!” So I sent her that playlist so she could find what song it was that she liked so much, and to my surprise, it turned out to be Travelle’s “Cuba”. Actually perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised because my Mum likes a lot of electronic music which she listens to when she goes running, in fact she most likely listens more to this genre than I do because for me folk rules obviously, but somehow I woouldn’t have thought that this is the shade of electronic music that my Mum would also be into. Yet, she ended up liking all of Travelle’s music, so that’s really cool! 🙂 She was bummed though when I told her that it’s not likely that he’ll be doing more music as Travelle, as he hasn’t in quite a while and is now focusing on yet another, quite different shade of electronic music which I totally don’t feel and I’m absolutely sure neither would my Mum lol, but which clearly gets a lot more love from people inn general. 😀 

Travelle – “Video Games”.

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I thought today I’d share another song from this Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer with you all. I know diddly squat about video games, simply because I never really play them. In fact, I hardly play any games at all, not because I don’t like it overall or because I have some weird rules that I never do it like some people apparently do, it’s simply because there aren’t as many games that are accessible for the blind, and out of those that are, few have managed to really spark my enthusiasm, and even fewer kept me interested long-term. Yet, on some level, I do find this song relatable, because even though I don’t play video games, I do a lot of other things that I’m hooked on, just like it seems to be the case with him and video games, and which I use as a substitute for peopling a lot of the time, and I much prefer peopling online. Except for me this is a chronic state, which doesn’t seem to be the case for Travelle, because from what we can figure out from the song itself and from what I read about it, it was more of a transition period for him, when he moved from his hometown (he’s from somewhere in Rogaland) to Oslo, where he didn’t know any people and had no one to hang out with so he preferred hanging out online with people he knew. It’s certainly always quite a major change in one’s life to move from a smaller place to a city where you don’t really know many people. Also, like I already wrote about Travelle in my previous posts where I shared some of his music, I like how he seems very candid about things, I like candid, genuine-sounding lyrics which let you see a glimpse of a person behind them because people as individuals are interesting most of the time. And it’s always refreshing to hear a song that isn’t about love or sex. 😀

Travelle – “Phone Dating”.

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For the last few months, I’ve been sharing with you some music from the Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Travelle, and today it’s time for another song by him. As you can easily figure out from the lyrics, this song deals with the topic of Tinder dating, and how shallow it is. As much as this is difficult to comprehend for some people, I have never, ever dated and have no real desire to do it just for the sake of it, so I don’t really find it very personally relatable as such, also this is obviously from a guy’s perspective, but I think it shows well what it must feel like and how difficult and frustrating it must be and I like how authentic this song feels.

Song of the day (22nd October) – Travelle – “Diving”.

Hey people! 🙂

Let’s listen to another song from the Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Travelle. Last month I shared his song called


and earlier also two of his songs that he released under the name of Trollguten –

Pell Deg Ut



Since I found Travelle very interesting when I discovered his music, I’ve analysed it a fair bit as I always do with interesting artists, and it struck me a bit how the lyrics to this song feel so different in a way compared to most of his other Travelle songs. I wouldn’t be able to say exactly why or put my finger on it but these particular lyrics just have a bit of a different style and look like someone else might have written them. I’d say these lyrics are kind of more sophisticated, for lack of a better word. And then later on I learned that this is actually the case indeed, because the lyrics to this song have been written not by Travelle himself, but by Grammy-winning songwriter who has apparently worked with a lot of famous and successful artist – Paul E. Phamous. – That makes sense, and makes me proud of my analytical skills. 😀 Travelle has described the song as “simple and shy”, and it clearly is both of these things indeed. I really like it.

Travelle – “Sweden”.

Hiya people! 🙂

In the last couple months, I've shared with you a few songs from the Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Trollguten. I've also mentioned that he's also been more or less known under several other aliases, one of them being Travelle and that I'd like to share with you some music that he's made under this name as well because I actually like it even though I don't really often listen to stuff like this in general. So I figured I'd finally share something by Travelle today. He achieved some popularity  (apparently to some degree in the US) with his debut single Nobody Else in 2016 and since then had been quite prolific until like 2018, but as we haven't heard from him as Travelle since that year I suppose in the end he must have decided that he'd rather focus more on his more cheesy, russ music activity, as he's become popular as russ musician under a different name around the same time,  and his russ stuff is way more popular with his fellow Scandinavians as it seems which is rather sad imo, I'm always saddened to see talented folks wasting their skills. 

Like with his early activity as Trollguten, I like his Travelle music because it feels very genuine. I really like music where you can actually get the idea of the mind and the person behind it and that's what I feel is the case here. And despite, or actually perhaps because of, his lyrics often seeming quite personal and even quite a bit raw sometimes, I guess they still have a lot of potential for being relatable for people and some are even for me. They draw one's attention and they sound very direct and candid. 
The song by him that I want to share today is all about Sweden, so it's little wonder that it drew my attention. 😀 More exactly, it's about shopping in Sweden, from a Norwegian perspective. You may or may not know that life is generally quite pricey in Norway, particularly, as far as I’m aware, stuff like groceries, not to mention alcohol which is heavily taxed. As a result, a lot of Norwegians travel to Sweden to get groceries and all sorts of drugs fand stuff used for gradual, hedonistic self-destruction of human beings, om booze to snuss (the Scandi snuff) to chocolate at cheaper prices. The phenomenon is widely known as Harrytur (Harry trip) in Norway. Every nation has such names that are very strongly linked to some stereotype, like Karen is in the US these days. That's the case with Harry in Norway. So the Norwegian Harry is I believe typically  a middle-aged guy, although I suppose age doesn't really play much of a role here, what's more important is that he's rather unsophisticated and, among other things perceived as unclassy that he does, drives grocery shopping to Sweden. It can also be used as an adjective so you could say that Norwegians shopping in Sweden are very Harry. The female equivalent is apparently Doris, and obviously as a name nerd when I first learned about these Norwegian stereotypes some years ago I was curious why Harry and Doris. Turns out that, just like I believe was the case in Sweden, in 1920’s, Norwegian lower-class parents would give their kids English names, which distinguished them from their upper-class peers whose parents preferred to stick with all the classic slike Ole and Sven. So the upper-class kids called the lower-class kids Harry, kind of collectively I guess. 

When I first heard this song it seriously made me laugh, I like how graphic it is that you can actually imagine the whole thing vividly and I like its humorous feel.