Question of the day.

   How do you people feel about yet another name-y question? 

   This time round, let’s say you’re having boy/girl twins. What are you naming them? 

   My answer: 

   I think today I’d name the boy Jacenty Filip, and the girl Helena Felicja. Jacenty and Helena are both vintage names, though Helena is a lot more popular and Jacenty feels like it has become totally forgotten in favour of Jacek and no one names their kids Jacenty these days, but if my intuition’s any good I feel that chances are it may change, because Jacek’s going down every year and I see more and more people saying how it’s quite dated, with its peak having been around 60’s, meanwhile more and more parents are interested in vintage names and not just those that were popular when their grandparents were born but also earlier. Jacenty would likely go by Jacek in casual situations anyway, as I guess that has been the case for all Jacentys. Helena is in top 20 for babies right now, which wouold normally bother me endlessly and likely discourage me from using such a name in the first name spot, but I love Helena way too much and for way too long to care, plus I don’t really know all that many little Helenas in real life, in fact there’s just one in our neighbourhood and Sofi says she doesn’t come across many Helenas among her peers either so I guess our particular area isn’t as in love with it as some other parts of the country must be. And their middle names both start with F, though each has a different feel to it. Filip is extremely common among babies, young children, and even teenagers. I used to be really fond of this name as a teenager (same with a lot more rare Filipina for a girl) but there are Filips everywhere – various schools I went to, Sofi’s class and school, all sorts of birth announcements that I see online, it feels like every young boy who isn’t a Jakub is a Filip 😀 and most importantly, my cousin’s kid is also a Filip. – And my Mum says it’s a name for a cat, not for a human. I don’t get her reasoning, and I always say that you shouldn’t care overly what your family thinks when choosing a baby name, but it just adds to all the reasons why I can no longer think about Filip as a first name for a kid, not even an imaginary one. 😀 But I think I could still use it in the middle name spot, especially next to the oh so unusual Jacenty. Felicja meanwhile, like I said in my quadruplet naming post, is a classic, yet underused, definitely vintage name, but not as obscurely vintage as Jacenty. It’s been really growing on me and can’t stop, but I’d feel hesitant about using it as a first name because I’m not a fan of the nickname Fela, which for most people I guess is the default nickname for Felicja, and Polish people just HAVE to nickname, even when your name is as simple as Anna. 

   HOw about your twins? 🙂 

Camille & Kennerly – “The Rains Of Castamere”.

Hey guys! 🙂

I’ve already shared one piece by these girls, aka The Harp Twins. This time, it’s another cover of a piece from a movie soundtrack, but in this case, it’s The Rain of Castamere from The Game Of Thrones. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Camille and Kennerly – “Ballad Of The Goddess (From The Legend Of Zelda).

Hey people! 🙂

I’ve shared a lot of harp music with you over the last year, but so far still haven’t shared anything from this very interesting harp duo, so now is the time.

Camille and Kennerly Kitt – also known as The Harp Twins – are, you guessed it, twins, identical twins, who both play harp and have been immensely dedicated to it since ann early age. They are American but have a lot of Scandinavian ancestry. They have a YouTube channel where they post their music, which is mainly instrumental covers of soundtracks or popular songs or the like. And they’re really good at it. They seem to have a very wide audience judging from how a lot of people apparently know them and from how many subscribers they have, so it’s really fun that they popularise the harp a bit.

This is their rendition of “Ballad Of The Goddess” from the Legend of Zelda, which I totally love!