Song of the day (18th November) – Enaid – “Guinevere’s Tears”.

Hey people! 🙂

When I had a phase in my life when I was into various things new age, that also included music and that’s when I came across the music of Diane and David Arkenstone. I no longer really listen to their music, primarily because I’m no longer new age-y but Christian, but also because simply it no longer really speaks to me. However, there is this one piece that I still really like. Diane and her friend used to do a music project that they called Enaid (which is Diane spelt backwards but also means soul in Welsh which I think they well must have been aware of given the obvious Celtic connections in their music), and as part of that, they released an album called Avalon – A Celtic Legend. And this piece of music that I still love from them comes from this very album and is called Guinevere’s Tears. I think it’s very evocative.

Song of the day (2nd June) – Jeff Victor – “The Mermaid’s Tears”.

Hey guys! 🙂

Jeff Victor is a composer whose music is quite new to me, but he seems to be one of those people who make a whole lot of instrumental relaxing music often inspired by folk, and Celtic music in particular. This piece features a lot of harp and overall is really beautiful in my opinion, so I’m sharing it with you.

Song of the day (16th November) – Coma – “Los Cebula I Krokodyle Łzy” (Fate Onion And Crocodile Tears).

I didn’t plan to share this song at all but I kind of had no idea for a song for this day, and I heard this one playing in the bathroom, so decided to share it because I have a bit of a personal story with her. It’s a song dedicated to people who struggle with depression but also generally just any kind of life difficulties. I heard it for the first time in the kitchen, one late Sunday evening, night actually. I went downstairs because I had self harm urges and wanted to cut or something. I came into the kitchen and took out the knife from the drawer when I heard this song playing: “Leave that damn mug alone, you’ll cut your fingers…”. 😀 I had a knife in my hand, not a mug, and intended to cut not necessarily my fingers with it, but the irony of the situation made me laugh out loud despite I was crying some five minutes earlier. 😀 I started to listen to the song and it sort of made me feel better, at least I could relate to it. I’d like to tell you that Coma prevented me from cutting that time but they didn’t, but the song helped me a little bit to make me feel less alone with my shit. And now I am going to share it with you and my translation of the lyrics as well.

   Leave that damn mug alone – you’ll cut your fingers.
Drink the milk, wash your face. I’ll come before you fall asleep.
Even though the galactic blast will destroy the civilisation
It’s not enough to burst out into tears.
For me, the day wasn’t too gracious either.
For me too, too long and bad is the winter
For me too, but you must admit, that all in all, life is wonderful
And stop wailing! Stop wailing! Stop crying!
And why do you read the comments from frustrated pipsqueaks?
Let the blockheads poison themselves with venom, save yourself the evil.
For me, the day wasn’t too gracious either.
For me too, too long and bad is the winter
For me too fate, onion and crocodile tears.
Stop wailing! Stop wailing! Stop crying!
For me, the day wasn’t too gracious either.
For me too, too long and bad is the winter
For me too fate, onion and crocodile tears.
Stop wailing! Stop wailing! Stop crying!i

Imelda May ft. Jeff Beck -“Black Tears”.

Hi guys. 🙂

Today I want to show you a great Irish singer – Imelda May. I think her voice has so much character and I love it. She’s obviously unknonw here in Poland, only such weird people like me know her 😀 but I showed this song and a few others to my Mum, who loves and feels blues, and who made me like this music a lot, though my Mum mostly listens to black blues, anyway,  she really liked her too. And this song is very interesting. Also, thanks to my roommate from school, who loved classic rock, and infected me with this love a little, I was able to hear Jeff Beck’s music years ago and started to share her enthusiasm for his talent. I really think he’s such a genial guitarist, and I think it’s a great duo!

Question of the day.

When was the last time you were moved to tears??

My answer:

Hard to say, as I told you a few times on this blog it’s not easy for me to be moved to tears, I may quite often feel at the verge or just be very moved but still not cry, first because still crying is an issue and second because I think that’s simply how I am. And even if I do cry, it’s rarely like fountains of tears, in opposite lots of people in my family on Mum’s side. 😀

So I guess the last time I was moved to tears was when I was reading “Battered, Broken, Healed” by Maggie Hartley – Maggie Hartley is a UK foster carer and in this book she describes the story of Jasmine who is an infant and as it turns out later on she was taken into care because her father was abusive. I cried when I was reading about her mum’s experiences, about her abusive relationship, and particularly about how her husband wouldn’t allow her to take care of Jasmine. It somehow moved me, I found it very weird because normally I don’t cry when hearing about people’s sad stories, or it has to be really really really tough or there has to be something that particularly speaks to me for any reason. I am not someone who particularly loves children in general, but I found that really sad, for whatever reason.

The last time I was moved and felt like I’m gonna cry and wanted to, but couldn’t, was when I was listening to my current crush Gwilym Bowen Rhys’s latest album a few days ago, and that’s not very weird, I often feel very moved listening to my crushes’ music, even if it’s not particularly sad, but just when it’s expressive and/or beautiful. I was listening to this album as a whole for third time, this time just to immerse in it, but it still speaks to me.

How about you? What was the thing that moved you so strongly? 🙂

Ta wiadomość została sprawdzona na obecność wirusów przez oprogramowanie antywirusowe Avast.

Madilyn Bailey – No Tears Left To Cry.

Hi guys! 🙂

As long as this blog exists, I’ve showed you a few of my favourite mainstream acoustic songs or or acoustic covers of some mainstream songs, including Julia Sheer’s or Gabrielle Aplin’s. Thought I’d share with you another cover, this time made by the American singer and Youtube celebrity, based in Wisconsin, Madilyn Bailey.

The original song, sung by Ariana Grande, doesn’t really speak to me that much, but I like Madilyn’s version a lot. The song title is “No Tears Left To Cry”.