Question of the day.

If you HAD to get a tattoo, what would the design look like? Where would it be?

My answer:

I am not sure. I’ve wanted to have a tattoo for quite a while, but hadn’t have any creative and concrete ideas. But I’ve always thought I’d like something related to Celtic culture. Well maybe not a Celtic cross. 😀 I wouldn’t like anything very very popular and overlooked, like Idk, flowers or butterflies (even though I love both flowers and butterflies), I’d rather go for something niche, maybe even a bit controversial, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t like something too controversial, something not matching with my personality, views, values, tastes etc. and so niche that it is almost aggressive and very very staring. As for where… hm, I guess it depends what it’d be… Maybe on my shoulder blade, or on my wrist.

You? 🙂