Haloo Helsinki “Tuntematon” (Unknown/Stranger).

   Hey people! 🙂 

   I thought I’d share some Finnish music today for a change, because while Sámi music is now better represented on my blog than it used to be, there’s still few Finnish songs on here. Haloo Helsinki is a great rock Finnish band and as far as I’m aware they’re pretty popular and chart-topping in their motherland. Finnish radio stations that I’ve listened to definitely like to play them. I have already shared one song by them in the early days of my blog. A couple years ago (guess it was 2018) I had a phase where I was listening to Radio Suomipop all the time. My computer was away being fixed, and I had some bad Finnish music cravings and found that radio station in the stations catalogue on my Braille-Sense which can play Internet radio. I didn’t have an iPhone or anything like that back then yet. And, discovered a LOT of cool Finnish pop via this station, their playlist was just so extremely repetitive, and this song was among their particular favourites as it seemed. I haven’t listened to them in ages now but I wouldn’t be surprised if they still played it like every hour. 😀 I originally really liked it just like pretty much everything from Haloo Helsinki, but Radio Suomipop made me feel really fed up with it, and it took some time before I could listen to it again with a fresh mind. 😀 It’s also a bit funny for me as a Polish speaker because during my Suomipop phase, Sofi heard this song once while being in my room and she claimed that there’s a Polish swearword in the chorus. I’d never paid any attention to that, but once Sofi said that I too started hearing it very clearly, even though what she’s actually saying is korvamaton which means priceless in Finnish, at least according to DeepL. DeepL also claims that the title of this song means either unknown or stranger. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an English translation for you, or actually the only one I did find seems to have a broken link or something. But I fed DeepL the original lyrics and it seems to be something about how we all have different backgrounds and experiences and are in a way strangers to each other and about fear and stuff like that. 

Venla Edelmann – “Puhdasta Vettä” “Pure Water”.

Hey guys! 🙂 

   The song i want to show you today, as well as the artist singing it, are both new to me. I just heard it for the first time last week and I liked it a lot. As you may know, I don’t speak Finnish myself (yet) but DeepL claims that the title of this piece can be translated as either Clean or Pure Water, I don’t know which word is closer to the original. I found no translation of the lyrics, so I again asked DeepL for help and it seems like it’s about one’s relationship with God, or, more exactly, how God is still by our side even when we repeatedly turn our back on Him or curse Him, yet still, at the same time, the lyrical subject has some doubts, as he or she seems to be asking over and over: “Can You hear me?” 

  Quite as I was expecting when I first saw her name, Venla Edelmann is daughter of Finnish singer and actor Samuli Edelmann., and I have also found this song sung by him, so maybe it was him who was first? The lyrics to this song were written by Samuli Laiho, who is a musician himself as well. 

Vesala – “Sinuun Minä Jään” (I Will Stay With You”.

Hi people! 🙂 

   Time for some Suomipop, or simply Finnish pop, if you prefer! 🙂 This singer whose song I want to share with you today is very popular in Finland, particularly as a former member of the band PMMP but I think she’s widely recognisable due to her solo career as well. Her full name is Paula Julia Vesala, although apparently she used to go by Paula Anneli Kivivuori, she’s originally from Kärsämäki, and aside from being a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a degree in music, she has also studied drama and is a playwright and actress. She used to be in a relationship with the vocalist of The Rasmus (also a very successful Finnish band whose song “In The Shadows” achieved success also in other countries, to be honest that’s the only thing I know them for 😀 ) Lauri Ylönen. 

   I am not crazy about her music, but I do like most of it and I think it’s nice to listen to. I generally find most Finnish pop that I have come across very nice to listen to even if I don’t necessarily fall in love with a lot of Finnish pop songs to any spectacular degree. 

Samae Koskinen – “Myrsky” (Storm).

Hey guys! 🙂

Let’s leave all the folky stuff for today and listen to some Suomipop (Suomi means Finland in Finnish, just in case you are confused 🙂 ). I quite like listening to some Finnish pop rock stuff like this sometimes, and I believe Samae Koskinen is quite a recognisable artist in his country. This song comes from his 2015 album “Henkilökohtainen ennätys” which apparently means Personal Record. I haven’t been able to find a translation of the song, although I do know that myrsky means storm in Finnish. I tried getting Google Translate to tell me something about what this song is about but I wasn’t very successful at this as hardly anything of what Google threw back at me made sense, so that I wonder whether this is written in some sort of slang or maybe even a dialect…? that would be interesting, I honestly don’t have a clue what’s the situation like in Finland regarding dialects and how diverse the Finnish language is. I know they do have a lot of contractions though in colloquial speech so perhaps it’s simply that what Google didn’t understand. What I did figure out is that the lyrical subject in the song is called Storm by people, and apparently he agrees with it and considers this appropriate, and I guess most of the song is about why he indeed is like a storm, but I didn’t understand much out of Google’s nonsense and I could well be wrong even about what I think I did understand from this patchy translation. Still, at least with this kind of music, I don’t think it’s necessary to understand the lyrics to be able to enjoy it, and I think it’s a pretty cool song.

Song of the day (15th September) – Kaija Koo ft. Reino Nordin – “Paa Mut Cooleriin”.

Hi guys! 🙂

After sharing with you one song by Maija Vilkkumaa, I wanted to discover some more Finnish music, and listened to a lot of it. As a result, I thought I’d share with you another Finnish song, by another well-known female artist in Finland called Kaija Koo. Her style is a bit similar though she’s been around in the music industry for a decade or so longer and the feel of her music has been changing a lot over the years. This song is in collaboration with a Finnish actor and musician Reino Nordin. Sadly, I couldn’t find a reliable translation for this one, and am not even 100% sure what the title means, so that’s a little bit of a disappointment, but Finnish music is great anyway!

Maija Vilkkumaa – “Mä En Oo Sun Ainoo” (I’m Not Your Only One).

Hey people! 🙂

Time for something Finnish! I’ve been familiar with a lot of Finnish folk and some Finnish rock – at least the classic stuff, some metal and some modern bands like Haloo Helsinki – for quite a few years. But last year I’ve actually got a bit of a craving for Finnish music for a while and wanted to explore more of it. The problem was, it was that unfortunate time when I was without my laptop for a month so it was a little bit difficult to achieve. I managed to find an Internet radiostation though, called Radio Suomipop, where they broadcast almost only music (and ads, loads of them!) and only in Finnish, and only the most recent pop. So I could actually get quite a good glimpse of what was big in Finland at that time. The station was incredibly repetitive as is often the case with such things, but oh well, at least I had my Finnish music, I was fed up with it quite quickly, the best way to get rid of such a craving. Nevertheless, I came across some cool artists thanks to them, or – as was the case with Ms. Vilkkumaa – could hear some of the artists that I did hear about before but never felt like they were my style so hadn’t actually listened to their music at all before. I do like Maija Vilkkumaa, and some others that I thought I wouldn’t, even if I’m not in love with their music.

Maija Vilkkumaa has been well known in Finland since the late 90’s-early 2000’s, and while she can be heard frequently on Suomipop, her music is actually classified as something like poprock. The song I want to show you seems to be her newest one, unless I’ve missed something more recent, and it is this one that I heard at Radio Suomipop last autumn and was hearing approximately every 2 hours. 😀 But I haven’t listened to Radio Suomipop since then, I much prefer the luxury of choosing it myself what I want to listen to, so I’m no longer fed up with it, and I think it sounds quite nice. I am still wondering if I’m going to show you something from her older repertoire tomorrow or not, we shall see.

The good thing about Finnish language songs, at least those more popular ones, is that they usually seem to have English translation somewhere in the Internet, even if the lyrics are really bizarre, as is often the case with Finnish music and Finnish anything, they seem to like the bizarre and I like Finns for that. 😀 I wish it was like this with other “rare” languages too. I guess Finnish people also like to understand the lyrics in music more than many other nations, as in 20th century it was apparently a thing for them to create covers of English language hits in their own language, so perhaps they understand that other nations might also want to understand their lyrics. Anyway, thanks to this, I was able to find the translation of this song, so here it is:


What country would you be

Argentina for me

What instrument


What song


[(Pistol Hero) a song by a Finnish rock band called Dingo]

Which would you give up if you had to

Sex or booze

Oo oo oo but you don’t have to

You say don’t go yet, you don’t have to leave

Nothing’s waiting at home, except for mess and silence

Happy families play Afrikan tähti

[(Star Of Africa) a Finnish board game)]

Oo oo oo and there is no us

And I know I shouldn’t

I swore I wouldn’t stay

But I am the loneliest in the world

So I pour the glasses full of bubbly wooo

And it’s like a blanket on us

Yeah you always come and you always go and never stay wooo

I’m not your only one but I’m here now

I’m not your only one but I’m here

What film


What crime

Well murder

But if you got caught and were in Texas

An electric chair it would be

Wishing for mercy but that would be in vain

Oo oo oo there is no mercy

And somewhere mothers take their children to day-care

One time I always did my best

Not now

Misguide me

And I pour the glasses full of bubbly wooo

And it’s like a blanket on us

Yeah you always come and you always go and never stay wooo

I’m not your only one but I’m here now

I’m not your only one but I’m here

And when I leave

I know that of course

You won’t be calling after me

And in the corner of the street I’m keying your car

But it doesn’t make it easier

So bye

And until the next time

And I pour the glasses full of bubbly wooo

And it’s like a blanket on us

Yeah you always come and you always go and never stay wooo

I’m not your only one but I’m here now

And I pour the glasses full of bubbly wooo

And it’s like a blanket on us

Yeah you always come and you always go and never stay wooo

I’m not your only one but I’m here now

I’m not your only one but I’m here

I’m not your only one but I’m here