Question of the day.

I have a terrible habit of…
My answer:
…biting/nibbling my nails. I’ve been struggling with it as long as I can remember and nothing seems to make me unlearn it. When I have something stressful ahead, or something stressful that just passed, and I’m alone and don’t have anything constructive to do, I usually end up devastating my nails. It’s something that I usually do while overthinking and overanalysing stuff, it can really help you to quickly fall deeper and deeper in the abysses of your brain. SOmetimes I also do it when I have to focus on something or make up something. Therefore I very rarely have manicure, because well bitten nails with manicure look gross. I thought it might help me to stay motivated and not bite and nibble them, but it doesn’t really help. Therefore I only tend to have pedicure. What terrible habit do you have?