Kaleo – “Vor í Vaglaskógi” (Spring in Vaglaskógur).

   Hey people! 🙂 

    Today, let’s listen to a song in Icelandic. I believe Kaleo is one of the more popular Icelandic acts outside of Iceland, as I know quite a handful of people from other countries who like their music. I’ve known and quite liked Kaleo for years, but this particular song was recommended to me last year by SadiRose and I instantly liked it a lot and was happy to hear that they make music in Icelandic as well, as previously I thought they had exclusively English lyrics. This song was originally a love poem, which was then made into a song in the 60’s and sung by Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson who was a very famous singer in his home country. I think his version is also really nice but Kaleo’s speaks to me a lot more. I’m not sure who wrote the original poem, but both  Vilhjálmsson’s and Kaleo’s credits of this song credits on Spotify mention someone called Jonas Jonasson (which perhaps should be Jónas Jónasson if he was Icelandic). I just can’t seem to find any info on a poet with this name. The Vaglaskógur mentioned in the song is a forest in the north of Iceland. It seems that the YouTube video of this song includes some English subtitles, but for people like myself who are blind and don’t speak Icelandic, the translation is below: 

   The night is ours, spring in the wood of skies
We head to the heath with our tent, where the berries grow
Take me, dear friend to the mirth of yesterdays
Where our creek runs free and the birch will blow

Light in the mountains, scent from our dearest fountains
The wind is counting your hair in the light aglow

The dew comes forth, our valley is swept with peace
Our dreams come true, who sleep in the wood of skies
On the berry hearth, the last touch of sunlight dies
And the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow

Light in the mountains, scent from our dearest fountains
The wind is counting your hair in the light aglow

Light in the mountains, scent from our dearest fountains
The wind is counting your hair in the light aglow
The wind is counting your hair

Plu – Diwrnod Cynta’r Gwanwyn” (First Day of Spring).

   Hi people! 🙂 

   So, on Thursday we celebrated Gwilym Bowen Rhys’ new album, and yesterday listened to a song by Trwynau Coch, which is also related to Gwilym in that his dad was a member of that band. I thought why not stay a little bit longer in the world of Gwil-related music, and for today I chose to share with you this lovely, fresh, instrumental piece by Plu, the sibling trio whose music I’ve shared on here many times before and which of course Gwilym is also a part of, alongside his sisters Elan and marged. I think this spring-like piece is also very suitable now, as, at least over here, it definitely feels like spring is on our doorstep and we’ve had some lovely, sunny days. 

Georgia Ruth – “Cosmos”.

Hi people! 🙂

This year I’ve shared with you a few songs from Georgia Ruth’s latest album “May” already, and today I thought I’d share yet another one. The whole album feels very fresh in a spring-like way to me, which is no wonder as it’s dedicated to the spring month, but this song, as well as In Bloom which I shared earlier in the year, are totally filled with this air. Perhaps spring-like is not necessarily how most of us feels right now, but since this time of year can feel a bit gloomy for a lot of people, I thought that a spring- and floral-themed song like this will feel refreshing.

I want out.

Hhrrru? 😻

It’s me Misha. I’m in a very agitated and adventurous mood recently. Because I can feel spring in the air. My peeps were so silly and thought that I don’t think about it anymore, but I do, I can feel the sun when I sit on the windowsill, I can hear seagulls calling me and laughing at me that I can’t be out as they can (I never liked seagulls, they’re so stupid and shouty). And Jocky is outside, he can play and do whatever he wants but I can’t. It’s not fair, is it? But no one understands me. I would like to be out and have some nice adventures, catch something and show them stupid peeps how clever I am, or go somewhere that I’ve never been yet.

Mum is constantly saying that I need to be patient and that soon there will be net on the terrace and then I can be there and sunbathe how much I want, even all days. But I don’t want the net. I don’t want to just “sunbathe”. I want to climb up out on the roof, or go to the garden, and when they’ll put the net in there I won’t be able to do that. And there are no nice things to observe. No birds are flying there, no nice views. It’s boring. I’m not a fricken old guy who will just sit in the sun, I’m an up and doing kinda guy. Well OK, I do like the sun, and my sleep, and lazing around, but winter’s for it, not spring. They are so ignorant and think that everyone is just like them.

I thiNK I am a frustrated Misha today.

Oh but I have a good news for you today too. A few days ago I’ve got a lovely present from my Daddy. I really like my human Daddy, when he comes near me, I always throw myself to the floor and want him to stroke me. He strokes me so strongly, not so delicately like Mum or Mila or Zofijka. He strokes me all over my spine and it’s so pleasant that I don’t know what to do, it’s so pleasant that it’s unpleasant, or maybe the other way around, I don’t know, my mind goes crazy, but nicely crazy, as when I feel the catnip, it’s the same kinda feeling. But Daddy likes me only a bit, so that’s why I like him even more. I don’t like it when someone is too nice for me and likes me too much and wants something from me all the time. I’d rather someone be a bit unpleasant to me than too nice. And Daddy often likes to pretend that he doesn’t see me, and when he does see me, it’s only when I want him to stroke me, or when I am behaving badly, like jumping on the table for example or constantly begging him for food or when my poop is too smelly or something. So he almost constantly nags at me, but I don’t care, he’s just like this, if he wouldn’t be grumpy he wouldn’t be alive. But sometimes, Daddy also makes me very nice presents. Usually because Mum wants him to. Like he made the scratchboard for me, and a couple other things.

But this present that I’ve got from him now, I got from him because he wanted it, not Mummy. It’s a beautiful cartboard box. It has sort of dimples in it, because it’s an apple box. But now it’s a Misha box. I love lying in there, it makes me so happy. I love to rub myself at those dimples, I really like this box. I always go there when I feel sad that I can’t go out and I feel so nice there. It’s my favourite place of the year I think. It stinks that Daddy’s away now, he’s been away for almost the whole week, so most of the time I’m the only man in the household, as Olek is at work too. I’m glad that I got this nice present from Daddy.

Ellen SofieHovland – “Så Var Vel Våren Kommet Likevel”.

Hi guys! 🙂

Today, the song I have for you is from a Norwegian singer-songwriter – Ellen Sofie Hovland – from what I know she is also a psychologist. I think it’s a very nice song. As you probably already know, I don’t speak Norwegian myself, I can only understand it via my Swedish, but since I don’t really understand this song’s title, I didn’t risk translating it. I can only tell you for sure that it has to do with the spring. 😀

Friendly Fill-ins.

This week I’m also participating in Friendly Fill-ins, held by 15 And Meowing


MCGuffy’s Reader


1. I am the… listener in my family. I don’t know why, my family really likes to talk to me about their issues or secrets or just complain about the world and people’s dogs pooing on the streets etc. Especially my Mum, she says no one else here would understand her issues, but everyone else does it too, well maybe besides Olek. I think I like it ’cause it probably has to mean they trust me or something.

2. I have… 2 sibling(s). 19-year-old brother Olek (nickname of Aleksander) and 10-year-old sis Zofijka (Zofia). I have a very good relationship with Zofijka.

3. I am looking forward to… finally passing all my school exams, especially the final exams, this spring. I am incredibly anxious about it, but also I want it to happen quickly, now, just to get through it finally. But my final exams will take place in May.

4. The first sign of spring this year was… cranes whooping near my window.


Spring name game.

You know it’s snowing here? :O Really! How is it where you live? Anyway, I thought we could play some spring name game, so maybe the spring would finally come to all of us. Are you looking forward to this season? Below you’ll find the list of questions and my answers and just follow the instructions, and leave me your answers in the comments, I am very curious to see what yours will be. Or if you prefer you can make a pingback. And let me know if you enjoyed this game, so I’d make more of them in future. If you’re not from an English-speaking country, feel free to use names characteristic for your country, or for country(ies) you particularly like. It isn’t anything obligatory, but very welcome. Because My own favourite countries are a few, sometimes names of siblings might not be particularly matchy.

Here we go:


Name a child boy/girl using March, April, or May as either their first or middle name. Add a first or middle name to go with the name you selected and a nickname you like.

My choice: Lucy May. She may go by Lou/Lu if she wants, but I think Lucy’s fantastic without any nickname as well, if not better. Moreover, LUcy May is short enough to call her Lucy May at times. I’d surely do so.


Name siblings using the initials SP RI NG. You choose the sexes.

My choices: Saskia Philippa, Rhian Isla, Noelle Grainne.


Name boy-girl siblings. Each must have a spring themed first or middle name. A few name ideas:

  1.    Anthea
  2. April
  3. Aviv
  4. Avril
  5. Bloom
  6. Breeze
  7. Brooke
  8. Chloe
  9. Dahlia
  10. Daisy
  11. Spring
  12. Brook
  13. Keby
  14. Leif
  15. Leaf
  16. March
  17. Maxwell
  18. Rain
  19. Raine
  20. Robin
    1. Weldon
    2. Berilo

You can but don’t have to use any of these names.. They’re just suggestions and if you have any other spring names on your mind, use them!

My choices: Rhys Jacek and Elen Gwanwyn. Jacek is a Polish form of Hyacinth, while Gwanwyn is “spring” in Welsh.


What would you name boy/girl twins? Use the initials of those names and select new names for them.

My choices:

Raine Joel and Elmerald Giselle.


Rename yourself using these rules:

Your new first name:

You can select between the three names for the month you were born.

  •    January: Denver, Easter or Emerald.
  •    February: Flora, Lily or Maxwell.
  •    March – Maia, March or May.
  •    April – Meadow, Neo or Raanan.
  • May – Rabi, Rain or Rose.
  •    June – Season, Spring or Stormy.
  •    July – Sunny, Thalia or Green.
  • August – Verna, Zinnia or Hyacinth.
  •    september – Anemone, Apple or Attwell.
  •    October – Aurora, Azalea or Jarek.
  •    November – Bloom, Bluebell or  Neville.
  •   December – Bradwell, Brooke or Claribel.

Choose a middle name with the letter based on the day you were born:

  •    1-5 – R
  • 6-10 – S
  • 11-15 – I
  • 16-20 – H
  • 21-25 – K
  • 26-31 – T

Remember that your middle name mustn’t be associated with spring.

  •    My choice:

For my first name… mm, let’s choose Lily. It’s cool and quite universal, and I like it, although not love it, there are so many Lil- names popular over here right now for babies. And my middle name should start with R so… let’s be adventurous and multicultural and open-minded and choose Rhianwen. Rhianwen is a Welsh feminine name and I think it’s beautiful and goes well with Lily.

Looking forward to seeing your choices. 🙂