Delyth Evans – “Ysbryt Kilvrough” (Spirit of Kilvrough).

Hi people! 🙂

Today I have for you a piece played by the Welsh Celtic harpist Delyth Evans, better known as Delyth Jenkins these days, from her 1991 album “Delta (Cerddoriaeth y Delyn Geltaidd/Music of the Celtic Harp”. I suppose that the Kilvrough in the title refers to Kilvrough Manor, a country house near Swansea. And the spirit should perhaps actually be translated as ghost? I’m not sure, I haven’t heard anything about this place being haunted or the like, but then I know next to nothing about it in general.

Mari Mathias – “Ysbryd Y Ty” (Spirit of the House).

Hey people! 🙂

Today I’ve got a song from an exciting artist for you. I’ve first come across Mari Mathias on radio Cymru FM, and the song I’m sharing with you was the first one from her that I’ve heard and instantly liked its folksy but at the same time quite contemporary and indie feel, her voice is also great. I had a listen to more of her music and also really enjoyed it. But still, that first song, which generally seems to be the most popular of hers, is my favourite.

Song of the day (5th January) – Enya – “The Spirit Of Christmas Past”.

We still have the Christmas tree in our living room and will be taking it down on Friday, and as you already know Christmas season in Poland can theoretically last until the 2nd February. While such very long celebrations would certainly drive me crazy, I am really happy it’s so long because I can relish Enya’s Christmas music, which I only save it for this time of year to make it more pleasurable. So here’s another Enya’s Christmas themed song, and it is just so beautiful. I simply love it!