Sofia Jannok – “ViviAnn”.

   Hiya people! 🙂 

   Today I’d like to share with you a Sámi song, from an incredibly talented Swedish Sámi artist which is Sofia Jannok. I think Sofia is also one of the most influential Sámi musicians and one of the better known outside of Sámi land. I first came across her music thanks to, which was my main source of music discoveries at the time and which generally introduced Sámi music to me, a bit accidentally, which I already wrote a little about when sharing Ulla Pirttijärvi’s song last month. Sofia seems like a fierce and powerful woman with very concrete views on the world, which don’t overlap with mine nearly at all at least from what I know and have noticed, but I still love her music very much and admire her love for her land. She has a great voice and I love how she blends so many different music styles, and how all these different styles all blend very well with her joiking. Unfortunately, despite I’ve been familiar with ViviAnn for years, I have no idea what it is about. Aside from joiking, it has lyrics in Sámi, but I’ve never seen any translations and have no clue what it could be about or who ViviAnn is. It makes me think of our Zofijka, because Vivi is a Finnish diminutive of Sofia/Sohvi, and I sometimes even call her Vivi, and Ann is obviously a variant of Anna, and Sofi’s middle name is Anna.