No. 4 – “Mens Alle Andre Sover” (While Everyone Else Is Sleeping).

Hi guys! 🙂

I have a song for you today, in Norwegian this time. This band is made up of three women – Emilie Stoesen Christensen (who is the leader of this project, seems to have a firm background in jazz and also is an actress), Ingeborg Marie Mohn and Julia Witek (I wonder if she has Polish roots or perhaps actually is Polish?). I like their music, it’s quite pop but good quality pop, but at the same time just nice to listen to and very easily digestible so to say.


Yws Gwynedd – Codi/Cysgu (Rising/Sleeping).

Hi. 🙂

Here’s another of my favourite Welsh music groups, of which I’d like to show you a few of my favourite songs. Here’s one of them, the first I’ve heard from them. The name Yws Gwynedd comes from the name of the founder and vocalist in this band – Ywain Gwynedd. They’re from north Wales.