Question of the day (8th December).

Would you rather be a math prodigy or an author of a popular book?

My answer:

I’m all for the latter. I have no math skills but I can’t really imagine myself having them and don’t know what I’d do with that because I also have no interest in math and there are so many more interesting things. The only thing it could help me with is passing my math final which I failed but I don’t need to be as much as a prodigy for just that. While writing a book, and for it to become popular, that would be super cool!

How about you? 🙂

Question of the day.

What can you produce from scratch? Whether it’s a wood carving, a cocktail, home grown cucumbers, painting, cake, piece of writing or the best barbecue for miles?

My answer:

I guess in my case it would be writing, writing and writing. 😀 Generally my manual skills suck completely, so anything else I attempt to produce turns out to be a perfect example of failure. But I love writing.

Your turn. 🙂