Song of the day (12th October) – Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter – “I Am Sitting/Suzie MCGuire”.

Hey guys! 🙂

Time for another set of harp pieces. Like a track I recently shared with you by Ailie Robertson, this one also contains two compositions in itself. Sadly, I am unable to tell you anything about them, whether they’re traditional or original or anything about how they have come to life, as I simply don’t know anything. Still, I think they’re worth listening to and the less we know, the more our imaginations can work, right? 🙂

Lisa Lynne is a very talented and acknowledged harpist, generally associated both with folk and new age music, but she seems to feel closer to the former, and also appears to have a strong connection with renaissance music and get a lot of inspiration from it. She apparently also plays other instruments, and previously performed as Lisa Franco. Unfortunately that’s about all I know about her, she seems to appreciate her privacy greatly and there’s not much I’ve managed to find out despite I’ve been listening to her for years. I definitely do not like all of her music as sometimes her harp play just doesn’t speak to me, but still many of her compositions or renditions of traditional ones are absolutely great and relaxing.

I know even less about Aryeh Frankfurter, only that he is also a multiinstrumentalist, and, most interestingly for me, plays nyckelharpa, which you can also hear in this track. For the uninitiated, nyckelharpa, or keyed fiddle (though its name literally means key harp in Swedish) is a string instrument which sounds quite similar to fiddle but has keys. It is heavily used in Swedish, and generally Scandinavian, folk music.