Song of the day (15th August) – Angelina Jordan – “Shield”.

This is a very new artist to me. She’s from Norway, she’s 13, and she’s become famous thanks to Norway’s Got Talent. Angelina seems to be known for covering jazzy classics, and boy does she have a fantastic voice for jazz, I can tell it even though I’m not particularly big on jazz. I just love this girl’s voice, she sounds fabulous for a 13-year-old. Angelina is a real multi-cultural mix when it comes to her heritage. As I said, she comes from Norway, she lives there and she was born there as far as I know, but her maternal grandmother (artist Mery Zamani) is Iranian, while her maternal grandfather is Japanese. Her dad in turn is Swedish. Angelina also used to live in some other countries like the US. Apart from singing, she’s also wrote a book, according to

The English Wikipedia

Angelina has also written a book. It’s a true story about how she once met a poor girl from Asia to whom she gave her shoes, and in return, the girl promised to always pray for Angelina. That’s why Angelina performs barefoot. I kind of don’t feel it to be honest, I understand it’s her manifesto of solidarity with the poor children who are barefoot because they have to but I ca’t help but think that it makes it look like Angelina does it because she now doesn’t have shoes either, 😛 in which case though it’s even more of an altruistic and heroic deed.

I said that she’s been singing a lot of jazz classics, but this song is her original. And I love it. It’s so powerful, isn’t it?!