High Highs – “Open Season”.

   Hi people! 🙂 

   Today, for a change, I thought we’d listen to a group from Australia. I decided to check High Highs out in the first place because I’ve heard that one of its members is called Jack Milas, and as regulars on here know, I’m a Jackophile, which means I love the name Jack. As you may remember if you were reading my blog last year and the year before hen I was without a faza and frantically looking for one, I tried to narrow down the criteria of what sort of people to look for and one of the things I thought would be neat in a potential new faza peep would be if they’d be called Jack, because I’ve never had a faza on a Jack before despite I like this name so much, so I listened to all sorts of musicians named Jack. Eventually, my brain ended up developing a faza spontaneously (on a Jacob pronounced as JAH-cob, so that’s close enough I guess) and I no longer need to look for a faza, but the habit of looking up the music of artists named Jack whenever I hear of any has stayed with me. Although actually, truth be told, now that I’m not actively hunting for Jacks, despite it’s such a popular name, I don’t hear about musicians named Jack very often. So of course I had to have a listen to High Highs if a Jack’s part of it. The other part is Oli Hang, and they’re from Sydney. And I ended up liking their music. I’m not necessarily crazy about it or anything like that, but I like to listen to such indie from time to time. The song I chose to share with you is the title track from their debut album. 

Question of the day.

What’s your favourite season? Why?

My answer:

I used to love summer. If someone would ask me why, I’d typically say that because holidays are in summer (so I could be home from the boarding school for a longer time), because you can be in the sea, and because you can pick berries (I loved berries as a kid, I still do, but back then I lived in the countryside so we had a forest on the other side of our gate and we would often go there to pick them. But I never really had high tolerance for heat so for that reason summer also really sucked for me. Now that I’m out of school and don’t have to wait for holidays, and still hate heat, it doesn’t have all that appeal to me anymore. I think these days I like winter more, when it’s cold outside but you can keep yourself cosy inside if it gets too cold and feel happy that you don’t have to be outside. Misha is also so delightfully sleepy in winter. He’s also super sleepy in summer but that’s more of the heat and it feels more lethargic and apathetic, while in winter he’s just kinda lazy and often even a bit more cuddly. And generally the feel of winter feels somehow friendly to me these days. My ex-pen pal said once that he thinks that winter is a very friendly season for introverts. I got very curious and asked him why he thought so (with all my current liking for winter I think Christmas, New Year celebrations and the like don’t necessarily have to be the best thing for all introverts, in my family we also have a lot of winter birthdays, myself included, so I wasn’t really sure if I shared this opinion) but he couldn’t really specify. But when I think of it more, even with all the Christmas shopping, socialising and what not, there is something about winter indeed that makes it friendly for introverts and other asocial individuals. What do you think? 🙂

And what about your favourite season? 🙂