Sara Parkman – “Fält” (Fields).

For today, I’m sharing with you a song from a very interesting Swedish contemporary folk singer, who is inspired by a lot of Scandinavian traditional folk acts that I love too, like Garmarna or Lena Villemark. As for Sara Parkman’s music itself, some of it I really like, some of it I’m totally neutral about, and some of it I dislike. But she’s a very interesting artist nonetheless who draws inspiration from and is influenced by a lot of different music, from things like the above mentioned Garmarna to st. Hildegard von Bingen. She is from the north of Sweden and collaborates with a lot of artists, not only folky ones. I find this particular song of hers very powerful. I found a good translation of it


The days bellow, promise, and lie,

Cry and blink, blink and stop.

A thought at the end, made from ember.

I practise at night, the sky swells,

the sea is in me, the roads grow.

It is like you say: we still exist.

Come if you want to.

Come if you want to.

Come if you want to, to me.

Come if you want to.

Come if you want to.

Come to me, now.

Lichens that burn, firs that protect,

the sky in the moss, Sweden darkens.

The forests grow where I stand,

feelings that grind, outwardly.